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The Complete Guide to Free & Paid WordPress CDN Services

What is a CDN and how does it work? A content delivery network (CDN) is a service which makes the static content of your website i.e. Java Script, images, videos, and CSS load much faster on visitor’s browser. The CDN provider copies your site’s static content in their servers which are tactically located among the technologically … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best WordPress SEO Plugins

One of the reasons we love WordPress is because of its versatility and open-source code. Plus the list of 100,000+ free plugins and themes (which are increasing as you read this) makes it the number one CMS platform on earth. Carrying on our recent focus on WordPress SEO ( see our SEO Mistakes post and … Read more

The Top 6 WordPress SEO Mistakes & How to Correct Them

You’ve taken the time to choose, commission or build a theme, you’ve thought about your audiences, written some great content, added some nice pictures and you’re ready for the world to see your new WordPress site: exciting times! WordPress is optimised for search engines – using some basic WordPress settings and free plugins, you can … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process which requires a lot of patience, with equally sweet returns. One of the many reasons to love WordPress is because it enables us to implement SEO in our website without much knowledge of HTML. In this tutorial I’m going to walk you through the basics of Yoast’s WordPress SEO … Read more

How To: Move WordPress from Localhost to a Server using phpMyAdmin

Us WordPress geeks have a strange addiction: how to use WordPress to the fullest! This is what keeps us up at 1 AM experimenting with new plugins, themes and codes. Usually, we carry out these tests from our home/office (if my job is WordPress) computer and once we find something we like its time to … Read more

How To: Manage Your Restaurant Menu Online for Free With WordPress

Restaurant websites are a niche that seems like a perfect for using WordPress, in the past we have looked at various restaurant themes and plugins, and we also did a review of the brilliant HappyTables hosted service which uses WordPress and makes it easy to manage an online restaurant website. I have started building my … Read more

A 7 Step Plan to Improve your Client-Related WordPress Development

Every new client job you start working with will have its own set of challenges for you to work around, but by developing a streamlined process that you an apply to new clients its makes both parties live’s easier. Recently I put forward the case for using WordPress as the main CMS in your web … Read more

Create a Free Restaurant Website with WordPress and HappyTables

HappyTables is a cool looking service by Noel Tock that I’ve been meaning to take a look at for a while now. It started life as Theme-Force selling WordPress themes but then pivoted to become a SAAS providing WordPress-based websites for the restaurant industry. What I found interesting was the process of rebranding the WordPress … Read more

How To: Completely Protect Your WordPress Website with Sucuri

We have talked about WordPress Security quite a bit lately. Since WPLift has become well-known and traffic has gone up, so too unfortunately have people trying to take advantage of the site – We are under constant attack from people trying to hack our admin and spam the site. I have the limit login attempts … Read more

How To: Integrate WordPress with other Popular CMSs

There are many open source CMS software available and in some situations you might want to try a few of them other than WordPress. There are Forums, message boards, multi-purpose CMS like joomla and drupal. I love open source because it offers you not only freedom to use but also the freedom to choose. Choosing … Read more

A Closer Look at WordPress Password Hashes

Like many web applications, WordPress stores user accounts in a MySQL database, including administrative user accounts with their associated password hashes. A closer inspection of the method chosen for hashing passwords in WordPress offers an critical view of how secure or insecure the hashing methods in place are for such high profile and widely used … Read more

Using WordPress for Sports Websites: Free Plugins & Advice

At WPlift, we like to explore plugins that allow users to extend WordPress and add uncommon but very useful functionalities into it. An average user with little or no knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS, can create a complex but efficient and purpose-built CMS for their web publishing needs. In the past, we have covered … Read more

How to add Weather Reports to WordPress: Free Plugins & Widgets

WordPress is used by all kind of websites as their primary CMS. Even though these websites differ a lot from each other in terms of features, navigation and tools required to run the site. Still, WordPress with its extensive plugin repository is capable of handling most of their needs. I thought adding weather reports to … Read more

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