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Catchers Helpdesk eCommerce Add-on Review: Better WooCommerce Support

Last Updated on July 16th, 2020

Published on May 3rd, 2017

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Need a better way to provide support for shoppers at your WooCommerce store? A few months ago, I reviewed a plugin called Catchers Helpdesk, a nifty solution for creating a support helpdesk right inside your WordPress dashboard.

While I liked the core version of Catchers Helpdesk, it was just that – the core version. Now, I’m back to review the Catchers Helpdesk WooCommerce Add-on, which adds a ton of eCommerce-focused functionality to your helpdesk.

So, if you’re selling on WooCommerce and want a platform-specific way to support your shoppers directly inside your WordPress dashboard, you should definitely give this review a read.

What Does the Catchers Helpdesk eCommerce Add-on Include?

Ok, for this review, I’m going to focus pretty much exclusively on the features of the actual eCommerce add-on, rather than the core plugin features. If you’d like to learn more about the core plugin – it might be a good idea to read my original Catchers Helpdesk review first.

Basically, the eCommerce add-on builds on all those core features like:

  • Front-end ticket submissions
  • Email fetching to convert support emails into tickets in your WordPress dashboard
  • And lots more.

It does this with eCommerce specific features like:

  • View customer’s order history directly in the ticket
  • See the lifetime value of each customer in each ticket
  • Customers can easily open a ticket directly from their order history page
  • Tickets can be linked to the actual products a customer purchased

Essentially – all the tweaks are about making use of the data you already have to streamline your support processes and offer better support to WooCommerce shoppers.

Hands-on With Catchers Helpdesk eCommerce Add-on

Alright, I’ve got WooCommerce installed on my test site with all of the dummy data imported. Let’s get started.

Configuring Catchers Helpdesk eCommerce Add-on

Beyond configuring the regular Catchers Helpdesk plugin (which I cover in detail in my other review), there’s not much you need to do that’s specific to the eCommerce add-on. As far as I can tell, you just tack on the add-on and it starts working.

You’ll still want to configure all the core features like:

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  • Customizing your ticket forms
  • Syncing your email to allow Catchers Helpdesk to fetch and convert your emails into tickets

But there’s nothing eCommerce-specific to do.

So let’s dive into how things actually work. I’ll start by showing you the process of how a customer would submit a ticket. And then I’ll show you all the new information that you can see in the Catchers Helpdesk backend when that ticket comes in.

How Customers Submit a Ticket

To test this, I created a dummy account and made a purchase at the eCommerce store on my test site.

After the purchase is made, you’ll notice the first addition from Catchers Helpdesk eCommerce add-on:

catchers helpdesk ecommerce add-on review

Your customers get a new Open Ticket button in their order history tab.

If they click that, a popup will appear that allows them to quickly fill out a ticket:

Here’s what I like about this popup:

  • It prefills the fields for name and email from the WordPress account information. While a small feature, every little thing that you can do to make your customers’ lives easier is nice.
  • Customers can just check the item(s) their question applies to. Again, rather than forcing the customer to explain this through text, the extension makes it easy on customers by allowing them to check the relevant item(s).

Once they submit the ticket, they’ll be taken directly to the ticket page, where they can always access it on the front-end.

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Overall, the end user experience is pretty slick. The only thing that I’d like to see added is a similarly easy way for customers to access their existing tickets from directly inside their WooCommerce dashboard.

While it’s easy for them to create a ticket, there doesn’t seem to be a way for them to access their ticket history from their account dashboard – instead, they’d have to rely on email to find responses. Not a deal breaker – just something to consider

How You Manage Your Customers’ Tickets

Now I’m going to pop back to my store admin account and show you how that ticket appears in the Catchers Helpdesk interface.

Right away, you can see the ticket in your Tickets tab:

And when you expand that ticket, you can see where the magic of the eCommerce add-on happens.

You have all the normal Catchers Helpdesk options like:

  • Saved replies
  • Private notes
  • Etc.

But you also get this helpful new WooCommerce box which shows a bunch of important information:

  • Order # – as well as a link for you to quickly open the full order page
  • Order Status
  • Relevant Items – as well as a link for you to quickly open the item page
  • Order date and time
  • Lifetime value – the total value of items the customer has purchased over the life of their account – helpful for assessing how to respond to support (e.g. You might want to be more accommodating to a valued customer).

And if your customer has any previous orders, you’ll also be able to see those to get a full understanding of your customer’s shopping history:

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And when you respond to your customer, they’ll get an email right away:

All in all – a pretty smooth support system!

How Much Does Catchers Helpdesk eCommerce Add-on Cost?

For a single site license, the Catchers Helpdesk eCommerce Add-on costs $39. A 2-5 site license costs $59 and an unlimited site license is $139.

Keep in mind that, on top of that, you’ll likely also want the regular version of Catchers Helpdesk Pro, which offers the same pricing options.

So if you wanted to go from zero to a fully functioning eCommerce helpdesk on a single site, you’d normally be looking at ~$78. But you can also buy a bundle with both the core pro version as well as the eCommerce add-on for $69, which saves you a few bucks.

Wrapping Things Up

The Catchers Helpdesk eCommerce Add-on is a slick way to add support to your WooCommerce store.

The backend tools allow you to quickly view important information to help you better support your customers. And the front-end options for customers make it easy for them to open a ticket for their order and get support.

The only area where I’d like to see something added is an option for customers to access their existing tickets from directly inside their WooCommerce account pages. While not a dealbreaker, I think that with that feature, the add-on would be even better.

If you’re ready to add a WooCommerce helpdesk right inside your WordPress dashboard…

Click Here to Purchase the eCommerce add-on

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