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40+ Free, Unique & Modern WordPress Themes for Writers & Personal Bloggers

Last Updated on November 19th, 2021

Published on June 7th, 2018

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Looking to start your writing/blogging career online? Obviously, you’ll need a great site to publish all your work and attract your audience. Thanks to the WordPress platform, doing exactly that is not that difficult or challenging. Quite the contrary – exploring and using WordPress can be fun and inspiring, especially when you get to the part that allows you to pick the perfect WordPress theme to accompany your website. In case you’re at the beginning of the blogging journey and don’t have the budget to splurge on some premium WordPress themes, there’s no reason to worry. After all, the following free WordPress themes are a writer’s dream and can make your online creative corner truly exquisite without a doubt!

Free WordPress Themes for Writers & Personal Bloggers

Qi Theme

Qi Theme is a WordPress theme that fulfills all the needs of writers and bloggers. With this theme, you have complete control over how your website or blog looks without ever having to write a single line of code. Qi Theme lets you choose the blog list layout, the post layout,  or the sidebar layout. It gives you access to typography styles that will make your words pop right up from the screen. It even comes with bundled stock images you can use. And best of all – it’s free, and it has video tutorials to help you get started.

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If you’re on the hunt for a lightweight WordPress theme that’s effective for various blogging niches, free Cenote WordPress blogging theme may be the right choice for you. Responsive design and plenty of white space make this theme a simple and effective solution for all your writing needs. What’s more, it comes with a sticky menu, social icon pack and some translation tools to make things easier for both you and your readers.

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Noto (Premium)

Noto WordPress Theme

Noto is a WordPress theme for writers who genuinely care about their craft and want to showcase it in style. The subtle animations alongside with the overall look-and-feel inspired by the exciting world of notebooks make this theme the right choice.

Noto comes with three widget areas that you can adjust however you like to get different outcomes. For instance, you can use those for an e-mail subscription to feature your social media channels or add a few donate buttons. Besides this flexibility, Noto also brings you more visual consistency across the website due to Style Manager, an easy-to-use customization tool. Thanks to it, you can choose between predefined color and font palettes or create yours from scratch to match your branding system.

Words were never better showcased until now, and the way Noto brings them into the spotlight makes every single story truly unique and meaningful.

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Blog Way

Blog Way by Promenade Themes is a great solution for all the minimalists out there who still want plenty of freedom when it comes to customization. In general, it fairs exceptionally well among personal brand blogs. Like all the best WordPress themes for writers and bloggers, Blog Way also offers a responsive experience. Moreover, users have the option to create their own menu while the threaded comments are also enabled. For bloggers who would like to run their own online store together with their blog, it’s important to know that Blog Way theme pairs really well with WooCommerce.

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Olsen Light

Want a crisp, clean, full-width and visually appealing WordPress theme that’s free and perfect for both writing and photography? Then definitely take a look at Olsen Light theme developed by Anastis Sourgoutsidis. Simple customization with easy Google Analytics connection and social sharing option configuration make this translation- and retina-ready theme perfect for writers and readers alike.

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In order to improve user experience when it comes to blogs and photography sites, SiteOrigin developed WordPress theme called Unwind. This is another minimalist-inspired theme that can be used for variety of different niches. Its quick load time is great for search engine optimization and high-quality photographs that accompany your content and even product description. Speaking of product descriptions, Unwind is also very practical for e-commerce use and allows for easy customization and flexibility. Of course, Unwind is mobile-friendly with a layout that provides easy reading.

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As the name suggests, Writee WordPress theme was developed by Scissor Themes specifically for writing/blogging needs. Clean layout with plenty of white space and dark top border for menu and social buttons is perfect for a content-focused site. However, it also works well with WooCommerce. The theme has plenty of customizable features even in its free version. One of the more interesting aspects that also boosts users experience is the .mo file that offers Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, and Chinese language option. In general, you can change main colors, background images, typography, slider layout, etc.

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Want a large and striking header for your blog? If the answer is yes, then you may want to give Almia WordPress theme a try. Created by FancyThemes, Almia provides a clean, content-focused layout with large and easily readable serif fonts. The main menu, together with the site title and tagline, are centered at the top. Customization is available for almost every Almia feature, from color options to website’s CSS.

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A truly unique, vintage-inspired theme that also comes with an option for a more modern and minimal look, Juliet by Lyra Themes, is definitely a go-to WordPress theme for many lifestyle and other, more personal blogs. The theme is lightweight, functional, with quick loading speed, and, of course, works well with WooCommerce. It allows for featured posts and images, different style layouts and numerous widgets that let you customize your blog to your heart’s content.

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One of the more popular blogging WordPress themes is Serenti by Mooz Themes. Its simplicity yet functionality is what makes it so trendy among the content creators nowadays. It’s noise- and clutter-free so that the readers can fully enjoy the written content as well as imagery. Also, plenty of widgets and customization options let the bloggers come up with something truly personal and unique to match their own creative voice. Not to mention that the responsive design of Serenti looks absolutely amazing on screens of all sizes.

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Placid WordPress theme may not follow the minimalist trend to a tee, but it’s still beautifully designed with no excessive noise or clutter in order to make your written and visual content flow nicely and naturally. This Paragon Themes’ design allows you to customize the look of your blog the way you see fit with ease. You can count on social media links, sticky sidebar, author profile, header image, and site search, among many other things. And if you like to make your own CSS rules, you definitely can with this one!

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Kokoro was created by Tony Smith, and its free version is known as Kokoro Lite. Even with Kokoro Lite, you still get a strong yet clean canvas for an impactful blog for both written content and images. Color options are pretty interesting, as you get more freedom in choosing the accent color for your links, and similar. Moreover, you can change your layout style for different pages and posts however you like. Social media buttons, as well as additional CSS changes, are also available.

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Marlin Lite

This is the perfect WordPress theme for anyone who wants to show their strong personality and individuality without losing on functionality, SEO, load speed or minimalism. Aside from being built on a Bootstrap framework, which makes the theme adjust beautifully on all screens, customization options are pretty impressive. You can also play with header images, headings, background colors, body text and typography overall. A truly out-of-the-box creation by VolThemes.

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Really interesting and a bit feminine aesthetics of Azalea by Just Good Themes make this particular theme perfect for creative and more personal blogs. But, the clean and minimalist design can still be easily used for various industries. You can emphasize your content with different customization options and even get access to Google Fonts with the free version. Other interesting features include the choice between “next and previous” or page numbers for the page navigation, small header image option, and customization, email support as well as ability to change the CSS rules. What’s more, the theme is translation-ready.

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In case you’re looking for a darker yet equally modern and clean theme like the majority of other WordPress themes on this list, definitely check out Tracks by Ben Sibley. Even though it has a darker, more alternative vibe, the content flow still feels natural, and the focus on content and imagery is on par with other popular minimalist themes. What’s more, you can choose how your posts are going to appear on the site in regards to the image and text combo, and even decide what the best solution for written content without a featured image is. There are plenty of other useful and functional features as well, such as a great range of social icons, zoom-in effect, “read more” option, author info box, and so on. For further customization, blogger can just head to the WordPress Customizer.

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Another perfect-for-blogging WordPress theme by Lyra Themes, Kale is the ideal choice for a crisp, minimal, and clean approach to displaying your creative content. The design is great for a variety of niches and comes with native WooCommerce support. What’s more, the functionality and load speed boost both your SEO and UX. Customization options are also great. From featured posts and banners to drop-down menus and social media links, Kale has everything a blogger may need nowadays. One of the features that makes Kale so popular is the responsiveness of YouTube videos. You can make the theme even more minimal by removing everything aside from images on your slides so that the images link directly to the specific URL. The choices for background color and typography are limited though, but you’re free to explore other possibilities in WordPress Customizer.

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A true modern gem in terms of functionality that still has a vintage vibe to it, Hoffman is a top favorite for many bloggers. Everything in its design, from layout to typography and color, has a very elegant feel, and the true beauty of this theme by Anders Noren lies in the fact that it makes the readers feel like they’re reading a book thanks to its flat design. It has plenty of useful features as well, such as two-page templates, custom colors and widgets, slideshow photo galleries, and Jetpack integration. Moreover, it’s retina-ready and mobile-friendly.

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A truly nifty theme by Nicolas GUILLAUME, Hueman is a simple choice for bloggers who still want to make their site look professional and clean. For starters, this theme allows you to customize individual pages however you see fit. You can also choose which sidebars to display – or remove them completely. A great addition to the theme is undoubtedly the Twitter sharebar as well. What’s more, you can easily add both audio and video to your posts, and the theme is fully responsive.

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Interested in a WordPress theme that’s effective for both blogging and magazine-style writing? Then the beautiful and free Cali theme by Athemes is a solid choice. What’s so great about Cali is the fact that its design is completely responsive, thus offering better SEO results as well as a UX boost. Still, the theme offers plenty of white space and enough room for beautiful HQ images. There are plenty of widgets and features to customize the layout look and minimize the usual clutter that’s associated with magazines. One of the most popular is definitely the carousel which allows the users to share gorgeous photography. Social buttons, color and font changes, WooCommerce integration, translation-ready tools, cross-browser support and more, make Cali WordPress theme a truly smart and beautiful choice.

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You can’t go wrong with Type WordPress theme either, as you have the freedom to turn your website into whatever fits your needs, from niche blogs to online magazine and e-commerce site. There are several different elements that you can arrange and mix in a way you find most effective for your content. For instance, you can choose between four different headers and three layouts. Moreover, it’s easy to display your logo, pick where to have your sidebar, make a unique header image, etc. Also, Type allows you to feature your posts and integrate an online shop with ease. This DesignLab theme is well-coded which means there’s little work for you to do in terms of optimization, as it’s already optimized for search. What’s more, you can visually check all your customization changes before deciding to go live with them. It can be easily translated and performs beautifully on various browsers.

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Created by Ben Sibley, Period WordPress theme is great for blogging as it offers minimalist look with a darker tone to it. This is why Period is very popular among bloggers who write in more professional niches. The theme is 100% responsive and offers enough customization options, from layouts to category tags and author bio, as well as gallery description to boost your SEO. Of course, Period is WooCommerce-friendly and offers smooth integration with plugins.  

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For everyone interested in vintage aesthetics with minimal and clean layout as well as elegant typography for a more unique look, Flora by GretaThemes is a good option. This WordPress theme is not only beautiful on the eye, but offers several customization options for your homepage display. However, the free version – Floral Lite – is definitely more limited when it comes to customization compared to the paid version. Still, if you’re just starting with your blog and the visual aspect of Floral WordPress theme appeals to you, limited changes shouldn’t be a deal-breaker as the configuration and installation are really simple and quick.

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The Minimal

True to its name, The Minimal WordPress theme by Rara Theme is noise-free, simple, responsive, and content-focused. This makes it perfect for heavy writing and magazine-style sites. Also, the way the slider works makes controlling the display pretty effective, which, in turn, allows for featuring plenty of beautiful photographs. Also, there are three footer widgets and several built-in ones that you can customize with information you find necessary. There are plenty of customization options, from full-width layout to various format types, including quotes, links, galleries, videos, etc. Of course, you can have fun with color and background image changes, upload favicon and logo files, translate the theme to other languages, and so on.

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Another beautiful creation from Ben Sibley, who obviously has a preference for darker tones, Author WordPress theme is made with readers in mind. The theme is dual-toned, with a dark sidebar and lighter main section. Thanks to that kind of contrast, the focus is on the content and allows the readers to enjoy it problem-free. The theme is responsive, lightweight and fast, and you have additional options to make it even more user-friendly. What’s more, accessibility for viewers with disabilities is also part of its design.

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If your goal is to create personal but elegant blogs, BlackLite (or zBlackLite as it’s called by its developers, zThemes) may be a fine choice. Responsive and minimalist design with little need for scrolling and manipulation on mobile devices looks amazing on retina displays. A combination of white background and thin black menu and social media icons together with clean sans serif font make this particular theme classy and easy to follow. If you want, a native Instagram widget can pull your images as well. What’s more, with WordPress Customizer, you can make further changes to the look of this theme, and make it truly personal and to your liking.

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Everly Lite

Free version of Everly WordPress theme from Premium Coding comes with limited customization options. You can upload favicon and configure displays for your footer, header, and sidebar. Under the Appearance menu in WordPress, you can check built-in Theme Options when it comes to fonts, colors, and logos. What’s more, you can switch between the default and grid-based layout, depending on what suits your blogging style more.

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In case you want to build your blog around impactful imagery, Magnus by Hugo Baeta is a great photo blogging WordPress theme. Essentially, if your goal is to feature and make the most out of your photographs, this free theme will do exactly that for you. The visual impact is especially powerful when you consider the full-width display combined with elegant typography. The recommended size for your HQ images is at least 2000 px in width. In case you don’t have a featured image, Magnus will either leave the space for image black, or will allow you to use a default image through the Appearance menu.

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Anariel Lite

No distractions, minimalist aesthetics and streamlined content are things that make Anariel Lite a smart choice for blogging and writing. It’s retina-ready with responsive design and content-friendly widgets including Instagram feed, gallery and recent posts displays, etc. Anariel Lite by Premium Coding is dedicated to making your content stand out in a pleasant and interesting way. It’s true that customization options are limited, but you still get six pre-defined demos that will allow you to configure the best possible display solution for your blog.

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Phlox has plenty of features that would make the writer’s life easier, and writing more compelling and engaging for the readers. Social media and call-to-action buttons, as well as large slider, different layouts for different writers, easy-to-read typography, several post formats, full-screen gallery option, full-featured page builder, Google fonts, WooCommerce, etc. make Phlox one of the most versatile and attractive WordPress themes among bloggers.

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Total by Hash Themes may not be your typical blogging theme, but it definitely packs a punch in today’s digital world. After all, it can be used for blogs and magazines, but also business websites. Parallax sections pair well with minimalist design, which makes this theme particularly useful when it comes to catching the readers’ attention, and even drawing them to your calls-to-action. With WordPress Customizer, you can make changes for many different display options and pick between four different layouts. If you’re interested in creating a one-page website for a really powerful impact on the visitors, Total can do that for you, as well.

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Another great solution for both blogs and business websites is Flash. Created by Theme Grill, this theme is fully responsive and completely optimized for SEO. This makes it worth your while if you don’t have the time or the skill to take care of SEO on your own. What’s more, this theme is very easy to customize as you can create your own layout by using drag and drop builder or importing pre-built layouts. Also, you have the freedom to customize your color options for various site features, links included.

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Continuing with Theme Grill creations, Radiate is yet another fully responsive and SEO-optimized WordPress theme that’s perfect for food, travel, and photography blogs. The modern design featuring a large header image and three widgets below is very attractive and eye-catching. You can use the widgets to display your bog’s categories or feature the best posts. Traditional blog layout makes this theme really easy to use and read through. Of course, color and background customization are possible, together with the option to set your own CSS rules if you want.

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Simplicity, plenty of white space, centered content, minimalism, and several homepage options involving layouts and sidebar make Bulan a really valuable theme for both bloggers and readers. Developed by Theme Junkie, the theme provides you with two widgets for your social media accounts and recent posts display. What’s more, you can count on compatibility with plugins such as Jetpack and Polylang. And, with the built-in Customizer, you have several options for transforming the site’s display into something you find most appealing. Finally, Bulan is fully responsive and comes with its own social media buttons.

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Elegant and feminine aesthetics make Anissa WordPress theme a great option for blogs that find such design useful for their own creative content. Made by Griden, Anissa is focused on readability with easy-to-read typography and featured post carousel that makes it possible to designate your own category as well as the number of posts you want to show. A large header image adds personality to your website, and you can add both your photo and social media links. Social media sharing buttons come for every post you share. Custom styling for trending plugins is also available, including WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Mailchimp, etc. If you want to further customize this theme, you can do this with the Customizer.Details/Download Get Hosting »


For bloggers who wish to connect with their readers and generally improve the social element of their online presence, Wisteria is a great minimalist WordPress theme developed by WP Friendship. Aside from displaying all your social media profiles with ease, Wisteria also allows you to integrate bbPress and form functionality so that you can truly establish and strengthen the personal bond you have with your readers. When it comes to customization, you can change colors, background and header. What’s more, the theme makes it simple to pull quotes so that every single post feels more unique and interesting to click on. Finally, Wisteria is known for some of the most effective SEO practices, it’s completely responsive and has very fast loading time.

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An effective solution for both personal blogs and magazines, Brilliant by DesignLab is another elegant WordPress theme that comes with a variety of features. For starters, the theme allows you to display your most recent posts, and you can even utilize the widget to show comments, categories, etc. in the sidebar. In order to brand your website properly, you can head to the Customizer and tweak the colors, header, footer, and more. The layout is pretty similar to Pinterest, which makes it suitable for bloggers who value simplicity but still want the readers to find their content attractive.

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Yet another book-inspired WordPress theme by Anders Noren, Hemingway is a responsive, two-column layout theme that will draw the readers in. It’s an excellent choice for writers and bloggers who want their words to make a difference. Of course, you can also feature your recent posts, comments, social media, etc. With a striking header image, and space for featured images for each post, you can make your blog functional and visually appealing. There are also several templates at your disposal, with full-width template that has no sidebar also available if you want your readers to focus solely on your content. The theme is retina-ready and can be tweaked in WordPress Customizer.

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Gorgeous theme design by Dinev Dmitry, Teletype is a really interesting pick with minimalist style and masonry layout. Essentially, the theme offers the possibility to choose the designated space for different sections. Customization options are pretty impressive, too. For starters, you get to choose between 600+ Google Fonts, and change colors, images, sidebar, etc. The custom Text + Icon widget is what makes Teletype so unique, as it allows the blogger to create different sections with ease in order to add services/products descriptions or other relevant pages. What’s more, Teletype is 100% responsive and translation-ready.

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You don’t have to be a Sherlock Holmes fan in order to appreciate the design of this WordPress theme made by Anders Noren. In case your blog is really content-heavy, there’s no better choice than to go with this Pinterest-like theme design. Not only do you get to feature images together with your posts, but the theme provides space for blog contributors as well, together with the author bio, avatars and social profiles. Every format type is supported so that you can unleash your creativity however you see fit. The theme is fairly customizable as you can change the header image and tweak two widget areas. Moreover, you also get three custom widgets for video, Flickr and Dribble.

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Lifestyle and fashion blogs can benefit a lot from Barletta WordPress theme developed by Mooz Themes. Two-column layout together with a large slider and easy-to-read typography emphasizes the elegance of the theme and boosts readability. Integration with WooCommerce, MailChimp, Contact Form 7 and even WPML is simple and easy. Thankfully, the Customizer allows you to see the changes as you make them. You can play with colors, fonts, background images, logo, and so on. As it’s built on Bootstrap frameworks, Barletta looks amazing on devices of all screen sizes.Details/Download Get Hosting »


Elementor is not a theme, but a Free WordPress page-builder that allows you to design and build your website/blog from scratch. The beauty of Elementor is in the fact that it’s fairly easy to use, provides you with plenty of design and customization options, and even has its own themes to give you a helping hand. What’s more, you can make something truly amazing with just the free version. Essentially, you get to build your own theme with header, footer, pages, etc. Also, there are plenty of options to design different elements and widgets, together with free Elementor templates and live custom CSS.

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