Astra Theme Review – Customizable, Page Builder Ready and Fast

Astra is a very simple and customizable theme developed by Brainstorm Force, that’ll make your life so much easier. Not only that – it is also very SEO friendly and fast. Made to work with various page builders, it provides options that will suit all your needs even if you don’t have any HTML knowledge.

Whether you own a make-up studio, want to invite guests to your wedding or create a co-working space, Astra has got you covered. With simple editing options that offer various possibilities, you can be sure that your website will look exactly the way you imagined it.

Capture - Astra Theme Review

Astra Theme Review: Theme and Plugin Setup

Installing Astra theme is fairly easy and can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Download the .zip file from the theme website
  2. Choose whether you want the free option, Astra Pro or Agency Bundle
  3. Store the file on your computer
  4. On your WordPress admin page, go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload Theme, and choose your .zip file
  5. Activate the theme

To gain access to various pre-made sites build, you’ll also need to install the Astra Starter Sites plugin.

Astra Theme Review: Theme Features

Astra is packed with various options to help you optimize your website. Here are some of the features it offers:

  • Free, with Premium packages available
  • Speed: Astra loads in less than half a second
  • Lightweight – only needs around 50KB of resources
  • Uses Vanilla JavaScript instead of jQuery
  • Compatibility with all Page Builders
  • Easy to use with clean admin interface
  • Simple, yet beautiful design for various needs
  • Dozens of pre-designed starter sites
  • Customizable – edit all of its parts to be just like you want it
  • SEO friendly
  • Widget-ready
  • Toolset integrated
  • Extendible with Hooks
  • Open Source, 100% GPL
  • Compatible with WooCommerce and many other plugins

Astra Theme Review: Customizing Theme

Astra theme offers many different ways to customize your website with lots of options:

Customize the Astra Theme

  • Site Identity: You can choose to upload your own header, and decide whether you want to show or hide your site title or tagline.
  • Layout: Decide on your header layout and width, container width, sidebar layout and much more.
  • Colors & Background: Choose your base background color, body color, theme color and link color. Also pick a different color for the footer.
  • Typography: Pick the default body font and set default font sizes for headers, site title, tagline and blog post title.
  • Button: There are various options for formatting your button text, background and padding.
  • Widgets: Place different widgets in up to four different areas.
  • Homepage Settings: Choose whether your home page is static or will it display latest posts

Astra Theme Review: Pre-Made Starter Sites

Once you’ve activated the Astra Starter Sites plugin, click “See Library” and choose your favorite option. There are dozens of them so you can definitely find one that suits all your needs. Here are some of them:

the work place - Pre-Made Starter Sites from Astra theme





example sites astra theme

Some of the templates are only available in paid version, but there are plenty of great ones available for free. And, as they are so customizable, you can edit them according to your business needs. Choose the one you like best, and go to “Preview”. A screen like this will appear, and all you have to do is click Import This Site.

Import site for Astra theme review

And that’s all, you’re almost done. Just edit it according to your own business/event and you’re good to go.

Astra Theme Review: Page Builder Ready

Astra is a great choice if you like to use page builders. What’s revolutionary about it is that it is actually designed to work with them, not getting into their way, letting you edit everything without interfering with headers or other aspects of the page builder. Whether you use Elementor or Beaver Builder, you will see that lots of thought was put into actually making the theme work with them.

Astra Theme Review: Pricing Options

It is almost certain that the free option of Astra Theme will be more than enough for your needs. However, you can also consider getting Astra Pro Add-on and Agency Bundle plugins.

Astra Pro Add-on Features

For more customization, at the price of $59 per year, you can also get:

  • Transparent Header
  • Better Typography
  • Sticky Header
  • Custom Layouts
  • Page Headers
  • Footer Widgets
  • More Color Controls
  • Scroll to Top Link
  • Header Sections
  • Mega Menu
  • White Label
  • More Header Designs
  • Blog Layouts
  • Spacing Control
  • Site Layouts
  • WooCommerce Designer

Agency Bundle Features

If you’re willing to pay $249 per year, you can be certain that your web agency will have all it takes to make the website as successful as possible. You’ll get everything from Astra Pro, plus a library of prebuilt websites and Astra’s top selling plugins, such as:

Final Verdict on the Astra Theme

If you’re looking for easily accessible and customizable WordPress theme, you really can’t go wrong with Astra. SEO friendly and ready for all Page Builders, this theme is just perfect if you don’t want to be bothered with advanced site building.

Astra theme will give you everything you need, and more. Customize its layout, shift between different header options, edit colors, backgrounds and much more. The theme is widget-friendly, with up to four areas to place them, and integrated with Toolset for more customization. Its powerful Add-on pack offers even more options – play with your website and make it attract just the right customers. Compatible with WooCommerce and lots of other plugins, it’ll make your life so much easier.

Taking up only 50KB of your resources, Astra is super-fast, with loading speed of around half a second. It’s designed to be simple, yet it holds lots of different options that you can be sure to find the right fit. Its Astra Starter Sites plugin gives you the opportunity to explore dozens of pre-made templates and adapt one of them to your business or personal website. Most importantly, its compatibility with Page Builders means you can do everything with little effort and no HTML knowledge.

If there’s a bad side to this theme, it’s the fact that you’ll have to pay more if you want to gain full access to all it has to offer. However, Astra Pro comes at a reasonable price and it can give you so many options – so it’s probably worth it. And, even if you choose to stick with the free pack, you’ll find that it’s more than enough for your business needs.

Get the Astra Theme

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5 thoughts on “Astra Theme Review – Customizable, Page Builder Ready and Fast”

  1. I’ve become obsessed with getting the sites I develop to load as quickly as possible. I just could not believe how much faster Astra loaded. I see a 10-15 point increase in speed testing just by switching to it. I’ve honestly seen as much as a 20 or 25 point increase. You can use pingdom, gtmetrix, google page insights and you’ll see higher scores. Without caching, minimizing, removing render blocks, etc., Astra makes a huge difference because its so light weight . I’m in the process of switching all my clients to Astra. So far that process has been pretty easy without using their conversion tool. Its a new product and I have found a few little bugs. Their support has been super responsive and fixed them.

    As a developer you reach a point where you no longer have to rely on finding the right theme because you know what tools will get the job done and you can always create custom post types and fields if necessary. Astra makes a great foundation. Astra Pro has so many additional features that you can reduce the number of plugins you use which also improves performance. I don’t want to sound like a Stepford Wife or Kool-Aid drinker but I’m a huge fan.

    • Thanks for your great comment! Gotta try this theme out myself as well. So happy at the moment with GeneratePress, but for my next project I might give Astra a go.

  2. Hello,

    This is Elvina from team Brainstorm Force – the makers of Astra. I just wanted to drop in and thank you for a detailed review of the theme.

    Just one more thing I would love to add, is that Astra with the Astra Starter Sites plugin gives you access to free complete website demos that you can import and use right away. The same plugin when used along with the Astra Pro addon, gives you access to some premium demos too.

    Thank you again for the review and I’d love to follow comments here and help as much as I can. :)

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