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10 Best White Label WordPress Plugins To Do Custom Branding of Your Site in 2024

Last Updated on December 26th, 2023

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Ensuring that your name is on your web design project from the very beginning is critical to make sure that your work is not credited to someone else. Even if you have custom logos and images on your site, the fact that WordPress’s logo and links are all over your website may be distracting to your visitors. In order to establish a personal brand, it is crucial to white label your WordPress site.

In this article, we’ve listed the best White Label WordPress Plugins that you can use to white label your site. Check them out and pick the plugin that best suits your needs. 

What is White Labeling?

White label branding for WordPress means that you remove all WordPress branding and replace it with your custom branding. This includes showing your logo, company name, and media on your login pages and dashboard (among other things). 

White labeling WordPress sites means that you’ll continue to use WordPress and benefit from all of its features, but it won’t seem like a default WordPress site to your users or visitors. You can even have customized widgets and messages within typically WordPress-labeled sections.

How can WordPress developers benefit from white label branding?

White label branding is beneficial to developers because writing a new WordPress site from scratch for each new project is a waste of time and money. The simple solution that WordPress websites offer is that you can utilize the same website template for multiple clients.

You simply need to personalize the website to represent each customer’s unique individuality. This entails attaching brand names, logos, and distinctive visuals and information to each consumer to identify and distinguish them, deleting the usual WordPress logos, images, and information, and customizing the website with unique content.

When customers visit a webpage, they usually only see the front end (the company’s public image) and cannot access the website’s back-end. However, a website offers more features than just the front end.

The back-end is used daily by website owners who want to own their content, inventory, and pictures, among other things, by using the dashboard. They want to display their brand picture instead of the generic WordPress logos and messaging every time they log in to the back-end.

Providing clients access to the back-end of your website can improve and help maintain their favorable opinion of you and your services, as it shows them that you’ll design their website to match their distinct identity. The main benefit for you as a developer is the time it saves you, allowing you the opportunity to make more money.

What do white label WordPress plugins do? 

  • They allow you to modify and manage the design of the back-end. 
  • They assist in customizing your WordPress back-end without requiring you to write code. 
  • They provide a lot of documentation to assist you in customizing them. 

You can customize the dashboard, administration menu, logo, title, logo width, footer logo, and login form, as well as replace basic WordPress messages with bespoke ones that match the customer’s brand.

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Ultimate Dashboard

Ultimate Dashboard lets you construct a simple, elegant WordPress control panel for yourself or your clients. By deleting widgets and adding new admin pages, you may personalize the dashboard. 

You may also customize the login screen by removing the WordPress logo from the top bar. Upgrade to Ultimate Dashboard Pro for even more sophisticated capabilities, such as the removal of third-party widgets and the ability to utilize the plugin for multisite projects.


  • Remove the “Screen Options” and “Help” tabs from the upper right corner of the screen. 
  • In the left dashboard menu bar, it adds a StateU Support admin page and sorts it in the list. 
  • You can change the language in the footer.


  • May experience problems with formidable forms.


  • Free Version
  • Agency Bundle – $168 with unlimited sites billed annually 
  • Ultimate dashboard Pro – $98 with unlimited sites billed annually

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AG Custom Admin

Unlike some of the other styles, AG Custom Admin offers a more comprehensive feature set that will appeal to bloggers who want to brand their admin dashboard, whether for media purposes or to welcome additional bloggers to their site and provide them with a unique experience. 

While a standard admin style allows you to alter the colors of your admin dashboard, AG Custom Admin allows you to do much more: you can hide and change things in the admin bar, as well as remove any official WordPress branding and replace it with your own colors and symbols.

Furthermore, the interface is user-friendly, allowing even non-techies to make adjustments quickly. You may simply customize the administrator menu by deleting and expanding accessible menu items, as well as changing the colors to your preference. 

A ‘colorizing’ plugin allows you to change the colors of virtually every page in the WordPress dashboard, allowing you even more power to make it appear like your own personal playground. There are plenty more options to help you improve the UX and UI of your dashboard.

You can also add additional items to the main menu, which is a handy feature. For example, you are free to put ‘Flowers’ next to ‘Posts,’ ‘Pages,’ ‘Media,’ and so on (and link to an external or internal page).


  • Extra functionality can be added with custom code. 
  • Logos, menus, footer, and login page can all be customized. 
  • Every user role has its own welcome widget with a configurable title and explanation. 
  • The RSS feeds widget is now available on the dashboard’s homepage. 


  • Limited free dashboard theme


  • FREE

Go to AG Custom Admin

White Label CMS

If you’re a web developer who builds WordPress websites for customers, you undoubtedly spend some time explaining all the WordPress references in their new dashboard. The login screen, dashboard, and all administrative menu options might be perplexing. With the White Label CMS plugin, you can customize the whole client experience, including the login screen, dashboard, and admin menus.

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It is a simplified version of AG Custom Admin. White Label CMS is straightforward, with drop-down tabs containing settings organized by category. 

This plugin is ideal for some cool tweaking and cleaning, as well as a subtle hint of your own brand/taste. To provide your clients a more branded experience, you may add logos to the admin bar, menu, and footer. Customizing the WordPress back-end will give your client the impression that this is their website, not a generic one.


  • Allows you to design custom dashboard panels. 
  • It’s possible to import and export settings.
  • Every user role has its own welcome widget with a configurable title and explanation.


  • It’s not possible to hide some menu items from certain user roles.
  • It is not possible to limit access to the theme/plugin core files.


  • FREE

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Custom Login Page Customizer

Custom Login Page Customizer uses the real-time WordPress Customizer to let you design your whole login page without knowing any code. The free version includes all of the customizing options. As a security addition, the premium version includes a reCAPTCHA verification mechanism. Colors, backgrounds, form style, and more may all be changed.


  • The free version includes all of the customizing options. 
  • As a security addition, the premium version includes a reCAPTCHA verification mechanism.


  • Because the plugin is exclusively for login pages, you won’t be able to design your entire dashboard with it.


  • FREE

Go to Custom Login Page Customizer

Slate Admin Theme 

When you click Activate, this plugin changes the theme of your dashboard. Not only are the colors different, but so is the style, which is more contemporary and simpler than the existing WordPress appearance. There are no options or customizations to be found here. You either like or dislike the design.


  • There is no need for any customization. 
  • Simple functionality and little weight. 
  • Without having to perform any customization, you may quickly change the dashboard’s look.


  • It has no options or settings. 
  • There is just one color scheme and one design to choose from.


  • FREE

Go to Slate Admin Theme

Material – White Label WordPress Admin Theme

The White Label Material WordPress Admin Theme includes more than 20 unique Dashboard Widgets for clients. 

Material – White Label supports both LTR and RTL and is Multisite compliant, so it may be used in any language. 

Altering names, rearranging menus, submenu items, changing menu icons, and activating or disabling menu items are all made much easier with add-ons. 

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Material – White Label plugin includes an attractive and fully customizable Login Screen, as well as Top Bar Links, Customizable Footer, Plugin access rights, Login page customization options, and more. 

This allows you to create your own unique page based on your client’s preferences.


  • Compatibility with the Admin Menu Editor Pro plugin has been implemented. 
  • Almost all WordPress Plugins and Themes are compatible. 
  • You may also add your own CSS code and much more.


  • There is too much javascript processing on the main thread, which makes it bloated and sluggish.


  • Regular License – $23

Go to Material – White Label WordPress Admin Theme

White Label WordPress Plugin – WpAlter

The WpAlter White Label WordPress plugin is one of the top WordPress dashboard plugins, allowing you to change the majority of the WordPress admin panel’s dashboard components. The Adjust plugin, on the other hand, may fully modify the design of the WordPress admin dashboard or admin panel to your chosen theme and color, and alter the majority of WordPress features. 

Aside from that, the difference between the Admin Menu Editor and the Admin Menu Editor Pro is a bit confusing because these plugins and WpAlter have a menu customization functionality in common. Each of these has the ability to exert power over the others. However, they aren’t always compatible.

Due to the similar activities performed by these two plugins, users may therefore become confused. For instance, suppose a user customized any menu wording using the Alter plugin; the Admin menu editor plugin code will rebuild the menu with default menu content, and the custom wording won’t reflect.


  • FontAwesome and Dashicons icons are used to hide admin menu items based on user responsibilities. 
  • Custom Icons for admin menu items can be set. 
  • Detailed documentation.
  • Contact Form 7, WP Total Cache, Visual Composer, WooCommerce, WP Super Cache, and other major plugins were tested compatible with this plugin.


  • You can’t use this to hide Divi Builder or Elementor Builder.


  • Regular License – $25

Go to White Label WordPress Plugin – WpAlter

Admin Menu Editor

Every webmaster should also have Admin Menu Editor, a WordPress plugin that enables you to change the default WordPress menu to suit your needs. You may use this to make or rearrange a new custom menu. Not only does rearranging the menu make the choices more apparent, but it also enhances the site’s speed. 

Aside from that, you can alter menu names, add menu icons, reorganize menus, establish access rights, show/hide particular items, change permissions, and much more with this plugin. You may also recover your data with a single click. To put it another way, you can totally manage your site dashboard with a simple drag and drop button.

This plugin offers a pro edition with additional capabilities like setting per-role menu permissions, exporting your admin menu, hiding the menu from everyone except a user, creating menus that open in a new window, dragging items between menu levels, and more.


  • A huge variety of icons from the Dashicons and FontAwesome icon fonts are included in the plugin. 
  • Colors for the backdrop, text, icon and highlight may all be changed. You can alter the colors of individual elements or apply your modifications to the whole admin menu. 
  • Replace the default WordPress branding with your own with the Branding add-on. You may modify the login page, alter the admin color scheme, and disable the WordPress version and core update alerts, among other things.


  • It is super heavy, duplicating load time.


  • Agency Plan – $59 with unlimited sites
  • Plus Plan – $39 with five sites
  • Personal Plan – $29 with two sites 

Go to Admin Menu Editor

Legacy Admin 

Legacy Admin is a feature-rich, powerful white-label WordPress admin theme with 20 completely configurable layouts, admin menu control, and a stunning login screen theme. It is also translation-compatible, with RTL and LTR modes that can be used to support any language. Finally, Legacy Admin is also multisite-compatible, so it’s easy to install and ready to use on a multisite network.


  • Customize the admin look and feel to represent your branding needs.
  • Customize the admin menu.
  • Add a custom logo and favicon for the admin panel.


  • The code does not follow the WordPress guidelines and is not suitable for translation. 
  • Support takes a long time to respond.


  • Regular License – $23

Go to Legacy Admin

Slate Pro 

You work on your design and coding for a long time, sweating over every detail. So while you’re doing it, why not make it beautiful rather than mundane, making sure that your Content Management System represents your corporate identity at the same time?

Slate Pro allows you to create a fully customized WordPress Admin area that is free of WordPress branding. Your customers can’t even tell that you’re utilizing WordPress. Slate Pro is also multisite compatible, allowing you to manage the appearance of all sub-sites.


  • You can reimage your WordPress site with this plugin’s clean and simplified design.
  • You can change and remove all of WordPress branding.
  • It has tons of custom colors and a custom login screen.


  • If it had the option to alter some of the paddings, it would be better. Padding in the main content area and the admin bar (on the back-end) seems a little excessive.


  • Regular License – $23

Go to Slate Pro

What’s your favorite White Label WordPress Plugin?

We believe that White Label CMS is the best white label WordPress plugin. You can conceal your admin panels, create new admin panels, change menus, and personalize logos using White Label CMS. This plugin alters what your clients see when they enter into their dashboard and is simple to use for all skill levels. It does not, however, go as far as the White Label Branding plugin.

This is by far the most feature-rich white label plugin available. It’s well-made, and the creators are ready to address any issues you might have. We strongly suggest it!

Wrapping Up!

So now you know that you don’t have to be concerned about how clients or website visitors would interpret the default WordPress identifiers on the front-end or back-end of your WordPress site. Using a plugin to white label your work, you can make it appear more professional, allowing your clients to view you as the expert that you are.

We’ve covered the ten finest White Label WordPress Plugins and discussed each plugin’s price, benefits, and drawbacks in great depth. As a result, we hope you were able to obtain the plugin of your choice!

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