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An Awesome WordPress Alternative: Duda Website Builder


Quite often we hear about WordPress alternatives, but it’s hard to be sold on a website builder that goes up against WordPress. The Duda responsive Website Builder is another option in the growing field of content management systems and site builders, especially as developers are looking for quicker tools to help out clients. Duda seems to do … Read moreAn Awesome WordPress Alternative: Duda Website Builder

Genesis vs PageLines: Which One Really Meets Your Needs?

genesis vs pagelines

As a WordPress framework, it’s hard to debate the effectiveness and sleek child themes of Genesis from StudioPress. Genesis offers a starting point for developers, bloggers and regular business people who would like to construct more than the average website. Not only can developers make themes and completely unique websites from the framework, but the … Read moreGenesis vs PageLines: Which One Really Meets Your Needs?

WP Boom Review: Know What Goes Wrong When Updating WordPress or Plugins

wpboom review

You know the drill. WordPress comes out with a new update, then you hope and pray that it doesn’t damage anything on your site. You’ve worked hard on your blog, eCommerce or business site, so it feels a little frustrating that a little update could bring it all crashing down. Obviously, a site backup is … Read moreWP Boom Review: Know What Goes Wrong When Updating WordPress or Plugins

HTML to WordPress App Review: A Genius Site Converter

HTML to WordPress

After stumbling upon the HTML to WordPress app, I began to wonder what the point of it was. Why? I had never had the need to convert an HTML site to WordPress. Most of my development has started with WordPress frameworks, so it didn’t make much sense to me. Why would you start with an … Read moreHTML to WordPress App Review: A Genius Site Converter

GiveWP Review: A Free Donation Plugin With Good in Mind

GiveWP Review Donation Plugin

Churches from all over the world are known for collecting money for the needy. Non-profits focus on more niche categories like animal rights and targeting large corporations to keep bad ingredients out of our food. As long as you’re not running a cult I’d argue that collecting money for any cause is noble.

Slider Revolution: An In-Depth Review on the World’s Most Popular Slider

Slider Revolution Review

As of this article, Slider Revolution has over 174,000 sales on CodeCanyon. Pair that with 6,400 ratings for a 4.8 average star rating and you’ve got yourself the most successful WordPress slider ever. This popularity, and the fact that the Theme Punch folks partner with various WordPress theme companies (giving away Slider Revolution for free) makes it interesting when completing a review.

Algolgia Search for WordPress Review: Do You Need to Swap Out Your Search Bar?

Algolia Review

As a blogger I had never thought too much about my search bar, all lonely towards the middle of my sidebar. If customers need to find an article the default search bar should do just fine. That’s until I moved into the eCommerce market, realizing that search could be the difference between making a successful business and a flop. This goes for many industries, from social media sites to movie databases.

Best WordPress Plugins and Themes for Selling eBooks and Physical Books

books wordpress

Yup, even Stephen King needs to thing about how he’s going to sell more of his books. Although now he could probably call his publisher and have them do most of the work, somewhere along the line he had to think about a mailing list, a website and the tools needed for processing payments for all his sales.

Lifter LMS Review: A Course Builder That’s Meant For Making Money [Update 2017]

Lifter LMS Review: A Course Builder That's Meant For Making Money

Posting a video course on YouTube might get you some followers, but it’s no way to run a learning business. Whether you’re sharing WordPress tutorials and courses like we do here on WPLift, or your training people to become better fiction writers, a full learning management system (LMS) is needed.

Competitors: How to Spy on Them (And What They Can Teach You About WordPress)


You don’t need the name Aldrich Ames or Hercules Mulligan to be considered a great spy on the internet. What’s even better is that you won’t be thrown in jail for treason if you get caught peeking in on what your competitors are doing. In fact, spying on your competitors is one of the more prudent strategies you can follow, considering there’s a good chance your competition has knowledge that you’ve yet to discover.

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