9 Free & Premium Recipe Card Plugins for Food Bloggers

Starting a food blog is no easy feat, but you can make it easier with the right recipe card plugins. Oli posted a full guide on how to start a food blog. It walks you through the process of purchasing a web hosting server and installing WordPress, so make sure you check that out first if you haven’t set up a website, yet.

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This list is intended to show food bloggers the many different options they have when it comes to recipe card plugins. These plugins let you create well-structured and aesthetically-pleasing recipes without needing to know how to code.

Here are 9 free and premium recipe card plugins for food bloggers.

1. WP Ultimate Recipe


This is one of the most popular recipe card plugins available for WordPress. It allows you to add recipes to pages and posts using a shortcode and/or the included Insert Recipe button this plugin adds to the WordPress post editor.

It also allows you to build a taxonomy system for your recipes using different cuisine types, ingredients and other aspects of cooking. You can then use this system in tag clouds. The developers have also made sure this plugin uses Schema.org microdata to optimize your recipes for SEO.

Price: Free


2. Zip Recipes


This plugin is meant to replace the popular ZipList Recipe Plugin. Both plugins were developed by the same team. Food bloggers who use ZipList Recipe Plugin can install this plugin and transfer all of their recipes over to it. It can be used alongside it as well.

This new version includes features the other plugin does not, which includes integration with Schema.org to ensure your recipes are optimized for SEO and giving you the option of adding links to recipe ingredients. It also features more style options and makes the backend easier to use by enabling you to copy and paste recipe ingredients, add images throughout your instructions, and more.

Price: Free


3. Cooked

cooked wordpress plugin

Cooked is a premium recipe card plugin for WordPress. It uses a drag-and-drop interface that makes building a modular recipe card as simple as can be. It also comes with 10 different recipe layouts so you’ll never feel as though you’re being forced to use a single style.

It’s also great for food bloggers with active communities as this plugin gives you the option of allowing users to submit their own recipes. They’ll have their own profile pages filled with the recipes they’ve submitted, and you’ll even have access to a recipe pending system that simplifies the process of managing recipes users submit.

Price: Starting at $26


4. Simmer for Recipes


Simmer for Recipes is a simple recipe card plugin, but it organizes and structures your recipes quite well. This plugin also uses a drag-and-drop interface and lets you add ingredients, step-by-step instructions, structured cook times, and more.

It also includes important features despite its minimalist design, and that includes integration with Schema.org to optimize your recipes for SEO. The developers have built this plugin with fellow WordPress developers in mind by allowing you to “utilize the many actions and filters detailed in the Developer API to customize Simmer to fit any project.”

Price: Free; Premium extensions available from $49/year


5. Recipe Hero


Recipe Hero is another recipe card plugin that lets you add an aesthetically-pleasing recipe card to your site in a simple manner. It does so by creating a new custom post type in WordPress called “recipe.”

Changing your post to this custom post type makes it simple for you to add your recipe’s yield time, ingredients, instructions and more.

Price: Free; Free extensions available at RecipeHero.in


6. Chicory Recipe Ingredients


This is a bit of a unique recipe card plugin as it allows food bloggers to monetize their blogs by inserting a button on the recipe card that connects your recipe’s ingredients to grocery lists from such grocers as Peapod and Amazon.

This plugin also includes an analysis process that lets you know how well your readers are engaging with your recipes. It also lets you know how optimized the Chicory button, the button explained above, is working and gives you insights on the food trends occurring on your site.

Price: Free


7. RecipePress Reloaded

RecipePress Reloaded

This is a very simple recipe card plugin whose main purpose is making adding recipes on the backend of your site much more efficient and enjoyable to do. It does this by adding “recipe” as a custom post type and by allowing you to structure your content based on a taxonomy system designed specifically for recipes.

It also includes important features, such as an aesthetically-pleasing design and a recipe structure that makes sense. Of course, it also uses Schema.org microdata to optimize your recipes for SEO.

Price: Free


8. Meal Planner Pro Recipes


This plugin does a lot of the things the other plugins do and more. That includes SEO optimization, the ability to add links to ingredients, the ability to copy and paste ingredient lists, and more. It’s even compatible with other major recipe card plugins, allowing you to transfer your recipes over to this plugin.

A unique feature this plugin has is its connection with ESHA Research. This connection allows you to provide nutritional information for your readers by connecting this plugin to data from Nutrition, Exchange and My Plate projects from ESHA Research.

Price: Free


9. Nutrition Facts Label


This plugin differs from the other plugins for obvious reasons. It includes a nutrition facts label with your recipes so you can keep your readers informed on what they’re eating. This is a great option for health food blogs that publish healthy, low-fat recipes.

This plugin works best in conjunction with the Food & Cook theme, but experienced WordPress users can create a custom post type called “recipe” and an ingredients post_meta entry with key “RECIPE_META_ingredients”. The developers recommend inexperienced food bloggers to use this plugin under the guidance of a WordPress developer, so it may not be the best option for some.

Price: Free


Final Thoughts

We hope this plugin gave you a few ways to add recipes to your site. Remember to check out Oli’s post on how to start a food blog if you haven’t.

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