BootstrapWP: An Online Course to Learn to Create a Bootstrap WordPress Theme

BootstrapWP is an online course that aims to teach you how to create your own WordPress theme. For anyone who wants to build their own custom theme for their website, start selling premium themes online, or begin offering their services as a freelance WordPress consultant, this could be just the online course you are looking for.

In this BootstrapWP review we will be taking a look at this course to determine how easy it is to follow and what content it contains. This will help you decide if this is the right resource to teach you how to become a WordPress theme developer.

BootstrapWP Review

What Does BootstrapWP Cover?

If you are looking into how to become a WordPress theme developer, you probably already know that WordPress powers around 20% of the web. Therefore there is no need to tell you that creating products, such as themes, for this popular and growing platform can be a very lucrative market to get into; not to mention the benefits of acquiring the skills to enable you to create custom websites for clients built on this software.

To help BootstrapWP become the go to online learning resource for aspiring theme developers, the creator has crammed some great content into their course. While the majority of the content isn’t free, there is a good selection of lessons users can access before becoming a paying member.

With one month of access only costing $7, the amount of value on offer is hard to beat at this price. As a member you also get the opportunity to list your finished theme on the marketplaces owned by the course developer, giving you a good chance of profiting from your work as soon as possible.

BootstrapWP Series

The learning materials are currently spread across four levels, with more on the way. At the time of writing there are four series of video tutorials, covering the following topics:

  • Base Theme: take a WP starter theme and modify it to create the base for your project
  • Custom Post Types: learn how to create custom post types and build a custom page template
  • Theme Options Panel: how to let your users customize the theme through a set of options
  • Updating Your Theme: how to keep your theme up to date after launch

There is already a list of upcoming tutorials and the developer plans to add more content based on user feedback. Members also get access to a premium forum which includes news about the course, and a place to get support for any of the tutorials.

Each series is divided into multiple individual tutorials. While the number of tutorials in each series varies, the first series contains over 30 video tutorials for you to follow, as you modify the starter theme to build the foundation for your own theme.

As mentioned earlier, a selection of these tutorials are free to access, giving you a great opportunity to try before you buy.

BootstrapWP Example Theme

Who Created BootstrapWP?

So far you might thinking that the course content looks solid, covering everything you need to know to create your own custom responsive WordPress theme, but you might also be wondering who is behind this course.

Well the course has been created by Brad Williams, a developer who has been creating WordPress themes since 2011, and now runs a successful theme shop. You can find out more about Brad and why he created the course here, but it’s safe to say he knows what he is talking about when it comes to theme development.

Evaluation of the Learning Materials

With the structure of the course looking sound, and the credentials of the course instructor checking out, it’s time to take a look at how the lessons are presented.

The first lesson on offer covers how to setup a local development environment for WordPress, enabling you to work with WordPress offline, on your computer, rather than online on a server.

To cover all the bases, this step of the process includes three versions, catering to Windows, Mac, and Linux users. The tutorial includes text content explaining why we are carrying out this activity, and then video screencasts walking you through the entire process for each platform.

For the more advanced steps that requiring coding, the tutorial content includes the necessary code. This is in addition to detailed written instructions covering how to use that code, alongside the walkthrough screencast video.


A good thing about the course is that it’s always clear why you are doing something and why it’s a necessary step in the process. This should help to keep you on track and prevent you from diverting from the path, or wondering why you are learning about a particular topic.

On the individual tutorial pages, you can leave comments. This gives you a good opportunity to ask any questions, or discus the content with your fellow students. Alternatively you can seek support in the member only forums.

The standard of the video and audio quality is high, and the content is available in full screen mode for easy viewing.


As mentioned earlier, the BootstrapWP course is very affordable. Access is available on a membership basis, with three payment options to choose from for unlocking the premium video lessons:

  • 1 month: $7
  • 3 months: $19
  • 1 year: $70


When you consider the opportunities that will open up once you are able to create your own custom WordPress themes, even a year of access is a small price to pay.


BootstrapWP does a good job of teaching you everything you need to know, in order to create your own responsive WordPress theme built on the Bootstrap framework. The course creator has decided to avoid covering the functions you don’t need to know, in order to prevent you getting overwhelmed by everything that can be done with WordPress. Instead he has just focused on helping you create your own WordPress theme.

If making a WordPress theme is an ambition of yours, then the linear structure of this course, gives you a step by step way of doing so. The course takes you from setting up a local WordPress development environment, through to adding a theme options panel to your custom theme, and beyond.

The way the course is divided into sections, each with their own series of tutorials, makes it easy to follow along at your own pace. The individual tutorials are easily digested. This allows you to fit in a tutorial when you’ve got some free time, or spend a few hours working through a whole batch of them in one go.

With free tutorials available to sample, it’s highly recommended you at least try out BootstrapWP if learning how to build your own WordPress theme is something that interests you.

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