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How To: Customize and Whitelabel the WordPress Admin Dashboard [Update 2017]

If you’re using WordPress as your CMS of choice when building websites for clients, customizing or white labeling the WordPress admin dashboard is an essential element of getting ready to turn over the website to your client.

What is WP-CLI? A Beginner’s Guide to This Weird Acronym

A Non-Developer's Guide to WP-CLI

If you’ve ever shopped around for WordPress hosting, you’ve probably seen this weird little acronym that shows up on many hosts’ features lists: WP-CLI. Are you familiar? Most managed WordPress hosts offer it nowadays. Impressively, it manages to pack two different acronyms into a name that’s the perfect storm for confusing beginners. So what does this acronym mean? And why should you care about it?

How to Use .htaccess to Restrict Access to All or Parts of WordPress


You probably created your WordPress site because you want people to see it. But that doesn’t mean you want people to see every single thing! That is, there are plenty of valid reasons to restrict access to all or parts of your WordPress site. Beefing up security, creating a private staging site, restricting sensitive content…you need to do it sometimes. But how?

25+ Free Icon Fonts for Theme Designers or Anyone Else [Update 2017]

free font icons

Want to spice up your WordPress themes? Icon fonts provide a handy way for you to both enhance the design of your themes and give your theme’s users more functionality. And best of all, there are heaps of free icon fonts you can start using today.

How To Use the New Elementor Coming Soon and Maintenance Modes

coming soon pages

What do you do when you’re launching a new site or working on an existing one? Did you install a third-party plugin to let you create coming soon or maintenance pages? Or do you just…not put up anything at all because it’s too much trouble to go through setting up dedicated maintenance and coming soon pages?

Awesome Support Review – A Full Featured Helpdesk Plugin

Awesome Support Review

Want to give your customers awesome support? The plugin I’m reviewing today purports to do just that. The aptly named Awesome Support plugin sets you up with a comprehensive helpdesk right inside WordPress. And best of all, it even has a free version that can help you do this.

WordApp Review – Create a Native Mobile App For Your WordPress Site

WordApp Review - Create a Native Mobile App For Your WordPress Site

Want to create a mobile app for your WordPress site? The idea has always sounded cool to me. But…I have zero idea how to code a native mobile app. Heck, I can barely hack my way around WordPress. And if you’re an average WordPress user, I’m guessing that you find yourself in much the same situation as I do.

Quick Guide: How to Embed Google Slides Presentations in WordPress

Quick Guide: How to Embed Google Slides Presentations in WordPress

If you’re any kind of online professional, Google Docs is a lifesaver. Easy collaboration, cloud storage…Google makes you happy to hand your life over to them! But up until now, most of our Google-focused posts have been focused on Google Docs and showing you skills like how to import Google Docs to WordPress with Jetpack or via some manual hacking.

6 Clef Alternatives for WordPress For When Clef Shuts Down

6 Clef Alternatives for WordPress For When Clef Shuts Down

Need a Clef alternative? For a long time, Clef was one of the most popular WordPress two-factor authentication plugins. It had an innovative product, well over a million active installs, and was just all around one of the best two-factor solutions for WordPress.

Smart Footer System Review – Unique Footers for Different Content

smart footer system review

The plugin I’m going to review in this post lets you customize pretty much every aspect of your WordPress site’s footer. It’s called Smart Footer System and it lets you choose a different footer for each post type on your site. Or, if you want even more control, you can even choose a custom footer for individual posts or pages.

Track WordPress Changes & User Activity – Free Plugins to Download [Update 2017]

In this post, I’ll show you how to go full NSA on your WordPress site. That’s right, you’ll be able to track exactly what every user on your site is doing at all times. And don’t get me wrong, we’re talking about a lot more than anonymous metadata here!

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