The Best Free WordPress Themes January 2018

The beginning of the new year has seen a massive outburst of quality themes for your WordPress blog. In this plethora of themes, some of them have really stood out. A number of themes have amazed us with their versatility and excellent code, while others have smashed records because of their uniqueness and amazing concepts.

January? Yes – Sorry – we’re a bit later than usual.  Next week we’ll do a list for you for this month!

To help you get your blog to the next level, we’ve decided to narrow down all these amazing themes to the 25 best ones. Maybe the future look of your blog is in the lines that follow.

Blogger Choice

This theme is well-coded and meant for blogs that feature a lot of content. Such blogs need a theme like this in order to redirect the spotlight to the content and not to the theme itself. It’s definitely one of the best multipurpose themes out there and is bound to see much more downloads and reworks.


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This theme can provide your eCommerce site the boost it needs. With a simple code, you can change up fonts, colors any other feature you want. It’s also integrated with the Page Builder plugin, which ensures a full customization experience.

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Built on HTML5 and CSS3, the Emphemeris is one of the cleanest and most beautiful themes you can find right now. Its core features a responsive, fluid grid based on percentages and simple code, more than enough for the creation of an ideal website. It is compatible with many popular page builders.

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Equipped with blue and green tones, this theme establishes a colorful presence, along with several contrasting tones of text. Although blue is an unorthodox background color, it meshes perfectly with all the other shades, allowing for the ultimate experience of clarity, tidiness and aesthetic balance.

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The Bluechip theme is an ideal choice for any business website. Equipped with support for all the popular plugins, you can easily manage contact info, alongside testimonials, team profiles, and customer reviews. It features an interactive homepage, alongside many interesting features that are both simple and amazing.

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Editorial News

For news and media sites, there is no better theme than Editorial News, one of the rare themes specialized in this area. With an extremely well-designed layout, it’s an ideal spot for articles, along with great image spaces that are bound to catch the eye of the reader.

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This simple WordPress theme is great for listing services and anything service related. With no excess parts and a simple layout, you can use Service to provide you with an excellent way of notifying any visitor about the details of your company.

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Real Estate Right Now

Real Estate Right Now is the pinnacle of minimalistic design and careful coding, with just the right layout for agencies and brokers. It even features a free dedicated Real Estate plugin, with special options tailor-made for real estate businesses. An online guide, support, and demo are available.

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Echo Magazine

This theme is always welcome for content-rich blogs. Food sites, as well as blog centered around travels, fashion, and photography are excellent candidates for this intricately designed WordPress theme. Despite the feature-rich layout, it’s not slow in any way and can handle all the content. Equally useful for both amateurs and professionals.

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Creative Gem

Creative gem is a theme that features elements that don’t require much scrolling but have enough space for a myriad of content, regardless of the type. It’s also been coded to perfection, in order to allow the best possible performance, regardless of the type of media and content found on it.

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VT Blogging

VT Blogging contains much of the practices that will allow Google’s algorithms to favor your website.This theme is mobile friendly, and allows for a single setup to be metamorphosed, depending on the devices on which it’s opened.

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HyperCommerce is basically the pinnacle of all eCommerce themes, featuring an interactive layout that is ideal for displaying all sorts of products. Customizations options are also infinite, allowing you to change up everything concerning the look.

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AyaClub is a theme that is specifically designed for music venues, musicians and any kind of artist imaginable. With multiple drop-down menus, SEO practices, and video layouts, you can display either your art or the artists that perform at your venue.

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Best Blog

This is one of the absolute best themes for personal blogs and people who want to post the most diverse range of content. With code able to support changes, customizations and large image format, it can also be a great layout for a photography website or any similar type of blog.

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Bogaty Lite

Bogaty lite is an excellent theme for the business-type website, armed with all the necessary tools that one needs to have a minimalistic, but content-filled site. With lovely contrast rations and a lightweight layout, everything you want to display will be highlighted and show in all its glory.

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Glamour World

Glamour World is one of the best possible themes tailor-made for fashion websites and blogs. With a fancy design, you can also use it for the purposes of marketing a design agency or a creative atelier. It’s balancing on the thing line between classy and overly-glamorous.

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With this fully responsible and interactive theme, you will be able to rejuvenate your personal blog and shed some new light on old content. It’s an unorthodox solution, but soothes the eye and allows for as many customization sessions as you want.

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One Page Multipurpose

One-page themes are excellent if you want to send a message to your visitors, in a loud and clear tone. One Page Multipurpose is a perfect landing page for your businesses site, as well as a service provision website.

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Perk is one of the best all-around themes, meaning that it has been perfectly coded for both desktop and mobile devices, as well as tablets of all kinds. It’s a clean and aesthetic theme, with an unorthodox layout ideal for a rich image display. Travel sites, as well as food, photography and personal blogs, are the ideal candidates for this theme.

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Chandigarh is an excellent choice for news blogs, as its small font allows for a plethora of content to be housed. This beautiful theme has initially been created for the official site of the beautiful Indian city of Chandigarh, one of the wonders of the Asian world. With a clean design and fonts that will make your jaw drop to the floor.

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Atlante Magazine

The Alante Magazine theme can be used as a basis for a photography website, as well as a magazine or any kind of fashion blog. Its neutral design makes it a true multipurpose theme that can be put to use in any kind of situation.

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Savant WordPress theme is an ideal choice for all art savants out there. You can customize it with every page builder software imaginable, resulting in a hub for all those who have a creative trait in them. Whether you want to publish your photos there or even short movies, the Savant theme will surely handle all the load.

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This page combines a layout fit for masterful photography, alongside a scheme that is bound to be favored by Google’s search algorithms. It’s a quick, simple and yet intricate theme, ideal for bloggers around the world.

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McLuhan theme utilizes a unique way of displaying a detailed post archive to your readers. It’s equipped with all the customization options, social network links and a search page with instant results.

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Ideal for fitness trainers, yoga studios and other fitness-related websites, the Yoga Fitness theme is colorful and armed with an unorthodox design that is bound to impress and motivate visitors into changing their lives. It’s SEO friendly, with great support for all plugins.

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Team WPLift

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