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5 Best Free Alternatives to FeedBurner (2021)

Last Updated on November 3rd, 2021


FeedBurner is the free RSS subscription service that has been used for many years to keep track of how many subscribers you have. It is used here on WPLift for the RSS Feed and the Email Subscription for new posts. It was acquired by Google years ago but they have been slowly killing it off by removing API access, Adsense for feeds was discontinued, they failed to renew the feedburner.jp domain, and their social profiles on Twitter and Google+ have been removed.

It’s best to be prepared and look at some alternative services to switch your blog over to in the event Google does close FeedBurner. In this article, we will list some services and plugins for handling your RSS Feed and Email Subscriptions.


FeedBlitz - feedburner alternative

FeedBlitz is a service that monitors blogs, RSS feeds and Web URLs to provide a greater reach for feed publishers. It takes all the headache out of converting feed and blog updates into email digests, delivered daily to subscribers’ inboxes. FeedBlitz manages subscriptions, circulation tracking, testing, and is compatible with all major blogging platforms and services such as Blogger, WordPress, FeedBurner, Joomla, Drupal, and Typepad.


  • The onboarding procedure is great
  • The support is reliable
  • Provides email customization


  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a free version
  • User interface is complex


  • The prices may vary depending on the number of subscribers you have.

Get FeedBlitz


Feedburner alternative -

IFTTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: If this, then that. You can use this service to build a custom content delivery system that is triggered by a news item appearing in your RSS feed and then delivering it to a variety of outputs, including email, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, and many others.


  • Easy to setup and get started
  • You don’t need to code to make this plugin work
  • Smart automations


  • The available options are very limited
  • Lacking on the business software integration


  • Standard – $0/forever
  • Pro – $3.33/month 
  • Developer – $199/year
  • Team – pay as you grow. Contact for further details
  • Enterprise – custom pricing. Contact for further details 




Known before as Feedity, is a revolutionary service for creating RSS feeds and generating podcast feeds from web pages. Feeds created with Feedity automatically update as new or updated content appears on the source webpage.


  • Generated feeds are automatic
  • Adds a start and end tag on each article


  • Costly pricing plans


Feed Builder

  • Essential – $59/year
  • Professional – $159/year
  • Enterprise – starts from $259

Newsroom + Feed Builder

  • Essential Plus – $61/year
  • Professional Plus – $159/year
  • Team/Enterprise – starts from $399

Get Feedity

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Rapid Feeds

Rapid Feeds - Feedburner alternative

RapidFeeds is a web-based service, which aims to provide complete RSS Feed management solutions to publishers and webmasters.


  • Powerful FeedManager App
  • Can set up automated tweets


  • Haven’t find one yet


  • Basic – $4.49 per month
  • Pro – $6.95 per month
  • Enterprise – $13.95 per month

Get Rapid Feeds


follow.it Feedburner Alternative - Get more readers

Another alternative is the follow.it. It provides a better reading experience for subscribers that will generate traffic by allowing newsletters and RSS feed sent automatically to your followers. Fresh content from the site will immediately be seen by your followers.


  • It has GDPR compliant
  • Filtering for notifications are available
  • The feeds can be categorized
  • Absolutely free to use


  • Lackin on the integrations
  • Newsletter tools are not available
  • The set-up can be complex


  • The prices may vary if you upgrade to premium plans

Get Follow.it


Google may have killed Feedburner years ago but developers have come up with different solutions. And the solutions above are the following alternatives that you can use. RSS is not dead and it’s still working its purpose as of today. Read the article and see for yourself which one suits your needs and preferences. 

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