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Bookmify Review: Customizable Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin

Last Updated on August 31st, 2023

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Are you looking for a WordPress appointment booking plugin for your website? Then, this article is perfect for you!

While there are various options out there that allow you to book appointments, they always vary in features, options, functionalities, and pricing. In this article, I will review a handy WordPress appointment booking plugin, Bookmify.

Bookmify – Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin

Bookmify is a reliable WordPress appointment booking tool that offers various useful features and functionalities that makes the job of setting up an appointment system easy.

bookmify booking wordpress plugin

This plugin has a lot of customization options when it comes to managing a small or big service organization’s appointment bookings. From beautiful layout to online payments set up, this plugin has it all.

Instead of talking about all the features randomly, let’s take a look at individual features in detail.

Features of Bookmify:

Beautiful and Modern Dashboard design

Firstly the most prominent feature of Bookmify is the Dashboard. The aesthetically perfect and beautifully designed Dashboard allows you to make alterations and customizations to bookings and systems efficiently.

bookmify Booking WordPress Plugin

If you want to take a look at the appointments, you can do that easily from the Appointments option in the Dashboard. There, you will be able to see all the details of the upcoming appointments.

If you want to take a look at one selective appointment or if you want to filter out appointments, you can do it too with the top drop-down options. Selecting a filter from the list at the top will automatically apply it to the appointments display.

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Friendly calendar functionality 

What if you want to check out the upcoming appointments in a calendar view? Simple. You can see that by clicking on the Calendar option in the dashboard.

bookmify Booking WordPress Plugin

You can even filter out the appointment results. Moreover, you can filter based on services, patients, employees, and also the status of the appointment.

You can also switch the calendar view mode from month to week, day, or list.

Live Shortcode Generator

Displaying the Online Booking form is made easy with the help of shortcodes. You need to add the shortcode of the booking form set up on your website, and the form’s front end with be displayed there.

bookmify appointment

If you want to display the form but do not want to list all the services, you can do that too with the shortcode generator. The shortcode generator is one of a kind that allows you to display a single or selective number of services on your front end.

You can easily create a new shortcode for your appointment form by going to the Dashboard and clicking on the code symbol (</>) at the top right corner and then clicking on the All Shortcodes/Add New link. Here you will find all the shortcodes. At the top right corner, you’ll see the Add New Shortcode button. Click on it to do the same.

bookmify appointment booking WordPress plugin

Once the dialog opens up, select the parameters you want, and click on the generate button to get the Custom Shortcode.

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You can create a custom shortcode for your website and add it anywhere by merely pasting the shortcode. The appointment system will work correctly.

Digital Payments

If you want to accept digital payments, you can setup Paypal or Stripe payments easily from the settings.

You can set up PayPal payments just by entering the Client ID and Client Secret Key. In the same way, Strip Payments can be set up as well.

If you want to accept offline payments as well, you can enable the Local Payments option. This will allow the users to book appointments without making a prior payment.

bookmify appointment booking plugin

For the online payment records, you can take a look at the payments tab in the dashboard. Here you will be able to find all the payment details and the status of the payments. You can even change the status of the payment if required.

Employee Management

If you are managing bookings for a hospital or a big institution, chances are many professionals need to be managed. For this, Bookmify works like a charm.

Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin

You can add multiple employees to the appointment booking system, and the patients can automatically book their sessions and appointments to specific professionals by themselves according to their availability.

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This automation reduces a lot of work for you, and with the employee logins, the professionals can automatically check the upcoming appointments and can adjust their work accordingly.

bookmify appointment booking plugin

You can customize the working hours and the services for the professional as well. Furthermore, you can select the services and the working hours easily from the employee options.

If there are Off days for the professional, you can mention them too. Regarding private days off, you can set the off days to repeat on specific days yearly as well. Automation at this level can save a lot of your time and eliminate a lot of redundant tasks.

Notifications Options

The notification system of Bookmify is very efficient and is guaranteed to keep everyone in the loop. 

When a customer joins or makes a booking, an automatic notification is sent to the employee informing about the scheduled appointment. Similarly, there are other instances where the users are advised, and you can take a look at them from a single place, and that is the notifications option.

bookmify wordpress plugin

You get the option to customize the notifications as well. With the help of shortcodes, you can customize the notifications as you wish and can add crucial variable information there as well.

There are a total of 32 notifications send out to the customer and the employee via email and SMS. This helps in keeping everyone in the loop.

Supports almost every business segment

Since you can any service you want, the limit to segmenting the services and booking is practically infinite. You can adjust the settings and can customize the options to meet the requirements of nearly every business, whether it be home maintenance, hospital management, inventory management, or a spa. Bookmify can take care of it quickly.

You need to add the services and list the professionals in that industry, and Bookmify will be ready to start taking appointments.

Bookmify Review: Closing Thoughts

Bookmify does offer great options and configuration features that allow anyone to customize the settings with great ease.

The beautiful and aesthetically appealing layout does add up to the overall UX experience. This makes the booking system configuration much more manageable.

Apart from the prominent features mentioned above, there are other features as well, such as Taxes, CustomFields, etc. which allows you to add more functionality to the appointment system and making it more automated and efficient.

I believe if you are looking for a WordPress appointment booking plugin, you can give Bookmify a chance. The features and functionalities you get with this plugin while not forgetting about the aesthetically beautiful interface is hard to find anywhere else.

The best part about this plugin is that it is available for just $9 on CodeCanyon. You can get it here.

What do you think of this plugin? Are you going to use Bookmify for your next project? Let me know by commenting below!

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