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How To Write A Blog Post That Converts: 5 Tips for Success

Conversion is a concept that all website owners love, and yet, it alludes many. Creating content on your blog is an important part to boosting conversion, however, the reason why so many are struggling with converting traffic into customers or subscribers is because they aren’t really writing for it. What many blog owners fail to … Read more

Does Your Blog Repel Your Viewers? These 3 Tips May Be An Eye Opener

There is so much information on the web today about how to build a blog. I can just see the headlines now: “Use These Pop-up Opt-in Forms To Increase Your E-mail List!” “How To Use Google Adsense To Make Money On Your Blog” “Affiliate Marketing: The Best Best Way To Monetize Your Blog” The list could … Read more

3 Simple WordPress SEO Hacks That Most People Don’t Think About

Hacking is such a dirty word. I think of hacking and two things come to mind. Someone or something getting chopped to bits, or some random dude trying to break in my digital backdoor to steal my info. Both visuals are unsettling. But let’s take a step back… Are hacks or hacking the system all … Read more

How To: Increase Your WordPress Blog Traffic Without Irritating Your Readers

Let’s face it. Traffic usually gets a bad rap. Bumper to bumper, slower than a slug, traffic. Yuck! But put the word ‘Traffic’ in the context of your blog or website and the ears of every blog crazed internet marketer will perk right up. When it comes to our blogs, we crave traffic. Lots and … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up and Integrating MailChimp In Your WordPress Site

What’s more important? Creating great content on your website, marketing your content, or converting visitors in to paying customers? Can’t come up with the answer? That’s okay because it was kind of a trick question. To build a successful website, you have to utilize all 3 of these methods. Not one, not two, but all … Read more

How To: Setup A WordPress Blog That Google Loves – Essential SEO Steps

Ah, Google… What can I really say about my love/hate relationship with her? She is the Carmen to my Don Jose. The River Song to my Doctor. The Bella to my Jacob. (Yes, I just made that reference. Don’t judge me.) Essentially, if Google were a woman she would be that girl that everyone wanted … Read more

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