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Campaign Monitor vs. MailChimp vs. SendinBlue: Which to Choose?

Campaign Monitor vs. MailChimp vs. SendinBlue: Which to Choose?

So you’ve finally decided to get serious and start building an email list. Congrats! You’re on your way to building an evergreen resource that will never go out of style. But now you’ve stumbled into a difficult decision. There are a million and one email marketing services out there – how the heck can you pick between them?

Competitors: How to Spy on Them (And What They Can Teach You About WordPress)


You don’t need the name Aldrich Ames or Hercules Mulligan to be considered a great spy on the internet. What’s even better is that you won’t be thrown in jail for treason if you get caught peeking in on what your competitors are doing. In fact, spying on your competitors is one of the more prudent strategies you can follow, considering there’s a good chance your competition has knowledge that you’ve yet to discover.

5 Smart Content Marketing Goals to Set Your Sights On

5 Smart Content Marketing Goals to Set Your Sights On

Are you curious why content marketing doesn’t seem to work for every business? A lot of business owners believe that simply having a blog will be enough for a steady stream of new customers to start pouring in. Sorry, that’s not how it works. Your content isn’t doing anything except sitting there taking up virtual space, unless you align it with your business goals.

7 Copywriting Mistakes Killing Your WordPress Site

copywriting errors

If you’re selling anything online, whether it’s a product or service, then you’re going to rely on solid copy. Sadly, tons of websites out there have copy that’s unconvincing and ineffective. It doesn’t make you want to buy or take action. The only action you’ll be taking is hitting the back button.

7 Tips to Delight Your Audience With Your Writing

writing tips

When was the last time you read a marketing or business blog that made your hair stand on end? It’s probably been a while, or never. Sadly, most business content is boring and tired. You mindlessly scroll through it, or decide to pass on the post before you even click on the headline. Most business writing feels like it was written by a robot, for robots.

How to Create a Content Strategy for Your WordPress Site?

content strategy

Content marketing is a long-term game. If you want instant results, your time is probably best spent on a different strategy. Each piece of content you produce only makes a very tiny splash. But, it’s the cumulative impact of all this content that results in a giant wave, flooding the Internet with your content.

The Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins to Market More Effectively

landing plugins

I remember back in the good old days. Blogging was, comparatively, easy. You just bought a domain, made your blog page your homepage, and called it a day. Heck, I remember even having to hack my way around WordPress just to make a static page my homepage.

Receiptful Review: Supercharge Every Customer Interaction


If you run an eCommerce store then Receiptful could be just the tool you need to make sure you are maximizing your profits. Receiptful has been designed to help businesses personally engage with their customers and consequently drive sales every step of the way — all through the magic of automation. In this review of … Read more

7 Best CRM Plugins to Interact Better with Customers


If you’re just using WordPress to blog as a hobby… you can probably skip this post. But if you deal with any type of customers or leads and want to maximize those relationships, you should keep reading because I’m going to jump into a bunch of WordPress plugins that act as fully-functioning CRMs or help you connect your WordPress site to a separate CRM.

Boost Your Business with Content Lockers (and how to add them to WordPress)

content lockers for wordpress

Want to get more social shares, build an email list, or even generate revenue from your best content? It’s all possible using smartly placed content lockers. Like push notifications, content lockers can be abused and have developed a bad reputation in some circles. I want to state early and often that you need to strategically … Read more

How to Choose a Developer to Build your WordPress eCommerce Website

So you’ve decided to open a store. You’ve got a product and a target audience that wants it. You’ve looked at different e-commerce platforms and have decided to go with WordPress. Good choice: WordPress is the biggest ecommerce platform out there, with over a million websites built on WooCommerce alone. But now you need to … Read more

The WPLift Guide to Freemium Plugins: Strategies & Tips for Promoting your Product

The popularity of the freemium model for pricing software and services is showing no signs of slowing down. WordPress plugins are just one example of how developers have succeeded in growing a business by giving away their core product for free, then making money by selling access to new features, premium support, or some other … Read more

How To Sky-Rocket Your Website Conversion Rates: 21 Actionable Tips by 21 Experts

People often make gaining traffic the main focus of their website strategy, obviously having more traffic will increase your conversions or sales but to absolutely maximise the effectiveness of your website you should also put in a place a strategy for increasing your conversion rates. Sometimes all it takes is for a small tweak to … Read more

Why I Moved WPLift Over to SiteGround Hosting & How We Increased the Site Speed

Almost 2 years ago to this day I became aware of a hosting company named SiteGround, they approached me to become one of my hosting sponsors for WPLift. I had never heard of them before but the person I spoke to seemed nice and told about how they were starting to tailor their service offering … Read more

Transparency in WordPress: Public Income Reports Roundup July 2015

This is our regular look at the WordPress related companies and bloggers who publicly share their income reports each month. I have found that summer is usually a slower period for online businesses with people going on holidays and generally spending more time outside rather than sat in front of their computer. This is reflected … Read more

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