The Best WordPress Podcasts to Improve Your WordPress Knowledge

Published on January 25th, 2017

Last Updated on March 29th, 2021


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Are you looking to stay up to date with all of the latest WordPress developments? Business best practices, news and new releases, development standards…there’s a lot of change happening every single day. So if you want a simple, fun way to keep abreast of the latest news, subscribing to some of these WordPress podcasts is a great way to do it.

Whether you’re interested in WordPress development, the business of WordPress, or just want a casual podcast with the latest news and updates, these podcasts can help you out. And unlike books, one of the best things about podcasts is that you can listen while driving, in the shower, or any other time.

In this post, I’ll take you through some of the best WordPress podcasts that are still actively producing new episodes. Then, I’ll share some picks for WordPress podcasts that are no longer active, but still include an interesting back catalog of available episodes.

Ok, that’s enough exposition! Let’s get into the top WordPress podcasts…

Matt Report

best wordpress podcasts

Matt Report is one of my favorite WordPress podcasts. Though it’s mainly focused on helping freelancers, agencies, and entrepreneurs with WordPress-based businesses, I think the podcast is worth a listen for anyone interested in WordPress. You can expect interviews, tips, and WordPress-related news.

Some of Matt’s recent guests include AJ Morris of Liquid Web, Beka Rice of SellWithWP, and Robby McCullough of Beaver Builder. Matt has even interviewed Daan about WPLift.

Matt Report is currently in season 4 and has over 200 episodes.


Mastermind is a podcast from James of Ninja Forms and Jean of WP Mayor. Between the two of them, they have quite a bit of WordPress knowledge and experience. Sometimes it’s just James and Jean, and sometimes they have on well-known guests like Chris Lema to add another perspective.

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Mastermind FM is a great resource for any WordPress entrepreneur. They currently have 42 episodes and release new episodes every week.



WPwatercooler is a short, 30 minute weekly live show focused on WordPress. In every episode, Jason Tucker and various co-hosts discuss different aspects of WordPress.

WPwatercooler is released every week. If you’re interested in watching things live, you can tune in to the Google Hangout every Monday at 11am PST. Otherwise, you can catch the episodes any time after they air.

WPwatercooler is currently on episode 216 and shows no signs of slowing down!

The WordPress Chick


Kim Doyal is The WordPress Chick. On her podcast, she discusses marketing, lead generation, and, of course, WordPress.

Kim is never afraid to let her personality shine through. I’m a big fan of her #FTheHustle worldview and love that about the podcast.

Podcasts drop about every week and are usually around 50-60 minutes.

WP eCommerce Show (formerly Do the Woo)


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As you might guess from the name, WP eCommerce Show from BobWP is all about one specific aspect of WordPress:


While most of the focus is on WooCommerce, the podcast features all kinds of tips for growing your WordPress eCommerce store. Expect actionable tips, interviews, as well as helpful knowledge. For example, a recent series delved into everything about eCommerce sales tax. While it’s not a sexy topic, it’s an essential topic for any store owner to know.

Episodes are typically short, making them easy to fit into small time windows. Some episodes are as short as 10-15 minutes, so they’re good for a quick break from work.

Apply Filters


While the previous WordPress podcasts have been focused mainly on business, Apply Filters is all about WordPress development. It comes from Brad Touesnard of Delicious Brains and Pippin Williamson of Easy Digital Downloads and other popular plugins. With hosts like that, you can bet there’s a ton of development knowledge being given out.

Topics include all types of dev work, from the WordPress core to plugins and themes. They also bring in outside guests occasionally for another perspective.

They usually release one or two new episodes a month and each episode lasts around an hour.


OfficeHours.FM is hosted by Carrie Dils. Each week, she interviews WordPress guests about everything from plugin development to marketing.

Episodes usually range between a half hour to an hour.

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WPWeekly is WP Tavern’s weekly WordPress podcast that discusses all of the WordPress news from the preceding week. If you want a quick way to stay up-to-date with WordPress, WPWeekly is a great option because it’s more focused on topical news.

New episodes drop on Thursdays and are around 50 minutes long.

WP Elevation


The WP Elevation podcast features interviews with all types of successful WordPress entrepreneurs. If you’re a casual listener, it might not be for you. But if you’re interested in growing your WordPress business, it’s a great listen.

Most episodes are about 45 minutes, so it’s not a huge time commitment.

Your Website Engineer


Your Website Engineer is a great all purpose WordPress podcast. It’s all about mastering WordPress, whether that’s covering topics like local WordPress development or general guides like adding SSL certificates to WordPress.

With over 300 episodes, there’s plenty of back content as well.

Dustin Hartzler, the host, is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, so you can bet he knows his way around WordPress.

Kitchen Sink WP

Kitchen Sink WP covers “everything WordPress except the kitchen sink”. As the slogan says, it covers everything from migrating WordPress sites, plugin reviews, WordPress news, and more. If you’re ok with the broad focus, it’s definitely worth a listen.

New episodes drop roughly every week.

The WP Crowd

The WP Crowd is a bi-weekly podcast covering all kinds of WordPress topics. Whether one of The WP Crowd’s expert contributors is talking about the future of WordPress or selling plugins, it’s definitely worth tuning in.

The WP Innovator Podcast

The WP Innovator Podcast features topics pertinent to web and design agencies. Each week, Lee Jackson interviews agency owners, WordPress devs, or entrepreneurs. If you’re an agency using WordPress, you should definitely check out the podcast.

Inactive WordPress Podcasts With Nice Back Catalogs

The following podcasts are no longer actively releasing new episodes, but because they still offer interesting back catalogs, I’m including them below. Some have hundreds of released episodes in their back catalogs, so you’re unlikely to run out of listening any time soon.


Though there haven’t been any new episodes since June, 2016, the Dradcast library includes a full back catalog of 100 WordPress-focused podcast episodes. Each episode features a different guest.


Though it hasn’t released an episode since September, 2015, WPCast features ~50 episodes including both guides and interviews.

WP Dev Table

In its 19 episodes, WP Dev Table featured casual, roundtable discussions with a variety of WordPress developers. There haven’t been any new episodes since February, 2016, but you can still check out all of the old recordings.

Final Thoughts

There are a surprising number of WordPress podcasts out there. I tried to stick with the best of the best, but it’s definitely possible that I missed a great podcast. If your favorite WordPress comment isn’t on the list, let me know in the comments so that I and other readers can check it out!

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