Does My Business Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

You already know the importance of having a WordPress site that loads incredibly fast and doesn’t crash when one of your posts goes viral. Plus, you want a site that has a high level of security and can easily scale.

Your host will either support these goals or detract from them. If you’ve been thinking about switching hosts, then managed WordPress hosting has probably come up on your radar.

Below we dive into what WordPress managed hosting actually is, the benefits, and if you’re the right candidate for this style of posting.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Since WordPress only continues to grow in popularity, a few niche hosts have sprung up that only offer hosting for WordPress sites. With managed WordPress hosting imagine a host who has perfectly optimized your hosting environment for your WordPress site.

Managed WordPress hosts manage and control the more technical elements of your hosting environments. So, instead of worrying about managing and securing your hosting environment, it’s all taken care of for you.

This brings your company certain advantages like increased security, dedicated expert support, improved site performance, and speed. You can learn more about these benefits below.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

High traffic WordPress sites are switching over the managed WordPress hosting in droves. As your site grows, you’ll run into a new host of challenges, managed WordPress hosting will help to mitigate and take care of these problems for you. Below you’ll find some of the main benefits this kind of hosting environment can offer your business.

1. Improved Speed

The servers that are used to manage your WordPress site are configured to run WordPress and only WordPress. This allows them to do away with other server and hosting features that only reduce performance.

WordPress managed servers typically are able to handle large traffic volumes without any reduction in website speed. Most managed hosts also utilize special CDNs to improve your speed even further.

2. Better Security

One of the biggest benefits of a WordPress managed host is the high level of security they provide. Without this kind of hosting you’re responsible for sourcing the best plugins, tools, and practicing to ensure your site is secure.

Managed WordPress sites have unparalleled security protection that caters specifically to WordPress. For example, they’ll conduct regular malware scans and block all hacking attacks. Plus, they have a dedicated development team behind your site that’s looking for and patching the latest WordPress vulnerabilities.

3. Expert Support

Most standard hosts only offer support for their specific server software. So, if any issues arise on your end, you have to solve the problem yourself. Whereas, if you’re using a WordPress managed host, their support team is staffed by WordPress, PHP, and MySQL experts.

So, they’ll be able to guide you through any issues that arise or even solve the problem for you. Say goodbye to the days of stressing out over complicated technical issues.

4. Ability to Grow With You

One of the biggest problems site owners run up against is finding a host that can scale with their business. Unfortunately, a lot of websites fail the moment their site’s start to receive a ton of traffic because their hosts can’t keep up.

Managed WordPress hosts are able to scale your hosting environment, so your site will never go offline when you experience a huge surge in traffic.

5. Automatic Updates and Backups

When you’re taking care of your own hosting you’re also responsible for backing up and updating your site on a regular basis. However, it’s easy for these tasks to fall by the wayside. This is unfortunate because you’d hate to be scrambling for a website backup when you need it the most.

Managed WordPress hosts will take care of daily backups and keeping your site updated. Plus, they’ll ensure your site is fully functional after updating your themes and plugins. If something doesn’t seem right, then they’ll roll back to a previous backup and troubleshoot the problem for you.

Downsides of WordPress Managed Hosting

Even though having managed WordPress hosting might seem like an ideal hosting environment for your site, there are still certain drawbacks you’ll want to be aware of before you make the switch.

1. Price

When you’re just getting started building your first WordPress site it’s a common choice to utilize shared hosting. This style of hosting is generally much cheaper and easy to get started with. However, it’s quite easy to outgrow the resources of your shared hosting environment.

Since managed WordPress hosting provides much more resources and benefits for your site the service is going to be much more expensive. Most WordPress shared hosting plans begin at $25 per month and scale up from there.

2. Plugin Restrictions

Since your hosting environment will be completely custom tailored to WordPress there will be certain restrictions of what you can and can’t use. Chances are you won’t be able to continue to use certain plugins.

Managed WordPress hosting environments are optimized for performance and security, so some plugins interfere with these goals, so they aren’t allowed on their hosting environments.

3. No Tech Control

If you like being able to tinker with your hosting, and you actually enjoy the thrill of technical challenges, then managed WordPress hosting might not be the right choice for your website.

With this style of hosting you’re essentially outsourcing all of the technical elements of your hosting. This is both good and bad. Good, as you’ll have a team of dedicated WordPress experts ensuring your site is achieving the highest performance possible. Bad, in that, you have to sacrifice some semblance of control over your hosting environment.

Making The Right Decision

If your WordPress site continues to grow, there’s a good chance you’ll switch over to managed WordPress hosting eventually. If you have the budget for it and your site continues to grow, you’ll only see benefits from switching up.

However, if you’re keen on keeping your site small, and enjoy the challenge of managing your own hosting environment, then there are other options for you to consider.

If you want to focus your time on managing your site, and not your hosting, then managed WordPress hosting might just be the solution you’re looking for.

Have you made the jump to a managed WordPress host? Share your experience in the comments below.

Kevin Wood

Kevin Wood

Kevin Wood is a freelance writer who writes about technology and human potential. You can find him at his virtual homes, Counter Culturist and Wooden Writing.

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  1. Hello Kevin,

    It’s a good write.

    But, there are two types of “Managed WordPress Hosting”.
    1 – The server is completely managed by hosting provider.
    2 – Server + WordPress will be managed by the provider (This is the case you have covered in the article). Most renowned are itself, as well as WPEngine.

    Agreed with you on all the cons. But, they are specific only for the 2nd type.

    Managing the Cloud server directly is a headache, one can hand over all the server related stuff to the respective hosting provider. That’s the first type mentioned above.
    One just needs to install WordPress and do whatever he like (No restrictions).

    Pricing is also cheap as compared to the second type, starting a low as $7/month via Cloudways.

    Once again, it’s a good write!

    Have a good day.

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