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How To: Setting Up WordPress Locally Using XAMPP

Developing locally on your own computer or on-site server can save time and provide an easier route for testing and development, and with XAMPP you can do so easily. In this tutorial I will guide you through the complete setup of XAMPP and then installation of WordPress so you can build themes and plugins locally. … Read more

How To: Move Your WordPress Database to a new Web Host

There are plenty of tools to backup your site, your database, and your posts. I wanted one to change the paths. Something super easy and quick. Wordpress offers overrides for testing, but doesn’t apply throughout. I found WP Migrate DB.

WordPress for Podcasters: Recommended Plugins

While WordPress says it’s “seamlessly” supported, it’s not always the easiest to figure out. Luckily, there have been plugins developed to help fill those seam gaps. As a podcaster myself, I know how beneficial having the integration with iTunes can be, as well as being able to also include statistics and tracking. Unfortunately, this is … Read more

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