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5 Helpful Blog Name Generators to Pick a Domain Name

blog name generators

So you’ve got a great idea for a blog. Congrats! Now you’re in for the really hard part: picking a domain name for your fledgling blog. Seriously – topic ideas are easy. It’s like going on a first date. But picking a blog name? That’s marriage. That’s for life. While you can always switch domain … Read more

7 Copywriting Mistakes Killing Your WordPress Site

copywriting errors

If you’re selling anything online, whether it’s a product or service, then you’re going to rely on solid copy. Sadly, tons of websites out there have copy that’s unconvincing and ineffective. It doesn’t make you want to buy or take action. The only action you’ll be taking is hitting the back button.

7 Tips to Delight Your Audience With Your Writing

writing tips

When was the last time you read a marketing or business blog that made your hair stand on end? It’s probably been a while, or never. Sadly, most business content is boring and tired. You mindlessly scroll through it, or decide to pass on the post before you even click on the headline. Most business writing feels like it was written by a robot, for robots.

7 Great Sources for Free, Legal Images for Your WordPress Blog

Where to find free images to use on your WordPress site

There’s plenty of evidence that including images in blog posts makes them more engaging and effective. Articles with images get 94% more views on average and one examination of popular blog posts found that the top-performing posts included one image every 350 words. And while both those statistics are merely correlation, I think they’re pretty … Read more

How to Import Posts from Google Docs to WordPress Manually or Automatically

import posts from google plus

Where do you write your WordPress posts? If you’re writing them in the WordPress Editor from the beginning, I think you’re making things a lot more aggravating than they need to be. Instead, you can write your posts directly in Google Docs to take advantage of its far superior functionality. The only tricky part is then … Read more

How to Create an Editorial Calendar That Helps You Blog Better


You’ve probably heard it over and over again: If you want your blog to be successful, you need to consistently put out content. You hear it because it’s true. Without a consistent flow of content, your blog is, unfortunately, primed to shrivel up and die. Note that consistency isn’t always the same as frequency. You could consistently publish content once per week. That’s not a high frequency, but it is a consistent output that your readers will become accustomed to.

Why .Blog Domains Are a Good Idea for WordPress?

.blog domains

Earlier this year, WordPress surpassed the 26% mark, and now it powers more than a quarter of all the websites. Last year, after an incredible acquisition of WooThemes, people speculated about many such takeovers in the future. It was no later than WooMattic turned one that Matt Mullenweg once again stepped up to the plate and officially declared Automattic’s acquisition of the .blog domain name. In case you don’t already know, Automattic is the company of WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg which is responsible for Today, in this post, I am going to talk about. Blog domain extensions and their impact on WordPress.

How to Create WordPress Featured Images (if you’re not a designer)

canva header

I’m going to let you in on one of my deep, dark secrets: I’m a horrible designer. As someone who’s known for his spartan home decorating and fondness for white walls, calling me merely “design challenged” would be a compliment. But, because I know how important images are to blog posts, I try anyway.

Blogging Tips: How to Craft a Great Blog Post from Start to Finish

It’s a fact, high quality posts will lead to more traffic for your blog, which in turn will results in more goal conversions – whether that’s sales, referrals, or signups. We all know this, but the reality is that writing good content is hard to do. Having a good topic to write about is not … Read more

Handy Free Chrome Browser Apps and Extensions for WordPress Users

If you are a WordPress user who also uses the Google Chrome web browser, there are some free apps and extensions you can use to help you complete tasks on your website faster and more efficiently. By installing these free extensions for Chrome, you can do things like post directly to your blog from within … Read more

How To Write A Blog Post That Converts: 5 Tips for Success

Conversion is a concept that all website owners love, and yet, it alludes many. Creating content on your blog is an important part to boosting conversion, however, the reason why so many are struggling with converting traffic into customers or subscribers is because they aren’t really writing for it. What many blog owners fail to … Read more

Does Your Blog Repel Your Viewers? These 3 Tips May Be An Eye Opener

There is so much information on the web today about how to build a blog. I can just see the headlines now: “Use These Pop-up Opt-in Forms To Increase Your E-mail List!” “How To Use Google Adsense To Make Money On Your Blog” “Affiliate Marketing: The Best Best Way To Monetize Your Blog” The list could … Read more

If I were to Start a Blog about WordPress Today …

When I first started WPLift, initially I was going to offer my services related to WordPress from the site. The “Lift” part was related to giving your site a “facelift” and the actual blog was an add-on which I was going to use to drive traffic to the services part of the business. The services … Read more

5 Things all Entrepreneurs Should Know Before Starting A Blog

Blogging gets a great rep across the Internet – it’s a proven way to increase traffic, gain leads, brand your business, and build your niche authority. Social Media Examiner conducted a survey that revealed that 68% of small businesses and self-employed entrepeneurs employ blogs as an integral social media marketing strategy for their business growth. … Read more

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