Behind The Scenes at CyberChimps & A Look at Their First WooCommerce Theme

Published on September 2nd, 2015

Last Updated on May 7th, 2021


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CyberChimps are a premium theme company which provide a range of different themes with over 5 million downloads. They offer a number of free themes on the official directory, including the hugely popular Responsive theme which has over 1.8 million downloads to date. CyberChimps was founded by Trent Lapinsky and was recently acquired by Hummingbird Web Solutions, the company behind a number of different WordPress plugins and themes which has also acquired a number of other WordPress businesses over the years.

Trent has since moved on to become CEO of Mystic Labs, a Tech accelerator company. You can read more about the development of CyberChimps and his exit in his Reddit AMA here.

“I look forward to new challenges and opportunities which is why I am starting MysticLabs, a product development incubator and consulting company aimed at helping other startups build better products,” said Trent Lapinski. “After successfully starting, running, and selling my own business I’ve learned a lot, and am excited to help others change the world.”

In this post I chatted to Pragya, the new marketing director at CyberChimps about the acquisition, plans for the future and I will also take a look at the latest theme – their first foray into the world of WooCommerce themes.


Could you tell us how the deal to acquire CyberChimps came around?

CyberChimps are responsible for over 5 million downloads of responsive WordPress themes, helping millions of people launch mobile friendly websites globally. They are a respected name in the WP community. So when Trent Lapinsky (the founder of Cyberchimps), wanted to exit from the business to focus on other priorities and ventures in his life, it seemed like a great fit. We found him via his blog post announcing his interest in exiting the business and struck up a conversation! After a few weeks of discussions and negotiations, we arrived at a deal that we feel was a win-win for both of us, and here we are!

What was it that attracted you to CyberChimps?

Before the CyberChimps acquisition, we primarily focused on WP plugins through WPEKA Club. CyberChimps integrates very well in our existing WordPress business. It helps us to have a wide variety of themes from pioneers in responsive WP themes to add to the plugins from WPEKA. As part of the acquisition, all intellectual property of CyberChimps including all WordPress themes, plugins, and services will join Hummingbird Web Solutions.


What team do you have in place now?

We have in-house dedicated WP designers and developers working on enhancing themes, building new themes and providing world class support to our customers across the globe. We are very excited to provide CyberChimps with the team and resources necessary to take the business to the next level.

Have there been any growing pains in taking over a company with so many customers?

Yes, setting support level expectations with our customers has been the biggest challenge as we took over. Timezone differences and language problems do cause heartache sometimes, but our passion to solve the customer’s problem wins them over in the end. We recognize that support is the single reason that premium themes sell and we are making sure that this ball does not get dropped. If you buy a CyberChimps theme, you are in safe hands with support and help in getting your website up and running, that’s our promise!

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What plans do you have for the future?

Right now, we are focusing on four things:

  • World class support – make sure all support issues and tickets are responded to within a day and resolved within two days
  • Themes – Build new themes and enhance existing themes (8 new themes and theme updates are planned over the next 90 days), we also released our first e-commerce theme last month (e-shopper pro), more niche themes to follow.
  • Partnerships – we have partnered with Neil Patel ( to provide live blogging tips for all CyberChimps themes (right in your WP dashboard)
  • WP Hosting – Introducing a super easy to use WP Hosting solution along with your CyberChimps membership

How do you intend to grow the customer base?

Our customers act as an ambassador for CyberChimps product apart from our affiliate network. They have helped us in past to grow our customer base. Also our free themes available for download at our site or are a major source of growing our customer base.

Any plans for new free themes or plugins ?

Yes, we are planning to launch eight new themes and themes updates in coming 90 days. Some of these will be updates and new themes released to the repository.

Responsive is your most popular theme – do you see any other themes reaching such a level of popularity ?

We certainly hope so, but are also aware that the theme market is very saturated with new themes (free and premium) coming up everyday. So we want to focus on providing great support to our existing user base and provide new themes and services to them to help them succeed in their WP ventures.

eShopper Pro Theme

Since the acquisition, CyberChimps are branching out into the eCommerce themes niche, with the release of their first WooCommerce focused theme named eShopper Pro. It’s simply styled theme which comes with their own CyberChimps framework designed to make it easy for you to create custom layouts with drag and drop elements so you can create different page layouts.

You can check out a demo of the theme here or find out the full details here.



  • Compatible with WooComerce plugin
  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Wish-list feature included
  • SEO optimized
  • Mobile friendly and responsive design
  • Touch optimised Sliders and Banners
  • Upload Custom logo
  • Easy to customise look and feel
  • Unlimited Sidebars and Widget Areas
  • Easy to use Theme Options Panel
  • Multiple images for your product with slider
  • Detail page of the product with related/similar products, ratings and description tab
  • Support for Post Formats
  • SCSS files used

Using The Theme

After activating the theme, you will see it has added their own options panel which is the same for all their pro themes. From the “Design” tab you can turn on or off the responsive styling, set a max-width and choose from some pre-created color schemes. From here you can also edit the theme colors and typography as well as pasting in any custom CSS you require.


The “Header” tab contains a drag and drop area where you can choose what items you would like to appear in your header such as logo, icons, login, search and so on. From here you can also change your logo image, favicon, social media icon styles and URLs and upload a header banner.

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The “Blog” tab again allows you to drag and drop elements so you can customize how it should display, you also have the choice of several different page layouts with different sidebar options and so on.


You can also set these page display options under “Templates” where you can setup different layouts for single post, archives, search and 404.


Additional Content & Pages

The theme comes with some custom post types installed which allow you to create Carousels, Boxes, Slides and Portfolios. A nice feature is being able to add these content types into any page, if you visit the “Add New” page screen, at the bottom you will see a “Page Elements” area which allows you to drag and drop various elements where you want, you can also choose a specific layout for the page. This allows you to create custom page layouts for the different sections on your site.



There is a standard pricing model at CyberChimps of $39 per theme or they also offer a “All Themes” package for $97 per year which currently includes 18 themes.


Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift in 2010.