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How To: Import & Aggregate YouTube Videos by Topic in WordPress

Last Updated on June 12th, 2020

Published on September 22nd, 2014

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Adding videos to your WordPress website is a great way to increase value for site visitors and get them more active on your site ( I am currently planning a video section for WPLift ) so I have been taking a look at what options are available for embedding videos from sites like YouTube. Not only are videos great for site visitors who prefer to watch a video rather than reading lengthier text-posts, they can increase your search engine visitors as you will appear on Google video results.

I came across a plugin called VideoNab which can do just that – there is a free version if you wish to manually embed your videos, and a pro version which has more features such automatically importin videos so I thought I would check the plugin out.

Videnab Plugin

VideoNab Free » VideoNab Pro » View The Demo »

Plugin Installation

Visit “Plugins” > “Add New” in your WordPress dashboard and upload the plugin and activate it, you will see the plugin has added a new menu item to your menu named “VideoNab” which is where all the plugin setting are contained.

VideoNab Settings

The first thing to do is visit the “Settings” link and configure the plugin. You will see a number of options to fill in as follows :

  • Number of Videos per Page
  • Include Pagination
  • Enable Voting
  • Enable Comments
  • Choose Video Main Page ( we will set this up in the next section)

VideoNab Options

Pick your options and save them.

Next you will want to create some categories for your videos, this is done just the same as you would set up categories for posts and other post types. Visit the “Video Categories” link and enter some categories related to your site.

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Video Categories

You can now add your first video, visit the “Add New Video” link and you will see a box to paste in a youtube URL, enter the URL copied from the Youtube site and click “Add Video”. repeat this process and add as many videos as you need.

Youtube Video URL

Set up Your Video Page

Now you have added some videos, you will need a page on your site to display them. To do this, just add a new page and name it and put this shortcode into the body :


Publish the page and visit it on your site and you will see your videos displayed like so :

Video Display Page

If you click through to a video page you will see the video is embedded with previous and next links, sharing options, video resolution options along with the video title and description.

Video Single Page

In the Pro version at the bottom is a Facebook comments box, to use this you will need to create a Facebook app for your site.

Facebook Comments

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Automatic Import

If you have the Pro version of the plugin, you can also setup automatic importing of videos based on search terms. Under the settings page you will see the option to turn this option on, set how the recurrence ( hourly, twice daily or daily ) and enter a search term.

Automatic Videos

If using this feature, it would be wise to keep an eye on imported videos in case something not relevant gets added, you can visit your “Videos” page and delete any as necessary.

Videos Page


This plugin was easy to setup and configure and worked flawlessly – the actual video display page is attractively designed and should fit most themes, you may need to do some CSS tweaking to get it fitting perfectly as it designed for lighter themes. The automatic import is a good feature but I think I would like some more filtering options or the ability to add a specific Youtube account, so you could set it to post your own Youtube videos rather than relying on the search function.

This plugin is ideal for people who want to add Youtube videos to an existing site or you could use it to create a whole site around Youtube videos, I can see this being good for the gaming community as Youtube has loads of gaming content or you could create a movies trailer website, funny viral videos and so on.

VideoNab Free » VideoNab Pro » View The Demo »

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