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5 Helpful Blog Name Generators to Pick a Domain Name

Last Updated on December 3rd, 2018

Published on August 10th, 2017

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So you’ve got a great idea for a blog. Congrats! Now you’re in for the really hard part: picking a domain name for your fledgling blog.

Seriously – topic ideas are easy. It’s like going on a first date. But picking a blog name? That’s marriage. That’s for life.

While you can always switch domain names down the line, it’s messy and it has a pretty good chance of negatively affecting your search rankings (at least in the short term).

And to make things even worse, most of your first choice domain names are probably already hitched (registered).

So you need to not only pick a domain name that works for you now, next year, and 10 years down the road when your blog is smashing success, but also find one that’s actually still available for purchase.

All that to say, choosing a domain name for your blog is hard. So to help you out, I’m going to run through some of the best blog name generators to give you some automated ideas for your blog’s name.

How Do Blog Name Generators Work?

Most blog name generators work like this:

You input a “seed” keyword for the generator to work from. Then, it spins up a list of domain names that not only include that word, but are also actually available for purchase.

This solves two problems:

  • It eliminates the heart-sinking feeling of thinking up a great domain name only to find out that someone already beat you to it.
  • It helps you brainstorm new domain ideas that you never would’ve thought of by yourself.

The combination is a winning match! Sure, sometimes you think up the perfect domain name right away and are able to buy it without a second thought…but most of the time? A blog name generator is going to make your life much easier.

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Going Further – The Formula for Success

Digging a little deeper, most of these blog name generators help you achieve what I believe is the formula for blog name success:

Keyword + Branding

You’ll see this formula everywhere. Heck, just look at wplift.com. It’s the perfect example of what I’m talking about. The “wp” provides the contextual keyword for what the blog is about (WordPress) and the “lift” provides a unique brand.

If you pay attention, I guarantee that you’ll see this everywhere. A few more examples:

  • Bloggingwizard.com – blogging (keyword) + wizard (brand)
  • Wpmayor.com – WP (keyword) + mayor (brand)
  • Socialmediaexaminer.com – Social media (keyword) + examiner (brand)

Because a blog name generator usually works by tacking on extra words to your seed keyword, this is almost always the type of domain name you’ll end up with for your blog.

You’ll find a couple of domain name generators that try to get cute with substitutions, but most stick to this formula.

Alright, let’s dig into the best blog name generators, starting with my favorite…

Lean Domain Search

blog name generators lean domain search

Lean Domain Search is my favorite tool for a couple different reasons:

All you need to do is plug in your seed keyword, and then Lean Domain Search will come back with a whole list of suggestions.

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You can quickly sort by what position the keyword is in, length, and a few other filters.

Also – you should be aware that Lean Domain Search only looks for .com domains. Personally, I like this. But if you’re fine with other TLDs, you might want to pick a different blog name generator.

What’s neat is that, in addition to only suggesting domain names that are available for purchase, Lean Domain Search will also check to see whether the Twitter account for your selected domain name is also available.

Then, you can click to go straight to a registrar and purchase a domain name (and give Automattic that sweet affiliate commission!).

Go to Lean Domain Search


Panabee is a domain name generator that gets a bit more creative with its suggestions than Lean Domain Search. That means it will do things like:

  • Drop letters
  • Rearrange syllables
  • Spell backwards
  • Merge vowels
  • Append slangy letter combinations like “ly”
  • A few other things

While most of these result in gibberish, sometimes you will get a creative name that you wouldn’t have thought up otherwise.

You can also choose different domain name extensions if you’re open to something that’s not a .com.

Go to Panabee

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3. Name Mesh

Name Mesh combines the best of both worlds, giving you simple domain name suggestions like Lean Domain Search, as well as more creative options like Panabee.

When you enter your seed keyword, Name Mesh gives you a variety of suggestions divided up into different categories. These categories include:

  • Common words added on
  • SEO-focused domains
  • “Fun” domains with creative suggestions
  • Short domain suggestions
  • Mixed domains – created by adding suffixes like “ly” and others

After Lean Domain Search, Name Mesh is my second favorite blog name generator because of the sheer variety of suggestions you get and the fact that these suggestions span both practical and “out of the box” ideas.

Go to Name Mesh

4. Wordoid

Like Panabee, Wordoid tries to be a little more intelligent in its blog name suggestions. It does this by helping you create, unsurprisingly, “wordoids”.

Wordoids are made-up words that are no more than a specified number of characters long. They’re designed to be catchy and memorable, even if you won’t find them in a dictionary.

To use Wordoid, you just need to pick a language, quality, and length. You can choose to seed the wordoid or just generate completely random words.

Then, Wordoid will spit back a variety of suggestions for you, as well as tell you whether or not the .com and/or .net domains are available.

Again, some names are gibberish, but it does turn up some cool ideas sometimes.

Go to Wordoid

5. Nameboy

Though its UX is a little bit dated, Nameboy is another quality domain name generator you can use to come up with your next blog’s name.

To get started, you can enter a primary seed keyword, as well as an optional secondary keyword. You can also choose whether to allow hyphens and whether or not you want the domain name suggestions to rhyme.

Then, Nameboy will spit back some suggested domain names.

Of the 5 tools on this list, I think Nameboy has the worst suggestions. But I’m still including it because it will occasionally turn up some good ideas.

So if all the other tools haven’t helped you yet, you can go for broke with Nameboy.

Go to Nameboy

Wrapping Things Up

Choosing a domain name can be frustrating – there’s no getting around it. But here’s the good thing – once you pick your domain name, you’ll never have to think about it again! (Unless you, gasp, need to migrate domain names).

Once you pick your blog’s name, make sure you grab some quality WordPress hosting to pair with your new domain name. And you should also pick up a great theme and install some must-have plugins.

Now over to you – do you have a favorite blog name generator that didn’t make the list? Leave a comment and share it with everyone else!

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