The WPLift Roundup of the Best Free WordPress Themes December 2016

The holidays are upon us, which means it’s time for another WPLift roundup of the best free WordPress themes. This one’s for the month of December, of course. WordPress 4.7 dropped earlier this month, and it came with a new default theme for the CMS since we’re right on the brink of 2017.

OceanWP - a free Multi-Purpose WordPress theme

The rest of the month brought a lot of business themes with a number of different features typically reserved for premium themes, a major plus for all you developers out there with business clients. So, without further ado, here’s the WPLift roundup of the best free WordPress themes for December 2016.

1. Twenty Seventeen

Twenty Seventeen was released alongside WordPress 4.7. It’s the new default theme the CMS will use in 2017. It’s optimized for modern web design through the use of large headers and background images with parallax-scrolling effects.

Twenty Seventeen

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2. Financeup

Financeup is a free business theme designed for businesses in the finance and investment industries. It features everything businesses in these industries need to acquire new clients, including a header with a call to action, a section for services, a contact form for quotes and more.


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3. SiteOrigin Unwind

SiteOrigin Unwind is a flexible, multipurpose WordPress theme designed by the same developer who made the SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin. This theme can be used to build a business website, and it’s also compatible with WooCommerce. It’s flexibility comes in the form of integration with the developer’s premier page builder plugin.

SiteOrigin Unwind

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4. Harest

Harest is a multipurpose theme designed for businesses and professional blogs. It comes with a limited slider and a section where you display what services your business provides. This theme also comes with 10 free widgets and theme-specific social media icons.


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5. SKT Strong

SKT Strong is a business theme designed for the fitness industry. It can be used by a variety of different fitness-based businesses, including gyms, yoga studios and personal trainers. It features a slider and sections you can use to highlight your services and business hours.

SKT Strong

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6. PhantomLite

PhantomLite is a multipurpose theme designed for service-based businesses. It features a slider you can use to highlight call to actions as well as sections designed to showcase your services. It also has blogging capabilities, including a built-in grid layout to display your latest blog posts.


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7. Mercantile

Mercantile is a powerful and flexible multipurpose theme designed for businesses. It was designed for integration with the SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin, allowing anyone to build their own websites using this theme. It also has ecommerce capabilities through integration with WooCommerce.


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8. Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a business and blogging theme designed for a professional travel magazine, though its layout versatile enough to be used by a variety of different niches. It comes with a fullscreen slider you can use to showcase your latest posts as well as additional sections to showcase different categories.

Palm Beach

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9. Nikkon

Nikkon is a powerful multipurpose theme that works best when used to showcase a photographer’s portfolio. It comes with multiple header and footer layouts, and its integration with SiteOrigin Page Builder gives anyone the power to design and build their own website.


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10. Business Prime

Business Prime is another multipurpose business theme that can be used to build websites for a variety of different niches. It doesn’t come with any page-building elements, but you can use the live theme customizer to change a number of different options.

Business Prime

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11. Brigsby

Brigsby is a powerful blogging theme designed for professional bloggers. It comes with a slider that features your latest posts, and other posts can be displayed throughout the homepage.


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12. Blesk

Blesk is a dedicated blogging theme designed for content-heavy blogs and small magazines. The homepage features a horizontal grid of your latest posts, and it even comes with advertising capabilities.


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13. Executive

Executive is a simple, multipurpose business theme. It features a large header as well as a section you can use to showcase your services. It also includes a portfolio template you can use to showcase your best work to potential clients.


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14. Magnus Opus

Magnus Opus is a portfolio theme designed for visual artists, such as photographers and graphic designers. It uses a minimalist design that places the visitor’s focus on your work by displaying it in a grid layout on the homepage. Visitors can even filter this grid by category.

Magnum Opus

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15. iCoach

iCoach is a multipurpose business theme designed for individuals and freelancers who own their own businesses and work primarily alone in their niches. This includes yoga instructors, graphic designers, consultants and more. It features a large header with a call-to-action button as well as several sections where you can introduce yourself and showcase your services.


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16. Genius

Genius is another simple portfolio theme designed for visual artists, especially photographers. The homepage features a simple grid layout visitors can use to view your latest work. It even comes with filtering options.


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17. Laveo

Laveo is a multipurpose theme designed for content-heavy sites, such as professional blogs and magazine sites. It uses several different block styles to display your content in a hierarchy, and you can even pick from a number of different color schemes.


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18. Good Health

Good Health is a blogging theme designed for the fitness industry, though its style is versatile enough to be used as a general blogging theme. It features a hierarchy you can use to display content based on date, popular and importance.

Good Health

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19. Magazine Plus

Magazine Plus is a simple magazine theme. It features a well-designed homepage that gives you different areas to place featured news articles, a grid of latest news articles and different sections for different categories.

Magazine Plus

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20. Imagined

Imagined is a blogging theme designed for photographers who use large images in their posts. The homepage uses a large featured image slider that links to your latest posts. Photo bloggers who lack technical skills can also make basic style changes using the color, logo and similar options in the live theme customizer.


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21. Ruffie

Ruffie is a very simple blogging theme made to look like a comic book with flat colors, layouts and fonts typically associated with comic book layouts. It comes with theme-specific social media icons, and you can customize colors, texts and more.


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Lyn Wildwood

Lyn Wildwood

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