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Breviter Theme Review: A Beautiful WordPress Theme for Creative & Professional Bloggers

Last Updated on July 20th, 2020

Published on June 13th, 2016


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Breviter is a blogging theme for creative bloggers and professionals. It has a clean, elegant and modern design intended to complement your content, whether it’s the usual written post, a video post, an audio post or even an image post.

Breviter Theme

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Theme Features

  • Responsive – This theme is fully responsive, making your blog optimized for mobile devices.
    Emphasizes Use of Different Post Formats – The clean and modern look of this theme enhances all post formats, especially image, audio and video posts.
  • Clean, Modern Design – This theme stays true to its blogging nature by featuring a clean and modern design that will complement any story you tell, video or audio you upload, or any other type of creative content you post.
  • Custom Header on the Homepage – This theme gives you the ability to upload and use a custom header on your homepage.
  • Custom Footer Layout – This theme lets you add a logo and an email opt-in form in your footer.
  • Custom 404 Error Page – This theme’s 404 error page looks a little more interesting than the usual “page not found” message.

Pro Features

This theme comes in a pro version that has a few more additional features.

  • Custom Widgets – This theme comes with 6 custom widgets, including the Subscribe widget you see in the free version, an About Me widget and a Follow Me widget with custom social media icons.
  • Multiple Blog Feed Styles – This theme comes with 3 different blog feed styles, which are the usual list-style feed, a masonry grid and a regular grid.
  • Multiple Header & Footer Styles – This theme comes with 4 custom header styles and 2 custom footer styles.
  • More Features in the Live Customizer – The pro version comes with more features in the live customizer, such as the ability to use a left sidebar or a sticky sidebar and the ability to put your Instagram information in the footer.
  • Light & Elegant Slider – The pro version comes with an elegant slider that doesn’t impact your site’s page load time in a negative way.
  • Fancy Page Preloader – This theme comes with a page preloader effect that’s as clean, light and elegant as the rest of the theme.
  • Premium Support – Of course, the pro version comes with premium support that is not available with the free version.

Theme Setup

This is a maintenance-free theme that’s easy to install and requires very little to set it up.


Install Breviter

This theme is easy to install. All you need to do is upload and install its ZIP folder through the WordPress admin just as you would with any other theme. You can also upload the extracted version through a file manager if you prefer to install themes that way.

It’s just a matter of activating the theme after that. The only thing I would recommend doing after you activate the theme is going to the live customizer and uploading a header image by going to General Settings > Header Image.

You can also change the Breviter logo to your own by going to Header > Header Layout & Content as well as Footer > Footer Layout & Content.

You should also go to General Settings > Static Front Page and make sure the Front Page Displays setting is set to Your Latest Posts.

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Breviter Documentation

The free version doesn’t come with documentation, but the pro version comes with extensive documentation that you can view here.

Theme Customization

Breviter Background Image

There’s a lot you can change using the live customizer, but you’ll notice some features are unavailable to Breviter Free users. One of the first things you can change is the background image that comes with the theme. It’s a white background with light gray graphics, and you can choose to leave it, change it or remove it.

Breviter Header Image

Next is the header image, which you can upload directly using the live customizer, as stated in the previous section.

Breviter Header

Next is the Header section itself. You can only change the logo in the free version, but you can see in the image above that the pro version allows you to change your header style and add social media icons.

Breviter Footer

There’s a Content section where you can change a few settings of the pro version, settings that include the slider, the blog feed layout and the type of sidebar your site uses. The Footer section is where you can change the logo that’s in the footer. The pro version allows you to change your footer layout and insert your Instagram information.

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How it Looks

This is a very simple theme, but simplicity is what gives it its clean and elegant look. Your readers will love viewing your content without any distractions, giving your blog a much more welcoming appeal while also allowing your personality to shine through.

Breviter Headers

For starters, your header can look different with the free version even without the different layouts. You can do this by giving it your logo, uploading a header image or removing the logo entirely.

Breviter Blog Feed Layout

The blog feed layout is a list layout by default when you use the free version. It displays your post’s featured image on the top, stylized category buttons underneath that followed by your post’s title, a large excerpt, the date it was published on and a link to the entire post after that.

Breviter Sidebar

Most tag clouds have poor designs, making them useless feature to many. However, blogs cover a lot of different content, more than a few different categories can cover. Thankfully, this theme features an elegant tag cloud design, allowing you to use this feature without taking away from the theme’s clean look and appeal.

Breviter Footer

The footer is where you can upload your own logo. You can also add your Instagram account information if you use the pro version.

Breviter 404 Error Page

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Lastly, here’s what the 404 error page looks like.

Final Thoughts

This is a beautiful, clean and elegant theme first-time and professional bloggers alike will love. The free version comes with all of the basic functionality bloggers need, and it’s great that the pro version is there with additional features, more updates and premium support for bloggers who are ready for an upgrade.

Lyn Wildwood is a freelance blogger and avid WordPress user. She loves sharing new tips and tricks with the WordPress community.