How to Set Up CloudFlare for WordPress – The Complete Guide

Page speed and security should be two issues on the mind of every WordPress site owner. We wrote a huge post about WordPress and page speed back in 2014. And since then, page speed has only gotten more important. Users want sites to load fast – 30% of people want sites to load in under one second. And if your site doesn’t, they’re probably going to go somewhere else.

How to Set Up WordPress Lazy Loading (Native + Plugins)

Speed is key on the Internet. Whether you want more conversions, more search traffic, or more satisfied users, it pays to optimize your WordPress site for speed. But if you’ve already checked off the big boxes like using a CDN and optimizing your image sizes, how can you eek out even more speed? One way is to implement lazy loading for your images.

Weekly WordPress News: GoDaddy Acquires SkyVerge

Hey, WordPress fans. This week, there was another big acquisition in the WooCommerce space. GoDaddy acquired SkyVerge, the company behind over 60 different WooCommerce add-ons.