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14 Best WordPress eBay Plugins in 2022

Last Updated on July 19th, 2022

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Would you like to advertise your website with the best WordPress eBay Plugins?

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place because this article includes the best and most common eBay WordPress plugins. Efficient affiliate marketers are most familiar with these plugins. Also, the best WordPress eBay plugins might be required if you want to incorporate an eBay store into your own WordPress website.

If you’re using an e-commerce giant like eBay running an online store can be a lot of work. There’s a lot of competition out there, and it’s not always easy to get people to notice your stuff. That is why you should learn how to combine WordPress with eBay so that you can take advantage of the best of both worlds.

Using eBay to link your WordPress site expands your audience and increases your chances of making a sale. The trick is to figure out the best WordPress eBay Plugins to make your task easier.

Creating an eBay store can be a thrilling experience. However, there will be a lot of competition. You’ll need to be on top of your game to provide services that will make you stand out. Here are a few WordPress plugins that will help you make your eBay store a success.

These plugins have features that allow you to display live eBay details on your WordPress site. WordPress eBay Plugins make it easy to import products, descriptions, feeds, and links into your web. Quickly and deftly. Keeping your time from being devoured. So, why not check out this list of the top 14 WordPress eBay plugins to find one? We’ve presented it to you, and we hope you enjoy it. Let’s get this party started!

WP Lister Lite for eBay

wp lister

WP-Lister is a plugin that links your WooCommerce store to your eBay store. With just a few clicks, you can pick several products from your products tab, add a profile to apply a selection of predefined options, and list them all on eBay. WP-Lister is easy to use but flexible. You can list as many things as you like and create product profiles and then you can add them to your listings. When you create new eBay listings in WooCommerce from selected items, you’ll be redirected to the listings tab, where you can check or publish your listings – usually using the buttons. Verify and publish all things that have been prepared. It also has both domestic and cargo shipping. 


  • $149/year


  • Various available languages
  • Product variations supported
  • verify items and get listing fees before actually listing them


  • A bit complicated to get used to as you need to set it up to work with an API

Get WP Lister for eBay

Fast eBay Listings

Fast eBay Listings screenshot

Fast eBay Listings provides additional blocks, shortcodes and widgets to let you integrate WordPress with eBay.

Quickly set up searches of eBay items to display on your WordPress blog, to automatically present up to date items to your visitors.

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Drive traffic to your eBay store or just earn commission from the eBay Partner Network.

This plugin is free to use, mature (first released 2016) and well maintained. It has kept up to date with eBay API changes and is a certified compatible application by eBay. It has visual editors for shortcodes or easy to use blocks – no manual coding required and no fiddly RSS feed setup needed. Unlike other similar plugins, it allows users to earn commission via the eBay Partner Network (free version 50%, paid version 100%).

It can be used to display a user’s eBay store items on their website, or by affiliate marketers to display any eBay item on their niche website. Display items in posts or pages, as widgets, and place as many as you like on a page, all have optimized caching and deferred loading to minimize page load time.


  • Free


  • Display single items or a grid of search results from eBay
  • Simple to use Blocks to arrange eBay items in the WordPress Block Editor
  • Easy UI to add eBay search shortcodes in Classic Editor
  • Dynamic widget to show eBay items relevant to the current page
  • Full item details can be shown


  • None

Get Fast eBay Listings

WP eBay Product Feed

wp ebay product feeds

It helps you to get your eBay auctions and view them on your WordPress website. This is particularly beneficial for sellers who already sell on eBay.

It also helps if you want to demonstrate to your current customers that you are a trustworthy seller who has been involved.

The plugin is really easy to use. Simply enter the eBay ID and convert it to an RSS feed using a third-party service. Following that, you can customize how items appear in your feeds.


  • Free


  • Allows you to connect to eBay using your own Affiliate ID
  • Works with the Gutenberg block editor
  • The auctions are constantly updated


  • May experience compatibility issue with SCD marketplace Pro
  • May experience compatibility issue with WooCommerce PDF Vouchers

Get WP eBay Product Feed

Auction Nudge

auction nudge

Do you want to expand your website beyond eBay items? If that’s the case, Auction Nudge is the plugin for you. Auction Nudge is a free package of marketing tools that allows eBay sellers to embed eBay material on their own websites.

This simple plugin allows you to link your entire eBay profile to your personal website in a matter of seconds. If you already have a reputable eBay account with a high feedback score, you might find this plugin useful.

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Visitors to your website will be able to see the items you’re currently selling, as well as your eBay account and seller feedback. This is a great resource if you want to appear trustworthy when moving your online auction house to a different plugin, but you also want people to know you’re not a new seller.


  • Auction Nudge is a totally free service! There are no features that require payment to unlock, and no registration is necessary.


  • Using CSS and JavaScript, Auction Nudge is highly customizable.
  • Updated Regularly
  • Responsive user interface


  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to use your own ePN tracking details
  • Isn’t compatible with Divi Theme

Get Auction Nudge

WC Vendors Marketplace

wc vendors marketplace

The WC Vendors marketplace comes with a configuration wizard that will walk you through the process of getting your marketplace up and running. This gets you up and going fast so you can start earning money.

The advanced commission structure in the WC Vendors Marketplace helps you to set fees for a number of scenarios.

You have the power of how products are written, whether suppliers register manually or automatically, what product forms they can upload, and what consumer details they can see.

You have much more fine-grained power with WC Vendors Pro. You have complete control over the fields that are visible and which are needed for vendors on the product edit forms.


  • Free


  • Shipping is available at both a flat rate and a table rate.
  • There are more than 100 payment gateway options available.
  • Fully Integrated Vendor Frontend


  • Doesn’t work with the WPFront User Role Editor plugin

Get WC Vendors Marketplace

WordPress Automatic Plugins

wp automatic plugin

One of the best content scraper plugins for WordPress is WordPress Automatic Plugin.

Daily blogs, Clickbank products, Amazon products, YouTube videos, feed posts, and much more are all auto-posted by the WordPress Automatic plugin. Simply build a campaign and sit back while the WordPress Automatic Plugin posts content on autopilot based on your campaign settings.

There are over 20 different campaign types supported by the WordPress Automatic Plugin. It can scrape and auto-publish content from nearly any common social network, affiliate network, and even a daily website. This plugin also includes the ability to spin content using “the best spinner.”

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To make it work, simply create an account with “the best spinner” on the plugin’s Settings page and pick spin content options when designing a campaign.


  • Regular License = $30


  • eBay auctions are automatically posted on WordPress.
  • The Best Spinner support for content rewriting
  • Allows you to customize the frequency of updates


  • Code has very few filters/actions

Get WordPress Automatic Plugins

Woocommerce Simple Auction

simple auction

WooCommerce Simple Auctions is a plugin for a plugin. Because WooCommerce is so popular, it’s a natural fit to add auction functionality to it. It is designed to be simple to use while still including all auction functionality, resulting in a powerful auction solution that is simple to set up and customize.

In less than 30 minutes, you can set up a WordPress auction website and launch auctions using the auction plugin (assuming you have a payment processor account ready). No special knowledge is needed to use this plugin with WooCommerce (same level as for standard WooCommerce usage).


  • $29


  • Works with any WooCommerce-supported payment gateway.
  • Allow users to build and send auctions, and you can charge a fee as the site owner.
  • Make auction from virtual or downloadable products


  • Need a good hosting provider
  • No free version

Get Woocommerce Simple Auction

eBay Aliexpress Wooimporter

ebay aliexpress

The plugin allows you to import items from Aliexpress and eBay directly through your WordPress website. This plugin is for you if you want to build an online store with unique items.

You can also receive money from eBay and Aliexpress by using affiliate URLs.

The uploaded items will appear in the product section of the admin panel after you import goods onto your website.


  • $30


  • The plugin helps you to join the Aliexpress/eBay affiliate program by entering your website’s API key.
  • It also allows you to search for eBay items using various filters such as store name, keywords, price range, category, shipping price and position, feedback score, condition, place, and listing style.
  • Fully responsive & WPML compatible

Get eBay Aliexpress Wooimporter

Ultimate WooCommerce Auction Plugin 

ultimate auction woocommerce

One of the most common WordPress auction plugins is the Ultimate auction WooCommerce plugin. Use this plugin to allow your buyers to bid on an item and win it right away. It has advanced features that help you serve the function, such as ease of adding items, simple setup steps, and so on. Furthermore, it includes free features that allow your registered users to position bids.

You may also choose to receive email notifications for purchases and other events. Furthermore, after your buyers position their bids, you can give them details. In addition, it has a premium edition with additional features. It has a number of useful features, including easy navigation, a countdown timer, SMS alerts, credit card data collection, and more.


  • Starter=  79
  • Business= 119
  • Unlimited =199


  • There is a free and a paid version available.
  • Set up payment reminders
  • It has a simple navigation system.
  • Reactivation of the auction


  • You need the premium version for a business site

Get Ultimate WooCommerce Auction Plugin 

Ultimate WordPress Auction

ultimate wordpress aution plugins

Do you need a plugin with a variety of functions and features? The Ultimate WordPress Auction plugin is the way to go. It has some eCommerce-specific features that allow you to concentrate on your WordPress auction site. It’s also free and comes with a slew of features to help you run a WordPress auction platform.

Each auction page, allows you to send several private messages. It also includes payment gateways, a “buy now” icon, the ability for buyers to leave comments, and an AJAX admin panel for easier management.


  • It has a free version, a $79 personal version, and a $199 developer version.


  • Features and functionalities that are adaptable
  • Payments that are easy to manage
  • Comments and suggestions
  • A page for the live auction feed


  • Short code integration is available with paid version only

Get Ultimate WordPress Auction

WP Auction

wp auction

The WordPress Auctions Plugin is for people who want to sell their goods or services. It’s one of the best options for those who want to provide their customers with a diverse selection of shopping options.

Allowing people to “buy-in” by exchanging their cash for “credits” that they can use to bid on auctions can help you build a custom economy. Don’t worry if you don’t want to use credits. They also allow you to make payments instantly using PayPal and conventional credit cards.

This tool has been tested on a variety of WordPress platforms and themes, according to the developer. You’ll be able to customize your auction page to match the rest of your website’s design. You can also install WordPress Auctions in a matter of minutes and have it up and running. You can go through the extra settings and configure your auctions to give your customers a one-of-a-kind experience.


  • Instant download ($39); Yearly subscription ($89/year)


  • Highly responsive
  • The interface is simple and intuitive.
  • RSS feed Subscription 
  • For the bidding field, there are three levels of defense


  • No free version, only a demo version

Get WP Auction

YITH Auctions for Woocommerce


YITH auction plugin is a new WordPress auction plugin that is quickly gaining popularity thanks to its multipurpose features. On your WordPress account, you can use this plugin to build auctions for your own items. Furthermore, this plugin enables your registered vendors to build their own auctions. It also allows you to look at the list of people who are participating in each auction, which helps you keep track of what’s going on.


  • A single site license costs $109.99, a six-site license costs $299, and a 30-site license costs $499.


  • With WPML integration, it supports multiple languages.
  • Allows you to encrypt the bidders’ usernames.
  • It has a lot of cool features.
  • Emails sent automatically to your users informing them of the status of an auction


  • A little more costly than the typical plugin

Get YITH Auctions for Woocommerce

What’s Your Favorite WordPress eBay Plugin?

Among the WordPress eBay Plugins above, Auction Nudge is the plugin we can highly recommend. It is a free plugin but it has a lot of amazing features. Using Auction Nudge, you can display live eBay details on your WordPress blog. Once installed, all tools will automatically update to represent the most up-to-date eBay details. This plugin allows you to use shortcodes, widgets, or directly from your theme to use Auction Nudge in your posts and pages.

This tool really performs admirably. You have a lot of customization options, and installation is easy. For both beginners and experienced guys, this is the best option. The service, in particular, was excellent and prompt.

Auction nudge is currently working on its pro version. We can expect more excellent features as the free version is already performing well. These plugins also don’t cause any compatibility issue with other plugins.

Wrapping Up!

We’ve put together a list of excellent WordPress eBay plugins that you might find useful. We wish you luck in your quest for the best option for your needs. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or thoughts.

Now that you’re pretty aware of the best WordPress auction plugins available, it’s time to choose one and develop a more effective entrepreneur strategy for selling your goods!

Drop us a line if you have any concerns! We are more than happy to help! :)

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