Analytify Review: Instantly Making Google Analytics Cool

Analytics get boring. Maybe that’s the reason so many businesses and bloggers stop using them after a few weeks or months.

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Personally, I can’t stand the monotony of stats, but I do force myself to go through website and email newsletter analytics every week.

You’d think Google Analytics would look less cluttered considering it comes from the company that created clean interfaces like Gmail and of course, the simplest search engine in the world.

Analytify makes a valiant attempt to appease all of those analytics haters like me. The point of the tool is to make understanding your audience much easier, combining information from Google Analytics and placing it on your WordPress dashboard.

Upon first glance, I notice Analytify has features for things like social media stats, enhanced eCommerce tracking, frontend reporting and more.

So, keep reading to check out my more in-depth Analytify review. Who knows, you just might find a solution that convinces you that analytics can be fun.

Analytify Features

Analytify provides a free version of the plugin. I would assume that the average WordPress user would be fine with the free plugin. Although you can opt to buy premium tools (which we’ll discuss,) the most important free features include the following:

  • A one-click installation that adds the Google Analytics code to your website
  • A beautiful dashboard module with user-friendly stats from Google Analytics
  • A glance into the top keywords punched in Google by users
  • Shortcodes to make your own stats
  • Statistics for when people use mobile devices
  • A list of the top user countries and cities
  • Stats from all facets of social media
  • A full list of the online referrers to your website and the browsers being used by users
  • General stats like bounce rate, users, sessions, average time on site and returning users

Premium Analytify Features

The costs depend on how many sites you would like to use each feature on, but Analytify provides several additional features for more advanced analytics through your WordPress site. Each of the features are paid for separately on a yearly basis.

The premium features include:

  • Analytify Pro
    • Real-time stats
    • Stats on all of your campaigns
    • More advanced shortcodes for custom stats
    • The ability to use those shortcodes in widgets
    • Advanced eCommerce tracking
  • WooCommerce Add-on
  • EDD Add-on
  • Campaigns Add-on
  • Email Notifications Add-on

Each of the add-ons are rather impressive. They’re affordable, and I can definitely see the benefit of getting one or two if you run an eCommerce shop or a site that needs email reminders to check stats. Seeing as how they have their own more advanced standalone features, I’ll explore them in the section below.

Analytify in Action: The Coolest Features

Campaign Stats

Campaigns serve as benchmarks, allowing companies to set goals for the future. However, Google Analytics makes campaigns far more complex than they should be. Therefore, Analytify breaks down those campaigns into one simple dashboard. For example, you can take a look at all of your Facebook Ads instead of going through Facebook’s absurd interface. You can also take a look at stats for things like email newsletters and product launches.

Enhanced ECommerce Tracking

Enhanced eCommerce tracking requires either the EDD or WooCommerce add-ons. Both are wonderful for setting up and understanding custom purchase funnels, with information on things like sessions with product views and sessions with add to cart. I also like how easy it is to view abandoned carts.

Quick Social Media Stats

Social media sites often serve as core distribution channels for content. Therefore, you need to quickly understand where your general traffic is coming from. Social media tracking is a pretty basic feature, but I wanted to show you this to give you an idea of how all of the Analytify WordPress modules show up. They’re about as basic as you can get, making Google Analytics look almost silly.

Analytify Pricing and Support

As you may have assumed, the free Analytify plugin is in fact free. You don’t have to pay a dime, and according to the majority of users, the features are pretty incredible for that price. However, Analytify has a premium version and several add-ons that you must pay for. Here are the prices:

Note: Every add-on and plan for the add-ons has priority support and one year of updates.

Analytify Pro

  • Personal – $39 per year for a single site.
  • Small Business – $69 per year for three sites.
  • Agency – $99 per year for 10 sites.
  • Developer – $199 per year for 100 sites.

WooCommerce Add-on

  • Personal – $49 per year for a single site.
  • Small Business – $99 per year for three sites.
  • Agency – $199 per year for 10 sites.
  • Developer – $399 per year for 100 sites.

EDD Add-on

  • Personal – $39 per year for a single site.
  • Small Business – $69 per year for three sites.
  • Agency – $99 per year for 10 sites.
  • Developer – $199 per year for 100 sites.

Campaigns Add-on

  • Personal – $19 per year for a single site.
  • Small Business – $29 per year for three sites.
  • Agency – $59 per year for 10 sites.
  • Developer – $119 per year for 100 sites.

Email Notifications Add-on

  • Personal – $29 per year for a single site.
  • Small Business – $49 per year for three sites.
  • Agency – $99 per year for 10 sites.
  • Developer – $199 per year for 100 sites.

They also have several bundles to make multiple add-on purchases more affordable. For example, you could opt for the Pro version and the WooCommerce add-on for $79 per year on one site.

What About Support?

Analytify lacks a forum, but it lets you contact the company directly through email. The documentation is strong, and they also give you a full account management area when you login to the site. Along with a decent blog and social media pages, it seems like the Analytify support options are on par with the industry.

Is Analytify for You?

The big question I have for you is whether or not you utilize Google Analytics. If the answer is no, this plugin is for you. If the answer is yes, but you’d like a better interface, Analytify is most likely the answer as well.

The free plugin provides a beautiful dashboard stats area that’s far cleaner and more advanced than that of Jetpack. You don’t have to pay a dime for the plugin, so it’s a nice analytics boost for those who would like to keep the budget tight.

Making an upgrade to the premium version or for an add-on depends on your type of site. For example, a WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads website should definitely go with its respective add-on. I also like the email notifications to get reminders to check your stats. After all, the pricing for the paid add-ons are about as cheap as you can ask for.


If you have any questions about this Analytify review, let us know in the comments section below. Also, share your thoughts if you’re an Analytify user.

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