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8 Killer Tips and Tricks To Skyrocket Your Productivity in WordPress

Blogging can be a very productive activity in itself for many reasons. Businesses with a blog will find it easier to attract search engine and social traffic, increase trust with their clients and customers, and build up a reputation as being an industry authority Some people have managed to raise their blogging income to a … Read more

How to Sell WordPress as a CMS Solution to a Reluctant Client

We all know that WordPress is awesome, but those outside the world of web development may not be as enthusiastic. If you’re pitching to a corporate client, even mentioning WordPress could cause you to lose out to another provider offering a bespoke CMS. The tide is changing as an increasing number of big brands and … Read more

Beginners Guide to WordPress Affiliate Marketing: Why WordPress is the Best Platform

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most scalable ways to make money online. Rather than spending your own time and money creating a product or service to sell, you promote the products and services of others and receive a commission every time someone buys something after clicking through to their site via your … Read more

A Step-by-Step Guide to Turning Your WordPress Site into a Client Magnet

Back in the dark ages of the web, websites were either hand-coded in static HTML or you had to hire a developer to build a custom CMS if you had any hope of updating your own website. Ultimately, this resulted in a lot of out of date websites and nobody really blinked an eyelid if … Read more

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