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8 Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins Compared in 2023 [Free & Paid]

Last Updated on February 16th, 2023

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In this article, we will share everything related to WordPress pricing table plugins, such as what they are, why your site needs one, and suggest some of the best available in 2023.

What is a Pricing Table?

The twenty-first century is an era where convenience is an expectation rather than a luxury. As a result, online shopping is fast becoming the rule rather than the exception. That is forcing owners of eCommerce, affiliate marketing, and other websites that sell or promote products to look at ways of improving their customers’ shopping experience.

Nowadays, it is no longer sufficient to show just a single product, as customers want options, and they want to know (or at least think they know) where they are getting the best deal. Pricing tables are a perfect way of achieving this.

Pricing tables are essentially comparison tables with several similar products pitched side by side so customers can easily compare prices and specifications. Amazon uses them extensively to show the products that customers have searched for alongside several alternatives. That is a winning approach, as it leads to more conversions and upsells also.

One word of caution on presenting your customers with options – don’t go crazy and offer too many alternatives. This is because even though everyone likes to have choices, too many can be off-putting, something gurus in psychology called‘ analysis paralysis’. To understand that, think along the lines of going into a restaurant and being handed a menu listing over one hundred dishes – choosing one becomes overwhelming, right?

How do I add a pricing table in WordPress?

You can create tables manually in WordPress using a block editor or embedding one from Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. However, those can get messy, especially when trying to get the customization right, and you may need to resort to fiddling with codes to do that.

A better option is to use a pricing table plugin. There are many different ones available, both free and premium (paid). All achieve the same goal of adding a pricing table to your WordPress site, but each offers subtly different features covering aspects such as customization, integrations with other plugins and platforms such as WooCommerce, or drag-and-drop table creation.

Choosing the Right Pricing Table Plugin

What you are trying to achieve ultimately will help determine which plugin is right for you. For example, if you only want a basic price comparison, a no-frills free one will probably suffice. However, if you have a WooCommerce store with many products, you will likely need a more sophisticated one that integrates with that eCommerce platform. Similarly, if you run an affiliate marketing website, you’ll want to be able to add your affiliate links to the table, possibly hidden as buttons.

Other factors to consider are whether the plugin includes pre-made templates and if those are customizable. Pre-made templates can make your life much easier, but they could look out of place on your website if you cannot tweak them. Also, the tables should be responsive to any device type, as there is nothing worse than trying to read a table meant for viewing on a desktop computer on a mobile phone.

Our Pricing Table Plugin Suggestions

Below is our selection of the best pricing table plugins for WordPress currently available this year. Each will help you create professional-looking product comparisons quickly and easily, plus all work with WordPress 5.8 and are up to date.

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WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder WordPress pricing table plugin

We kick off with the hugely popular WP Table Builder. Thanks to drag-and-drop, this plugin allows you to quickly and easily generate pricing tables, product comparisons, lists, etc.

In its free version, WP Table Builder’s features are somewhat limited but do include:

  • Seven elements that can be added to tables: text, images, lists, buttons, star ratings, custom HTML, and shortcode
  • All elements are customizable
  • Cell management mode with options like add new rows or columns, split or merge cells, etc.
  • Ability to import and export tables
  • Device responsive

The premium plans bring far more functionality to the table at prices that won’t break the bank: “Starter” costs $39.99 per year for one site, “Pro” is $99.00 per year for up to a whopping 1,000 sites, and “Lifetime” covers unlimited domains for a once only payment of $299.99. All these plans add the following:

  • Unlimited tables
  • Five advanced elements
  • Use the integral pre-made templates or your own
  • Full duplication of columns or rows
  • Drag-and-drop sorting and ordering
  • Column and row separation
  • Configurations for different border colors, padding and margin settings, etc.
  • Ability to set empty cells
  • Tooltips for list items
  • Priority support and updates throughout the subscription period

A 14-day ‘no questions asked’ refund policy offers reassurance if you are unsatisfied with the purchased paid plan.

An impressive 40,000+ active downloads of WP Table Builder currently exist, and it has accrued a 4.9/5.0 stars average user rating in the WordPress plugin directory. Impressive.

Get WP Table Builder

Pricing Table by Supsystic

Pricing Table by Supsystic WordPress pricing table plugin

Thanks to an online table-builder, built-in templates, and a plethora of customization options, Supsystic’s Pricing Table plugin allows you to easily create eye-catching pricing and comparison tables. What’s more, the tables are responsive and viewable on any device type.

We love the pricing policy of Pricing Table: the free and Pro versions of the plugin are identical, with the exception that Pro adds a pack of premium templates and role restrictions. Both the free and Pro versions offer the following great features:

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  • Online pricing table builder
  • Unlimited tables with unlimited columns and rows
  • Description column, header, and footer rows
  • Built-in templates
  • Settings for text background color and font
  • Mobile responsive
  • Text and table alignment
  • Insert text, images, videos, icons, or buttons into cells
  • Badge for columns
  • CSS editor including animation (hover) effects
  • Autosave can be disabled in the pricing table
  • Import and export tables

Pro is available in three plans: “Personal” (for single sites), “Developer” (up to five sites), and “Enterprise” (six or more). Prices start at $46 per year for a one-year subscription to Personal, rising to $319 for a three-year subscription to Enterprise.

Over 40,000 active downloads of Pricing Table are in operation, and it has a good user star rating of 4.2/5.0.

Get Pricing Table by Supsystic

Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons for Elementor WordPress pricing table plugin

Premium Addons for Elementor is a bundle of addons specifically for the drag-and-drop Elementor page builder. One of the addons in the bundle is a pricing table widget that allows you to create highly customized pricing tables via Elementor.

As this plugin is a bundle of addons, it gives you tons of other useful features. However, don’t worry that all those extra functions will slow your site down – the modular nature of both Elementor and this plugin means that the inactive code of deselected addons will not impact site speed.

The free plugin gives you the following features:

  • Highly customizable pricing table widget with a broad range of styling options
  • Lottie animations can be embedded in the tables
  • Mobile device responsive
  • Section templates and 23 other widgets to extend the functionality and customization options of Elementor

The Pro version costs $39 per year for a single site and $79 per year for unlimited sites, with a 30% discount for subsequent renewals. $249 buys you a lifetime subscription for unlimited sites. All Pro versions add the following:

  • Further customization and styling options for the pricing table and other widgets
  • 34 additional widgets and over 300 section templates
  • Priority support and updates throughout the subscription period
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

If you are a fan of Elementor, this plugin not only allows you to create pricing tables easily, but it also significantly expands the versatility of the page builder.

Premium Addons for Elementor currently boasts over 400,000 active downloads, and it has an almost perfect user rating of 4.9/5.0.

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Get Premium Addons for Elementor

WooCommerce Pricing Table Plugin

WooCommerce Pricing Table Plugin WordPress pricing table plugin

If you have a WooCommerce store, this plugin could be the perfect way of integrating pricing tables into it.

As indicated by the name, WooCommerce Pricing Table Plugin is tailored specifically for use with WooCommerce. It allows you to create pricing tables customized and styled to match your site perfectly.

The free plugin comes equipped with some great functionality:

  • Created unlimited pricing tables, each with unlimited rows and columns
  • Five built-in templates
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Display images in columns and icons in lines
  • A “Recommended” column
  • Configurable colors, font sizes, and background images for each table
  • Buttons with URL links and text
  • Pricing in any language
  • Easy one-click cloning of existing tables
  • Mobile device responsive
  • Round the clock technical support

Three paid plans are available: “Personal” ($10 for six months), “Business” ($15 for six months), and “Developer” ($20 for twelve months). These can be used on one, five, or unlimited websites, respectively, and include the following extras:

  • Fifteen additional built-in templates
  • Unlimited themes
  • Premium features like additional customization and styling options
  • Priority support and updates throughout the subscription period
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

WooCommerce Pricing Table Plugin is a relative newcomer, with only around 600 active downloads to date. However, the 5.0/5.0 average user rating is hugely encouraging.

Get WooCommerce Pricing Table Plugin

Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables WordPress pricing table plugin

Easy Pricing Tables is a Gutenberg-compatible plugin perfectly suited to eCommerce applications. It makes adding pricing tables to your site is an absolute breeze, with everything done within the WordPress post editor. Reordering columns is easy thanks to drag-and-drop, while a wide range of customization and styling options makes it possible to precisely match your tables to your site.

Even in its free form, Easy Pricing Tables includes some handy features:

  • Tables can be built either (a) in the post editor or (b) in the plugin dashboard and added using shortcode your table.
  • Unlimited rows
  • Customization options include color and font pickers, text size, etc.
  • Drag-and-drop column reordering and auto-matching of column heights to keep rows aligned
  • Save tables as reusable blocks
  • Add links to payment gateways such as PayPal or Stripe to buttons
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme
  • Shortcode support
  • Mobile device responsive

Upgrading to a premium plan adds several extra features:

  • More customization options, including 15 fonts
  • Six pre-made pricing table designs
  • Comparison tables
  • Add inline images to pricing tables
  • Addon for one-click integration with WooCommerce
  • Pricing toggle addon (switch between multiple pricing tables, such as currencies or seasonal pricing)
  • Updates and priority email support throughout the subscription period
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Three premium plans are available. Personal costs $29/year and is good for one domain. For $59/year, you can have the Business plan, which covers up to five domains, while the most expensive option, Agency, costs $99 but covers unlimited websites.

Over 20,000 downloads of the Easy Pricing Tables Plugin are currently active, and the plugin has a 4.2/5.0 average user rating.

Get Easy Pricing Tables

Pricing Table

Pricing Table WordPress pricing table plugin

In common with all the other plugins we have listed, Pricing Table by PickPlugins allows you to create unlimited pricing tables with no coding knowledge needed. Drag-and-drop makes assembling your tables child’s play, as is customizing them to match the look and feel of your website.

The free version of the plugin is surprisingly feature-rich, boasting:

  • Unlimited columns and rows
  • Selectable colors for column header and price backgrounds
  • Featured column to highlight specific products
  • Hover effect
  • Hide blank rows
  • Header and price description texts
  • Unlimited ribbons
  • Place tooltip text anywhere on the table
  • Background image for table area and images for each column
  • Display YouTube and Vimeo content in columns
  • Slider on mobile devices
  • Shortcodes to embed your tables exactly where you want them

Yearly premium upgrades cost from $9 for a single license up to $99 for unlimited domains. Lifetime subscriptions are also available, offering a 40% saving over the annual plans. All premium versions come with:

  • Over 35 pre-made themes
  • Over 16 column animations
  • Slider and carousel view on mobile devices
  • Currency switcher
  • Seven-day money-back guarantee

Pricing Table scores top marks with users who have rated it 5.0/5.0 stars. Currently, more than 3,000 active downloads of the plugin exist.

Get Pricing Table

Responsive Pricing Table

Responsive Pricing Table

Creating pricing tables is super-easy with Responsive Pricing Table, thanks to a dedicated tab that it adds to the WordPress admin panel. Just click on that, and you can quickly create professional tables customized to match your site.

Both free and Pro versions are available. With the free version, you get many useful features, including:

  • Wide range of customization and styling options
  • Fields for title, subtitle, description, price, recurrence, etc.
  • Custom buttons for things like payment gateways, etc.
  • Recommended column
  • Configurable currency symbol including no symbol (for free plans)
  • Configure links to open in current or new window
  • Custom CSS classes

Responsive Pricing Table Pro costs $19 per year for a single site or $49 for unlimited domains. Those prices add the following features to those included in the free plan:

  • Pricing toggle
  • Pricing plan equalizer
  • Additional designs and layouts
  • Tooltips
  • Updates and priority support

Over 20,000 active downloads and an excellent user rating of 4.6/5.0 stars make Responsive Pricing Table a very popular plugin.

Get Responsive Pricing Table

Go Pricing

Go Pricing WordPress pricing table plugin

As you would expect from a premium-only plugin, Go Pricing is brimming with great features that enable you to build the exact pricing or comparison tables you need for your website. A simple user interface makes easy work of table creation, with a bewildering range of customization options at your fingertips. What’s more, the plugin is compatible with all popular browsers and device types.

Here is just a flavor of some of the features that you get with Go Pricing:

  • Visual table editor with integral live preview
  • Over 250 starter templates
  • Add media to tables (audio, video, maps, images). Media can be from various sources, e.g., YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Google Maps, HTML5, etc.
  • 39 column animation transitions
  • Unlimited colors and combinations
  • Up to ten columns and unlimited rows in body and footer
  • Google fonts
  • Over 2,000 font icons (Font Awesome, Icomoon, Linecon, Material Icons)
  • Bulk cloning and deleting
  • Table import and export
  • Text-based ribbon (CSS)
  • Video tutorials
  • Translation ready

The best thing about Go Pricing is it costs just $27 on Code Canyon. That sum covers future updates and six months of developer support (extendable to a year for an additional $8.25). In our opinion, that is an absolute bargain, given the functionality the plugin offers.

The plugin has sold almost 14,000 licenses so far, and it has an impressive user rating of 4.49/5.00.

Get Go Pricing

What’s Your Favorite WordPress Pricing Table Plugin?

A WP pricing table plugin will help you add attractive pricing and comparison tables to your website, giving customers options they have now come to expect, ultimately increasing conversions.

Does your website currently have pricing tables embedded in it? If so, have you created them manually, or have you used a plugin? Which is your favorite pricing table plugin – is it one which we have suggested, or something else? Please drop a comment or two down below, as we’d love to hear what you are doing with your site.

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