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5 must-haves for your WordPress Directory Theme

5 must-haves for your WordPress Directory Theme

Not so long ago, new specific category of catalogue websites emerged into the world of WordPress templates. Directory themes create a unique opportunity for the local and foreign companies to present themselves, as well as providing online money-making opportunity at the same time. Regardless if we’re talking about restaurant directory theme, directory listing of cultural events or a general directory portal containing many different kinds of categories.

How to Design Your WordPress Site – No Coding Skills Required


So you’ve got your WordPress site up and running. Everything’s okay under the hood, but you need to make it look awesome on the outside too. You don’t have any technical skills. So what’s next for you? Hire a designer to draw your layouts by code? Ask a developer to help you?

11 Live Chat WordPress Plugins for Customer Support

10 Live Chat WordPress Plugins for Customer Support

A tiny “Chat with us” or “Send a message” button goes a long way in establishing you as a retailer/provider who is proactive about customer support and satisfaction. So of course you need a Live Chat functionality on your business portal’s front end user interface. And if you have that site built on WordPress, all … Read more

How to Use Google Events Tracking / Goals to Track Your Optin Subscribers

As a blogger, you want higher optin conversion rates. You’ve used every possible optin method on your website. All to attract and convert every bit of traffic into subscriptions. But which optin methods work, or work the best? Which ones are driving traffic away? That’s why you need to do conversion rate optimization (CRO) for … Read more

The Top Free Project & Task Management Plugins for WordPress

Running a business requires that you stay organized. Regardless of the industry that you are in, if you fail to organize, you will run out of luck. Various tools are available to stay organized; however, picking up the right one may prove difficult. Nonetheless, it is a priority if you need to stay organized. Therefore, … Read more

Pricing Table Design Inspiration: Best Designed Pricing Tables for 2016

Your pricing table is the like the altar of your business. How the altar looks to inspire action, how well it serves its purpose, how effectively it caters to your customers’ needs – decides if visitors make an offering or not. A high-converting pricing table isn’t about cramming in every element of every size, from … Read more

How To Sky-Rocket Your Website Conversion Rates: 21 Actionable Tips by 21 Experts

People often make gaining traffic the main focus of their website strategy, obviously having more traffic will increase your conversions or sales but to absolutely maximise the effectiveness of your website you should also put in a place a strategy for increasing your conversion rates. Sometimes all it takes is for a small tweak to … Read more

65 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Next Website

Since WordPress used to be primarily considered as a blogging platform, business professionals often shy away from using it to develop their business websites. Moreover, since it’s open source and completely free to use, there is a common misconception that WordPress is meant for amateurs, not for serious business purposes. Most professionals doubt its scalability … Read more

How To: Use Customer Feedback To Increase Conversion Rates For Your WordPress Site

If you have made any kind of online purchase – be it clothes or mobile apps or booking a hotel room – you know what you look for first after you have spotted something you want to buy: reviews. Does the product have happy customers? For an e-commerce website it is especially important – if … Read more

Are You Missing Out On These Great Free WordPress Development Tools?

WordPress Development Tools

As theme and plugin developers we build up a collection of go-to tools over time which can help us create better products and speed up development time. We are lucky in the WordPress community that there are a huge number of available resources which can help anyone learn to code better and produce great secure … Read more

6 Tips for eCommerce Websites to Increase Sales & Improve Customer Retention

The golden rule of online transactions seems to be that it is cheaper and more efficient to work on your current customer base rather than working harder and investing more in getting new customers. In today’s online eCommerce environment particularly, this holds truer than before because of increasing costs of ad impressions, conversions and clicks. … Read more

Understanding & Working With Custom Post Types in WordPress

Despite the fact that WordPress rules the CMS arena, many people still consider WordPress nothing more than a blogging platform it was originally created for. Strictly speaking, over the last five years, WordPress has evolved into a much more sophisticated, flexible and robust publishing platform. With new exciting features such as custom post types, widgets, … Read more

The Missing Component in Your WordPress Security Strategy – Audit Logs

WordPress Security

WordPress websites have become a popular malicious hacker target. We have all seen it in the news – thousands of WordPress websites get hacked overnight. In fact even though WordPress is really easy to use and powers around 20% of the internet sites, many businesses refuse to use it because they think it is insecure. … Read more

Add Real-Time Chat To Your WordPress Site To Improve Conversions

In many ways, the web has improved the interaction between customers and businesses. We can find what we want more quickly, assess the quality of what’s on offer with reasonable accuracy, and avoid the once ubiquitous salesperson’s attempts to manipulate and upsell. But, in some ways, interacting with companies online creates a depersonalized environment. There’s … Read more

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