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How to: Create Custom Sidebars with Widget Logic

With the addition of custom menus in WordPress, it has become much easier to define your own menus. However, it still does not give the ability to make entirely custom sidebars. There are some of you out there who would prefer to have complete control over all of your sidebars and where specific widgets will … Read more

How To: Add Tooltips to WordPress

Nowadays, tooltips are often seen as a shortcode in several premium themes, however those of which who still carry on the simple blogging tradition that WordPress was initially used for don’t have such tools in their editor. They have to rely on plugins to give them the extra functionality they need to make their blog … Read more

Basic Steps to Set-Up a WordPress Blog Quickly & Efficiently

There could be several reasons why you would need to install your very own WordPress blog, however, you may need to do this in a short space of time, and you don’t want to make any mistakes. Installing the WordPress platform is a lot easier than it seems. There are no long and tedious installation … Read more

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