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Complete Guide to Make Your WordPress Themes Retina Display Ready, Free Plugins & Themes

Apple’s Retina Display or HiDPI is a topic of discussion among web designers and developers. WordPress developers and designers have already started responding to this technology by providing Retina Display ready themes and plugins to do that. “Do I really need to make my site Retina Display ready?” is the question that most website owners … Read more

An Introduction to WordPress Custom Taxonomies: a Beginners Tutorial

WordPress allows you to categorize your posts and tag them to display your content under different topics and groups. However, WordPress also allows you to create your own Taxonomies other than categories and tags. Just what is a taxonomy though ? Taxonomies are essentially a way to group things together, WordPress uses the example of … Read more

An Introduction to WordPress Custom Post Types: a Beginners Tutorial

Exactly what makes WordPress a powerful CMS? What are the features that make it more than just a blogging software? The most powerful feature of WordPress is that it is highly customizable. In this post and a few upcoming posts, I will be discussing these features with you. So if you are not already an … Read more

Quick Tip: Common WordPress Issues and How to Solve Them

Each day there are questions posted on WordPress forums about some of the most common issues that new users face. WordPress is easy to install and fun to work with, new users get excited with powerful features offered by many of its plugins and themes. Eventually they come across questions, issues and problems, asked by … Read more

How To: Integrate WordPress with other Popular CMSs

There are many open source CMS software available and in some situations you might want to try a few of them other than WordPress. There are Forums, message boards, multi-purpose CMS like joomla and drupal. I love open source because it offers you not only freedom to use but also the freedom to choose. Choosing … Read more

Using WordPress for Sports Websites: Free Plugins & Advice

At WPlift, we like to explore plugins that allow users to extend WordPress and add uncommon but very useful functionalities into it. An average user with little or no knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS, can create a complex but efficient and purpose-built CMS for their web publishing needs. In the past, we have covered … Read more

How to add Weather Reports to WordPress: Free Plugins & Widgets

WordPress is used by all kind of websites as their primary CMS. Even though these websites differ a lot from each other in terms of features, navigation and tools required to run the site. Still, WordPress with its extensive plugin repository is capable of handling most of their needs. I thought adding weather reports to … Read more

WordPress Drag and Drop Content Plugin: Builder Review

Elegant Themes is one of the most popular WordPress Premium Theme providers. Well known for their beautifully designed themes and plugins, Elegant Themes has so far released 75 WordPress themes and more than 130,000 satisfied customers. We have reviewed many of their themes on WPLift, and a couple of months ago, Oli interviewed Nick Roach, … Read more

GigPress: Free WordPress Plugin for Musicians & Bands

GigPress turns a simple WordPress website into a powerful CMS for musicians, bands, artists, other performers, and performance centers. It comes as an easy to install plugin and adds a GigPress tab inside WordPress Administration menu. Using this tab, you can add and manage shows, performances, artists, venues, and tours. It does not affect your … Read more

How To: Easily Embed MP3 Music & Audio Content with WordPress

When we say that WordPress is a content management system we don’t just mean that it is a text publishing system. In fact, WordPress is a very versatile platform with built in capabilities to publish just about any type of content. A lot of bands, music producers, artists, podcasters, and bloggers use WordPress to share … Read more

How To: Add Text over Featured Images in WordPress

As regular readers of WPlift would know that I have recently developed an interest in how people use images on their WordPress powered website. There are always users wanting to do something or the other, involving images and how to display them. I recently wrote about flexible custom headers in WordPress, taking control of WordPress … Read more

About oEmbed & How To Embed SlideShare and Instagram in WordPress

oEmbed is an open format that allows website publishers to fetch third party content with a URI and embed it on their websites. This content could be images, videos, documents, or any rich content type. Oembed provides a standard to rich media publishers to share their content across the web, making it easier to fetch … Read more

Adding Flexible Custom Headers Support to WordPress Themes

Last month WordPress released version 3.4 and with this release came some really cool new features. I am sure many of you already updated to new version and are aware of these new features. A quick overview of what is new in this release: Theme Customizer, allows you to set theme options without activating a … Read more

How To: Add Images for Tags & Show Trending Topics like Mashable

In the last post, we tried to learn how to display category images by displaying company profiles at the bottom of our posts. Each company was used as a category and we used a little bit of code to display images for the categories used to file the post. We also displayed description for that … Read more

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