The WPLift Round-Up of Best Free Themes August 2017

We bring you fresh and unique WordPress theme creations from the month August. WooCommerce and Business themes dominate the list this month. Also, there were more blogging themes this month than usual. Designers seem to went off their way to create more interactive and very specific WordPress themes. Most of the WordPress themes have some basic templates with the simple, slick and sober design.

Here is our pick of free themes of the month August. Enjoy!


Fmeditate is a clean, responsive theme with refreshing nature design. It is created for inspirational blogs, yoga practicing, and meditation websites.

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Gildrest is a beautiful WordPress theme designed for luxurious hotels and restaurant-businesses. It has an elegant homepage for attracting more customers to your restaurants.

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Maxbusiness is a magnificent, minimalistic and multi purpose WordPress theme designed for business owners. Maxbusiness is a child theme of cosmic, but there are some great differences between the two themes. Latter has more simplified and modern page templates.

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istartups is an eye-catchy WordPress theme for blogging. It has a zealous design for boosting blog conversion rate. This free theme is a smart creation with highly-responsive pages and attractive templates.

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Singularity is a free, multipurpose theme. It has a trendy design that goes handily with any type of website. There is an additional digital integration for showcasing easily downloadable content on your WooCommerce store.

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Gympress is a refreshing WordPress theme designed for fitness enthusiasts and gym freaks. Gympress is a flexible theme with varying layouts, making it ideal for other websites, featuring medical, portfolio, blogs, business and more. It is an elegant theme with creative page templates and splashing banners.

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Nature-mag lite

Nature-mag lite is a simplistic magazine theme for effectively showcasing news and related posts. There are multiple page styles to choose from.

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Auckland theme

Auckland is a minimalistic WordPress theme designed for clean blogging websites. It has a smart design for better content portrayal. Auckland has easy edition options for smooth customization. The layout is spacious for providing a fresh look.

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Play school

Playschool lite is a free multipurpose education theme designed for schools and universities. This WordPress theme has colorful visuals for engaging students. It is highly-compatible and goes handily with e-commerce, portfolio sites, and business blogs.

Additional pages are highly appealing and design is straightforward.

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Business builder

Business builder is a creative theme with a new design for corporate companies and personal blogs. This WordPress theme has an attractive landing page stabbed over the blog screen. Business builder includes a minimalistic, simple layout.

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Buildup is a WordPress construction theme for architects and engineers. It is a professional multipurpose theme for renovation companies.

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SornaCommerce is a beautiful e-commerce theme designed for web stores. It is a customizable WooCommerce theme with a modern touch.


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Noteblog is an ideal WordPress theme for setting up a personal blog. It is a light theme with magnificent page design. You can use it for the news website, portfolio, and magazine. Noteblog is smartly optimized for showcasing high-quality gallery images. You can also add powerful landing pages despite the minimal theme design.

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Romana is a professional startup theme designed for new companies. While it is a company theme for new-runners, you can use it for other types as well, i.e. for blogs, magazine and so forth.

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Hotelica is an elegant WordPress theme for luxurious hotels and beautiful resorts. It goes handy with portfolios, cafeterias, bakery shops and restaurents. Hotelica has awesome homepage animation for keeping up the visitors.

Also, you can expect smooth customization using quick customizer API.

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Decree is a unique theme designed specifically for lawyers and legal work related websites. However, it can be used for other sites as well.

It is a professional WordPress theme with a compelling layout. This theme is lightweight and dynamic to offer you with clean content pages.

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Oceanica lite

Oceanica is a beautiful WordPress theme for hospitality business including hotels, flights, touring and other travel related stuff. It is highly-responsive and has a fresh look with clean structure.

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Hitmag is a creative WordPress theme crafted specifically for magazines, news and blogs. It has a clean design for engaging readers and multiple layouts for effectively showcasing the news. This theme is a stylish yet minimal artwork.

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Kafal is a responsive WordPress theme designed specifically for personal blogs. This theme has a bold layout for beautiful content orientation. It’s a minimal theme with bootstrap framework and beautiful parallax effect.

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icare is a minimalistic WordPress theme for medicos. It has a clean homepage with less additional elements for well-organized content.

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Konkurrent is a free-august-theme featuring responsiveness and creativity. It is designed for outsourcing companies, blog agencies, travel websites and personal blogs. Design is clean and responsive.

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Vision lite

Vision is a great initiative for non-profit organizations. Vision lite has nice and attractive templates to bring about more user interaction.

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Core Corporate

Core is a light business theme designed for digital agencies and small companies. Alternatively, you can use it for your portfolio site. Core corporate includes stunning templates. proper customization helps it to work fast.

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Pulkit Bhardwaj

Pulkit Bhardwaj

Pulkit is a WordPress writer and tech follower. He loves helping people with website growth and content management. When he is not writing for tech sites, he can be found discovering new WordPress tools.

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