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How to Start a Food Blog – Beginners Guide to Setting up Your Blog, Themes & Plugins

How to Start a Food Blog

If you are a keen cook and like sharing your recipes you may have wondered how to start a food blog before. It’s a great way to share your love for cooking with others, document and improve your skills over time, help readers find the perfect recipes and even earn money along the way. To … Read more

How To: Check over 2500 Free WordPress Themes for Speed using WPSpeedster

We now know the Google takes site speed into account when determining search rankings nowadays, just how much of an effect speed has on your placement is unknown at this point but it makes sense to optimize your site to be as fast as possible as this not only helps your search placement, it will … Read more

Forked: A Tale of WordPress Products which Grew from Others

One of the great things about the GPL is the freedom that it grants to build upon other people’s work, you are free to take any GPL licensed theme, plugin or piece of software and fork it to extend it, customize it to your liking or use it as the base to create a new … Read more

Complete Guide to Accepting Credit Cards with WooCommerce using Stripe

WooCommerce Stripe Tutorial

I have recently begun accepting credit cards using Stripe on one of my eCommerce websites and I couldn’t be happier with it – If you are not aware, Stripe is a payment processor which allows you to accept one-off Credit Card payments and recurring billing subscriptions with minimal fuss. It deposits funds into your bank … Read more

How To: Update Old Posts Correctly to Help Your Visitors & Boost Your SEO

If you have been running a blog for any period of time you will know that content tends to die off in terms of search engine referrals, there is usually the initial boost when you publish the content where it is fresh and gathers the most social media shares and if you are lucky it … Read more

Udemy Course Review: Learn How to Create a WordPress eCommerce Store from Scratch

Just as WordPress democratized online publishing, allowing anyone to share their thoughts and ideas online for free in just a few clicks, Udemy aims to do the same with online learning. This growing eLearning platform allows anyone to register as an instructor and then upload their own course, on pretty much any topic. As you … Read more

The Complete Guide to Creating a Modern Forum using Discourse & Microsoft Azure

I have been searching recently for a good forum system to use in conjunction with a WordPress front-end, while bbPress is great and I do use it to power the forums at ThemeFurnace, it doesn’t scale very well for forums with large numbers of posts. I have a forum approaching a million posts and tried … Read more

How To: Gain a Detailed Insight into Mobile Visitors with Netbiscuits Analytics

Mobile browsing is ever on the increase, if you are serious about your web presence these days it is essential that you optimize your website for devices such as phones, tablets, smart TVs and consoles. For a website like WPLift I have seen our mobile visits steadily increasing over the years but the majority of … Read more

CMS Commander Lets you Manage Multiple WordPress Sites from One Central Location

If you are an agency or individual who manages multiple WordPress websites it can start to become a real pain as the amount grows, you have to upgrade core WordPress every time a new version is released, you have to update plugins as newer versions are released and you have to keep a record of … Read more

6 Tips for eCommerce Websites to Increase Sales & Improve Customer Retention

The golden rule of online transactions seems to be that it is cheaper and more efficient to work on your current customer base rather than working harder and investing more in getting new customers. In today’s online eCommerce environment particularly, this holds truer than before because of increasing costs of ad impressions, conversions and clicks. … Read more

Guide: Optimizing Your WordPress Themes for Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer

With the launch of Windows 8.1, Microsoft introduced a new Metro UI which was designed to work on mobiles devices as well as desktops. It brought about some new features not seen in previous versions such as the ability to “Snap” apps to a portion of the screen and being able to “Pin” websites to … Read more

KeyCDN Review: An Easy Way to Improve WordPress Site Speed and Loading Times

KeyCDN is a content delivery network that has the ability to increase the performance and speed of your WordPress website. With 40% of visitors abandoning a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, this is an important aspect that is often overlooked when setting up a new website. Other benefits of using this … Read more

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