The WPLift Roundup of the Best Free WordPress themes July 2017

Another month passed by and here comes another monthly round-up for the Best Free WordPress Themes of July 2017. This month was mainly about portfolio and business themes. It was, however, a great month for free themes. As there were some great WooCommerce and blogging themes as well. Looking at the overall trend, design is minimal. But the layout is fresh and stylistic. Let’s take a look at our pick of Free themes for July 2017.

Let’s take a look at our selection of Free themes for July 2017.


Responsiveness is a blogger oriented Free WordPress theme. This minimalist theme is designed to provide responsive and beautiful layout to its users. It is added with flat design and clean widgets for interactive structure.


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BeOnePage is a single-page, professional and slick portfolio theme. It can bring-up the spark in your portfolio using responsive design and creative layout. It is already tested for swift surfing over different devices. BeOnePage offers a duo of Beautiful theme and optimized performance which could be great for your business website.


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Clubtravel is a simple, minimalist theme with fresh design. This All-rounder theme could fit on a fashion blog, travel magazine or photography websites too. Bootstrap framework makes Clubtravel to run swift on mobiles.

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Adaptivo is a clean blog theme. This theme has a penny-plane design with all the sober features you would need. You can go for this theme if you are looking for a light theme with customizable options and some great features.


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Yosemite is an aesthetic blogging theme. It contains RTL language support for multilingual websites and personal blogs. Yosemite is embedded with newest WordPress features, and yet is still light-weight and fast.


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i-design is a premium stylistic Free WordPress theme for startup business or portfolio website. Other than the regular custom header and footer, it has a custom background and multiple blog layouts. Also, customizable pages are mixed with SEO headings and custom slider. This theme is best for WooCommerce stores, but could fit-in as a great blogging theme.


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This one is a simple theme with creative touch. It’s a clean magazine theme with large room for content to be snapped over the customizable pages. Fully-responsive outspread design makes it great for your scrolling-visitors.


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Seofication is a business WordPress theme designed for new businesses and bloggers. One-page layout, lightweight and BOOTSTRAP framework makes it flexible and a good addition to almost every website type.


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Portfolio theme with duo of creativity and clean pages- that’s Hamilton for you! Image grid display and customizable color support makes it a nice theme for web designers. As an extra, they put a resume page template into the theme for those willing to use it as their portfolio or online profile theme.


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Hoteli is a free WordPress hospitality theme. It is packed with simple and easy to surf pages. You can display your restaurant with ease. While there are all the basics in Hoteli, better features are available in upgrade version.


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Online News

Online News is a free news theme with colorful elements embedded on the pages. Customizable pages and regular features like social icons, swift image galleries and so forth makes this theme great for magazines and news websites.

online news

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Begonia lite is one of the most creative blogging themes. It includes a stylistic frame added to a unique layout. This beautiful theme has elements nicely spread all over the page. While the layout is customizable; default look is awesome enough.


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Food express

Food express is a fancy food business theme. It has an impressive image collection and dynamic WordPress customizer, just in case you decide to make it more elegant.

food express

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Showcase Lite

Showcase Lite is a sophisticated yet simple WordPress theme. The power lies behind the creative design. It can be used for any website starting from personal blogs to fashion (or other niche) business.


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Zurbox Lite

Zurbox came out to be a popular theme in a single month. As a business theme it showed nice usage-analytics. Design is simple and more professional as compared to other Free WordPress themes. It supports multi-languages and has two columns which make it ideal for almost every website type.


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Titanium is an early-bird blogging theme launched in the start of July month. This theme provides incredible user experience. It has fully-customizable design and contains responsive layout.


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WordPress Magnetism theme is specifically designed for writers and bloggers. Magnetism makes writing look more engaging and beautiful. Widgets are well-organized and extra pixels makes the complete layout clean.


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Bestore is all you need for a fast track Woocommerce store. This WordPress theme is great for all niche web stores. Design is minimal and the design is catchy.


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Wowsome is a multi-purpose, professional WordPress theme. This theme is highly customizable and compatible to well-known extensions. Theme-pages are stamped with advanced and trendy widgets. You can also put your post under spotlight with featured slider.


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Croccante is a unique multilingual theme with features that could help you out in generating fresh website pages. It is basically designed for blogs, but being fully-customizable, you can use it for web store or other business websites as well.


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Basic Free WordPress theme Kindler has clean customizable layouts with fresh colors. Bootstrap design and flexible layout makes this theme good for blogs and business websites.


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Steep is an interactive magazine and news theme. This child theme has a simplistic layout which is bought directly from the Stargazer theme. Fresh templates make it suitable to be used by magazine team.


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Pulkit Bhardwaj

Pulkit Bhardwaj

Pulkit is a WordPress writer and tech follower. He loves helping people with website growth and content management. When he is not writing for tech sites, he can be found discovering new WordPress tools.

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