Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 4.6 Features, WordPress Porn and Gifs in WordPress

We got some new information about WordPress 4.6 features in the form of a broken link detector. Yeah. Although I rather would have a broken link detector within the dashboard…on all my blog posts. But not complaining – we keep moving forward ;-)

Also, a couple of editorials on the WordPress admin area and WordPress “p*rn” (ok – that title is a little clickbaity).

A great deal from TeslaThemes: Lifetime access with 70% discount.

And finally, we have had some nice articles on WPLift: Ahmad had a look at ManageWP’s Orion, Colin did a nice review on CyberChimps Club and we did a review on WP Media Folder that solves an issue that many people have: a cluttered media folder…

Let’s get to all the news…




Team WPLift

Team WPLift

A team of WordPress experts that love to test out new WordPress related software, WordPress plugins and WordPress themes.

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