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10+ Best WordPress Map Plugins in 2021

Last Updated on June 7th, 2021

Published on July 17th, 2019

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Searching for the best WordPress map plugin to display maps from Google Maps, OpenStreetMaps, or other services?

Maps can be a really useful tool to have for all kinds of sites. You might want to create a simple single-location map to show where your business is or you might want to display multiple location markers to create a store locator, show off your travel destinations, and more.

No matter why you want to create a map, you can probably find a great map plugin to help you get the job done.

But because mapping plugins are such a popular need, you can find dozens and dozens of plugins, which makes for a complicated search. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a map that pointed you right to the best map plugins?

That’s what we’ve done for you! We’ve rounded up the ten best WordPress mapping plugins in 2021 and beyond.

We won’t keep you waiting – let’s get right to the plugins…


Mapify is one of the most flexible and powerful WordPress map plugins, which is why it earns the first spot on our list. 

You can use it to create single-location maps as well multi-location maps with your own customizable markers.

When you add map markers, you’ll be able to customize the colors and design of the marker icons themselves. Then, you can also include lots of additional information when a visitor clicks on the map marker. For example, in the marker popup, you can include descriptions, images, video/photo galleries, phone numbers, external links, Yelp reviews, and more.

To help visitors browse all the location markers, you can add custom search and filter options. You can also draw your own polygon and polyline shapes on the map, such as mapping out the route for a custom tour that you offer.

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All in all, it’s just a really flexible option for use cases like:

  • Store locators – let shoppers view all of your physical locations.
  • Product locators – show a list of stores that carry your products.
  • Travel and tours – show the destinations and travel path of your own travels or the tours that you offer.
  • …plenty more! You probably have your own unique use case.

Beyond what we’ve covered so far, some of the other useful features include:

  • Map clusters to show a numbered cluster if you have multiple location markers in the same spot.
  • Option to link blog articles to maps (great for travel blogs).
  • GPS location on supported devices.
  • Bulk CSV upload to add map markers.
  • Multiple map styles.
  • Built-in social sharing to let visitors share map locations on social media.

If you want to see Mapify in action, you can check out the popular Gone With the Wynns sailing blog, where they use Mapify to show all the land and sea locations that they’ve traveled to.


  • It’s one of the most flexible and customizable options.
  • You can use it for advanced use cases like store/product locators, tours, and more.
  • You get a lot of options for customizing your map markers and you can even link them directly to WordPress content.


  • The premium version is more expensive than most other map plugins.

Price: Mapify has a limited free version called MapifyLite. Then, the Pro version starts at $19 per month or $193 per year.

Get Mapify

or check out our review on Mapify.

WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps plugin

WP Google Maps is one of the most popular WordPress map plugins at WordPress.org, where it’s active on over 400,000 sites.

Despite the name, this plugin can help you add both Google Maps and OpenLayers Maps according to your preferences.

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When you add a new map, you’ll get lots of flexible options even in the free version:

  • Display a single map marker or add unlimited map markers as needed.
  • Choose from nine different map themes.
  • Add polygons and polylines/routes to your map.
  • Customize the map size, e.g. full-screen.
  • Choose from different map types for roadmap, terrain, satellite, or hybrid. It also supports Google Maps street view.

With the free version, you can only create a single map. But if you upgrade to the paid version, you’ll be able to create unlimited maps and also unlock other advanced features including the following:

  • Add links, descriptions, and images to your map markers. You can also organize them with categories.
  • Display custom field information in your markers.
  • Customize the map marker, like using your own icons.
  • Add a list of map markers beside the map.
  • Let visitors ask for directions and choose their map starting point.
  • More advanced store locator functionality.

If you only need a single map, the free version is a great option. And if you need multiple maps, the paid version unlocks a lot of flexibility.


  • WP Google Maps includes lots of advanced features for multi-location maps.
  • Despite the name, it also supports OpenLayers maps if you don’t want to use Google Maps.


  • The free version only lets you create a single map.

Price: There’s a limited free version at WordPress.org that lets you create a single map. The paid version starts at $39.99 for use on up to three sites and lifetime updates.

Get WP Google Maps


Toolset WordPress map plugin

Toolset is an all-in-one solution for working with custom content on WordPress, including custom post types and custom fields. You can use it to create an event website, a real estate listing website, a local business directory, etc.

Where it becomes a really powerful WordPress map plugin is that it lets you take all of your custom content and display it on a map. This opens up a lot of possibilities…

  • If you have a real estate listing site, you can display a map view of the locations of all the listings.
  • If you have an event website, you can display a map that shows the locations of all the events.
  • If you have a local business directory, you can show a map that shows the locations of all the businesses in your directory (or just the category of businesses that people are looking at).
  • …you get the idea.

Toolset is not the right plugin if you just want a simple solution to embed a map from Google Maps (though it actually can do that – it’s just overkill for that use case). But if you’re working with custom content and you want a way to automatically display that custom content on a map, then Toolset is definitely one of the best options for your needs.

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Toolset is a suite of plugins. You get one plugin to create custom post types and custom fields, another plugin to design the templates for that custom content using the block editor, and then one to take everything and display it on a map.

In terms of mapping solutions, Toolset Maps supports both Google Maps and Azure Maps, so you can use whichever provider you prefer.

If you want to learn more about Toolset in general, check out our full WordPress Toolset review.


  • Toolset is a full suite of tools for working with custom content on WordPress, so it can do a lot more than just maps.
  • You can dynamically display custom post types on maps, which makes it a great option for dynamic sites (like real estate listing sites or directories).


  • Toolset isn’t a good option if you just want to embed a basic map and you aren’t working with custom dynamic content.

Price: Toolset starts at $69, which gets you access to all components (including Toolset Maps).

Get Toolset



MapPress is another popular freemium interactive map plugin for WordPress. It supports both Google Maps and Leaflet Maps according to your needs.

The free version lets you create unlimited maps and map markers, which makes it one of the more generous free versions out there. The free version also includes support for directions.

Then, if you upgrade to the premium version, you’ll also get access to more advanced features such as:

  • Search and filtering for markers. Great for store locators.
  • Query WordPress content for your map by post type, author, tag, category, taxonomy, or custom fields.
  • Automatically generate maps based on custom field content.
  • Show a list of map markers next to the map.
  • Custom location markers.
  • Marker clustering.


  • The free version still lets you create unlimited maps/markers.
  • The Pro version lets you create dynamic maps by querying WordPress content.


  • The default design is pretty basic (if you’re doing more than just showing a map, like including a list of location markers).

Price: The free version of MapPress is available at WordPress.org. The Pro version starts at $49.95 for use on a single site.

Get MapPress


Elementor WordPress map plugin

Elementor is a popular WordPress page builder plugin, rather than a dedicated WordPress maps plugin. However, it does include a dedicated maps widget, which makes it a good option if you’re considering or already using Elementor to design your site.

For basic maps, you can use the built-in Google Maps widget, which is available in the free version of Elementor at WordPress.org.

For more flexibility, you can also find lots of third-party Elementor add-ons that include more advanced map widgets. Here are some examples:

  • Stratum has an advanced Google Maps widget that allows for multi-location maps with custom markers.
  • Ultimate Addons for Elementor offers an advanced Google Maps widget that allows for custom markers and multi-location maps.

You can also find plenty of other Elementor add-ons with map widgets via a quick Google search.

Overall, if you’re using Elementor or you’re interested in using Elementor, you probably don’t need a separate WordPress map plugin for basic use cases as you can already get everything done with Elementor.

You can learn more about Elementor in our full Elementor review.


  • You can customize your maps without leaving the Elementor interface.
  • You can include your maps in more advanced designs because you’re working with Elementor.


  • This approach obviously isn’t a viable option if you aren’t using Elementor and don’t have any plans to.

Price: Elementor offers its Google Maps widget for free, though it does have a premium version called Elementor Pro. The third-party add-ons might cost money.

Get Elementor

Leaflet Map

Leaflet Map WordPress plugin

As the name suggests, Leaflet Map helps you create interactive maps using LeafletJS with map tiles from OpenStreetMap or MapQuest.

It uses a shortcode system for creating maps, which might not be the most user-friendly option if you’re a casual user. But if you feel comfortable working with shortcode parameters to customize your map, Leaflet Map is a really solid free option that lets you:

  • Add one or more customizable location markers.
  • Display popup messages when a user clicks on a marker.
  • Add lines and shapes to the map.

Overall, I wouldn’t really recommend Leaflet Map to casual, non-technical users. But if you’ve been around the WordPress block and feel comfortable with shortcodes, it’s a really neat option and a good alternative if you don’t want to use Google Maps.


  • It’s 100% free.
  • It doesn’t force you to use Google Maps.
  • It’s lightweight.


  • The way that Leaflet Map uses shortcodes to customize everything might feel a little overwhelming for casual users.

Price: 100% free

Get Leaflet Map

Google Maps Easy

Google Maps Easy

As you can probably guess from the name, Google Maps Easy is focused on helping make Google Maps…well, easy. 

With that being said, I actually think the name is a misnomer because I personally don’t find it to have the most user-friendly interface. But it is still pretty easy to use and includes a lot of advanced features to let you customize your maps.

With it, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited maps and location markers.
  • Customizable map marker icons – choose from a built-in library or upload your own icon.
  • Map marker cards that let you add a description, images, videos, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Directions, including alternative routes and route esteps.
  • Custom shapes with polygons and polylines.
  • Custom map styles/themes.
  • Support for different map layers.

If you don’t want to use Google Maps, the same developer also offers a separate plugin called Ultimate Maps that offers a similar feature set but lets you use different mapping alternatives including:

  • Bing Maps
  • OpenStreetMap
  • Leaflet Maps
  • Mapbox
  • Thunderforest


  • There’s a free version.
  • It’s pretty flexible in terms of the types of maps that you can create.
  • The developer offers a similar plugin that supports lots of different map engines beyond Google Maps.


  • The interface isn’t super user-friendly despite the name.

Price: Google Maps Easy has a limited free version at WordPress.org. To unlock all of the features, the paid version starts at $46 for use on a single website.

Get Google Maps Easy

Interactive World Maps

Interactive World Maps

Interactive World Maps is a neat plugin if you want to display more informative maps of the entire world of geographic regions, rather than map embeds with one or more location markers.

For example, if you have a travel blog you could create a map that shows the entire world and highlights the countries that you’ve visited (rather than just dropping a location marker like you would with other mapping pluginsthough you can also do that).

One neat thing is that you can link map markers directly to WordPress content. Going along with the travel blog example, this would let you not just show your travel destinations on the map, but also link them directly to your content on that location.

Overall, if you’re interested in creating maps of the world or certain continents, countries, or states, this is a nice alternative to trying to embed street-level maps from Google Maps or other sources.

This is why it’s one of the best-selling maps plugins of all time at Envato’s CodeCanyon marketplace, where it has over 15,000 sales and a solid 4.61-star rating on over 560 reviews.


  • It’s one of the few options that focuses on this type of “world map” rather than embedding a more Google Maps-style map.
  • It has built-in information for geographic areas even down to the state level.
  • You get lifetime updates with your purchase.


  • There’s no free version.
  • It’s not a great option for simple single-location maps.

Price: $29 with lifetime updates for a single site.

Get Interactive World Maps

Map Block for Google Maps

Map block

Map Block for Google Maps is one of the simplest map plugins on this list. Instead of adding its own interface, it just gives you a dedicated map block that you can use in the native WordPress block editor (hence the name!).

When you’re working in the block editor, you can insert a map by adding the Map block. Once you add the block, you’ll get a new settings area where you can add the address that you want to display and configure a few other options, like its height and width.

You can also add a Google Maps API key – once you save the API key in one map block it will automatically apply to all your other map blocks.

Overall, this is a nice simple option if you just want to embed a map with a single location marker and you’re using the WordPress block editor.


  • It’s super simple.
  • It works in the native WordPress block editor.


  • It only lets you create single-location maps.
  • It lacks the advanced customization options that other WordPress map plugins give you.

Price: Free.

Get Map Block for Google Maps

WP Store Locator

WP Store Locator plugin

As the name suggests, WP Store Locator is a WordPress map plugin that’s specifically built to help you create a store locator.

You can use it to show your own store locations or you could display the locations of stores that stock the product that you sell.

You’ll be able to add unlimited store locations and also include extra details like phone numbers, descriptions, opening hours, emails, etc.

Then, shoppers will be able to view a list of all store locations next to the map and also search and filter as needed to find the locations that they’re looking for.

Other advanced features include:

  • Driving directions to stores.
  • Marker clustering.
  • Geolocation API to query the current location of a user and show them nearby stores.

There are also premium add-ons to give you:

  • A search widget to let visitors search using a widget on any page on your site and see the results on the store locator page.
  • Statistics so that you can see which locations generate the most interest (you can even track searches for places where you don’t currently have a location, which would give you valuable insight into where you’re not meeting demand).
  • A CSV manager to bulk import/export store locations.


  • It’s 100% dedicated to store locators, so it includes unique features for that use case.
  • It has some unique add-ons, like the statistics add-on to track interest in certain areas.
  • The free version is pretty generous.


  • Because it’s focused on store locators, it’s not a great option for other use cases.

Price: The core WP Store Locator plugin is available for free at WordPress.org. The paid add-ons cost $19-$39 each, depending on the add-on.

Get WP Store Locator

Which Is the Best WordPress Map Plugin?

Overall, the best map plugin for WordPress depends on your needs and budget.

If you’re after flexibility, our top pick is Mapify because it’s the most flexible and best-looking plugin out there. Of course, it’s also the most expensive, so you get what you pay for!

Or, Toolset is also a great option if you’re working with custom content and looking to display that content on a map.

If you’re looking for a simple and/or free option instead, all of the other plugins are great choices as well. Most of them offer free versions, so we recommend trying them out and seeing which one you prefer, as they all have different interfaces.

Still have any questions about these WordPress maps plugins? Let us know in the comments section!

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