5 Best WordPress WhatsApp Plugins: Add WhatsApp Click to Chat Button to WordPress

Published on April 3rd, 2020

Last Updated on April 1st, 2021


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Want to let your WordPress site’s visitors chat with you on WhatsApp? If so, you need one of the best WhatsApp plugins for WordPress that I’m about to share.

These plugins let you add a WhatsApp click to chat button to WordPress where your visitors can chat with you (or even other agents) via WhatsApp.

Some just add a basic WhatsApp button, while others get pretty detailed, letting you mimic a true live chat experience (at least before redirecting people to WhatsApp to finish the chat).

For all of these WordPress WhatsApp plugins, I actually installed them on my own test site to give you an idea of how they look in the real world.

Finally, as an added bonus, I’ll also include a plugin that lets you add a WhatsApp share button to your content so that visitors can share your posts via WhatsApp.

Ready to dig in? Here are the five best WordPress WhatsApp plugins…

WhatsApp Chat WordPress

WhatsApp Chat WordPress

The best-rated WhatsApp plugin for WordPress (a.k.a WP Chat App) is the most powerful click-to-chat widget that you can use free of charge. It provides a fresh and native impression for every WhatsApp user.

Once installed and activated, this plugin creates a dedicated widget for your website visitors to say hello or ask questions. Fill your WhatsApp account info such as phone number, title, display name, custom appearance, etc. and an elegant WhatsApp chat button will appear live on your site corner.

After diligently collecting your audience phone contacts, you can later offer discounts and coupons that they can enjoy. When the time comes to publish a story, product or event, you can create some serious influence by using WhatsApp messages, too! Use it for free now!

Top features:

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  • Multiple WhatsApp numbers
  • Agent name, title, avatar & availability
  • GDPR & response time notice supported
  • Pre-defined messages to strike conversations
  • Shortcode for WooCommerce page
  • Custom widget & everything

Get WhatsApp Chat WordPress

WhatsApp Chat

WhatsApp Chat is a popular option that comes in both a free and a (very affordable) premium version.

The plugin helps you create both a simple WhatsApp click to chat button that takes people straight to WhatsApp with a pre-configured message, as well as a more live chat-like interface where visitors can enter their own message and even choose specific agents to send a message to.

For example, here’s what the basic button looks like (you also have full control over the colors):

best Whatsapp plugin example

Then, you can either have that button take people straight to WhatsApp. Or, you can have it open a live chat interface where customers can enter their own custom message (that last part is a premium feature).

With the Pro version, you can also add multiple people/WhatsApp numbers that visitors can choose between:

live chat

Other features include:

  • Multiple button styles
  • Different button placements (e.g. move it to the bottom-left corner instead)
  • Option to only show the button for specific devices
  • Target your button to specific WordPress content

While the free version is good for a start, I recommend going Pro because the Pro version only costs $10 with lifetime updates and gives you access to some unique functionality.

Price: Limited free version at WordPress.org. Premium version costs just $10

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WhatsHelp Chat Button

WhatsHelp Chat Button is actually a separate service (WhatsHelp) that you can easily integrate into WordPress thanks to a dedicated plugin.

With WhatsHelp Chat Button, the button takes visitors straight to WhatsApp. There’s no live chat interface like you get with the plugin above.

To get started, you’ll go to the WhatsHelp website to configure your chat box. In addition to supporting WhatsApp, you can also choose a number of other apps:


You can also:

  • Change the CTA
  • Choose between placing it in the bottom-left or bottom-right corner

Then, you generate the code and paste it into the plugin’s interface in your WordPress dashboard.

If you’re willing to pay $2.49 per month, the Pro version also lets you:

  • Add a greeting message
  • Track clicks in Google Analytics
  • Target specific devices

Price: Free for basic chat button. Pro features cost $2.49 per month

Get WhatsHelp Chat Button

Click to Chat for WhatsApp Chat

Click to Chat for WhatsApp Chat is one of the most popular free WhatsApp click to chat plugins at WordPress.org, where it’s active on over 90,000 sites.

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It’s super simple – as soon as you activate it, it adds a WhatsApp icon button to the bottom-right corner of your site that lets visitors send you a message:

whatsapp click to chat plugin

You also get a settings area that gives you options to:

  • Enter a pre-configured message
  • Choose different styles (and configure colors)
  • Target specific devices, or use different styles for different devices
  • Integrate with Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel
  • Hide the button on specific WordPress content

And one unique thing is that Click to Chat for WhatsApp Chat supports WhatsApp group chats. So you can have people request to join a group when they click the button.

Most of the features are 100% free, but there’s also a premium version that adds support for:

  • WooCommerce
  • Working hours
  • Dynamic pre-filled text (e.g. automatically add the product name to the message)
  • Time delay
  • Working hours/holidays

Price: Free at WordPress.org. Pro version starts at $12

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WhatsApp me

WhatsApp me is a simple plugin that adds a clean-looking WhatsApp icon to the bottom-left or bottom-right corner of your site. Here’s an example of how it looks:

basic icon

Or, you can display more of a live-chat look with a customizable CTA. Here’s how that looks – note that there’s no text input interface for visitors, though:

cta example

In the backend, you can:

  • Customize the pre-filled message for visitors
  • Customize the CTA (or disable the CTA functionality and just show the icon, like the first example)
  • Add a time delay for the button to appear
  • Only show the button on mobile devices
  • Enable or disable the button on specific WordPress content types (e.g. enable on posts, but not on pages)

Price: 100% free and available at WordPress.org

Get WhatsApp me


Buttonizer is not just a WordPress WhatsApp plugin – it’s actually a flexible floating action button plugin (check out our Buttonizer review to learn more).

However, one of the things that you can have your floating action button do is start a WhatsApp chat (with the Pro version).

One of the big benefits of this plugin is that you can also include lots of other stuff in your floating action button.

Here’s an example of a button that includes lots of different options:

buttonizer example

Beyond that, you also get other helpful features like:

  • Device targeting
  • Working hours
  • Style options
  • Page targeting

Price: Buttonizer has a free version at WordPress.org, but you’ll need the $19 Pro version for the WhatsApp functionality

Get Buttonizer

Bonus: Share Post On WhatsApp

All of the plugins above help visitors chat with you on WhatsApp.

However, another neat implementation is to let visitors share your content to their friends via WhatsApp.

If you also want that functionality, Share Post On WhatsApp is a simple option that lets you add a Share on WhatsApp button to the end of posts.

There’s nothing to configure – you just enable it and it starts working right away:

share on whatsapp

Price: 100% free at WordPress.org

Get Share Post On WhatsApp

What’s The Best WordPress WhatsApp Plugin For You?

Now for the important question – what’s the best WordPress WhatsApp plugin for your specific needs?

For the best overall option, I like WhatsApp Chat from QuadLayers because:

  • The default designs look great
  • You can choose between a simple button or a live chat interface
  • Visitors can customize their own message (or you can use a pre-filled message)
  • Visitors can choose between different people to send their message to
  • The Pro version is cheap at just $10, and it also has a free version

If all you want is a simple icon, you’ll also probably be happy with WhatsHelp Chat Button, Click to Chat for WhatsApp Chat, or WhatsApp me.

And if you like the idea of being able to add more than just a WhatsApp button, the premium version of Buttonizer is neat because of its flexible floating action button approach.

Finally, if you just want to let your visitors share your content on WhatsApp, check out Share Post On WhatsApp (or most social share plugins offer WhatsApp as an option).

Do you have any questions about these WhatsApp chat plugins? Ask away in the comments section!

Colin Newcomer is a freelance writer and long-time Internet marketer. He specializes in digital marketing, WordPress and B2B writing. He lives a life of danger, riding a scooter through the chaos of Hanoi. You can also follow his travel blog.