The Best Affiliate Programs for WordPress to Help You Promote WordPress Products

Want to put your WordPress knowledge to good use? And by good use, I mean making money. See, you’re probably already sharing your WordPress knowledge with others in some form. So why not monetize that knowledge with one of these affiliate programs for WordPress?

With affiliate marketing, you get paid for referring customers to a site. For example, if you recommend the Divi theme to someone and they purchase it through your link, you get a commission. Cool, right?

You share your opinion and, if it leads to other people buying the WordPress product or service that you recommend, you get a cut.

But where can you find programs that will pay you for recommending WordPress products? That’s what this post will help with.

I’m going to lay out some of the best affiliate programs for WordPress so that you can find some cool products to promote without needing to dig through a bunch of WordPress products.

To start earning with any of these programs, all you need to do is sign up, get approved, and start sharing your link in relevant places. You can even use an affiliate marketing plugin to help you generate sales!

Let’s jump straight into the list

Best Affiliate Programs for WordPress Themes

Want to promote WordPress themes? Then these are the affiliate programs for you. Some of these shops offer plugins as well. But all of them primarily focus on WordPress themes. With most WordPress theme shops, you can expect an affiliate commission of about 50%!

Elegant Themes

affiliate programs for WordPress elegant themes

Though Elegant Themes sells a variety of themes and plugins, they’re primarily known for their Divi theme. Divi has a huge audience, which makes it very easy to sell. Moreover, it’s genuinely a good product. Promoting good products is honest and, as a bonus, easy to make money with!

With the Elegant Themes affiliate program, you get credit for any sales up to 180 days after a visitor clicks your link. You’ll get 50% of any sales you refer. And best of all, you’ll also get credit for renewals! So one sale can keep generating yearly income for as long as that person remains a paying customer.

Go to the Elegant Themes Affiliate Program


This one almost goes without saying. Theme Forest is one of the biggest theme marketplaces that you’ll find. That variety makes it very easy to find themes to promote. If you can’t find a theme to promote from Theme Forest, you’re probably just not looking hard enough.

When you sell a theme, you’ll get 30% of that purchase. However, you only get credit for the first sale, not for any subsequent purchases.

ThemeForest Affiliate Program


Ever heard of Genesis? I’m guessing yes. At this point, Genesis is popular enough that it basically sells itself. StudioPress sells both the barebones theme framework, as well as a number of themes, which gives you a few good angles for promotion.

You’ll get 35% of any sales you generate. So one sale of the framework + child theme equals about $35. That’s not bad!

You can also check out the affiliate program for StudioPress’ new StudioPress Sites service.

StudioPress Affiliate Program


MyThemeShop is a popular WordPress theme shop with one of the most generous affiliate programs out there. You get a whopping 70% of every sale that you refer to MyThemeShop. While they do have some plugins, the vast majority of their offerings are themes.

They have a number of popular themes, so selling them is easy. Personally, I’m using their SocialMe theme for one of my sites and enjoying it so far. I can testify that they do a great job selling their themes, so it’s very easy to convert with MyThemeShop’s program.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program


ThemeIsle is a popular theme and plugin membership site. They’ll give you 55% commission on an impressive 365-day cookie. Yup, if someone buys something within a year of clicking your link, you’ll get credit. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

ThemeIsle Affiliate Program


Ever since I purchased Themify’s Post Type Builder, they’ve been on my radar as a quality theme shop. Their affiliate program offers you 30% of any sales you generate. It’s not the highest commission rate, but it’s certainly respectable.

Themify Affiliate Program


GeneratePress offers 35% commission on any sale that you refer. With the normal premium price of $39.95, that means you get ~$14 per sale.

GeneratePress also has a very low minimum payout. You only need $20 minimum to get paid, which is much lower than most other affiliate programs.

Go to GeneratePress Affiliate Program

ThemeFurnace Affiliate Program

WPLift’s former owner, Oli, offers a 50% commission for any sales at ThemeFurnace. A basic membership costs $49, which means you get a cool $24.50.

Go to ThemeFurnace Affiliate Program


TeslaThemes is another popular theme club that offers up 50% of any sales that you generate. With memberships starting at $59 per year, that means you’re guaranteed at least ~$30 for every sale that you generate.

TeslaThemes has over 50 themes available in their club, so you have a great deal of variety for the types of themes that you can promote.

They also give you 15% commission on affiliates that you refer.

Go to Tesla Affiliate Program


CSSIgniter is another premium theme membership with some beautiful options. They sell single themes for $49 or a membership starting at $79. With the 50% commission that they offer, that means you can wrack up $25-$40 per sale. Not bad!

Go To CSSIgniter Affiliate Program


aThemes gives you 50% commission on any sales you generate. And similar to ThemeIsle, they also offer a generous 365-day cookie. aThemes’ designs cost $49 for a single theme or $99 for a membership package, so you’ll likely get $25-$50 per sale.

aThemes Affiliate Program

Mojo Marketplace

While not as large as Theme Forest, Mojo Marketplace is another marketplace selling a huge number of WordPress themes. They have over a thousand themes for sale at the time of this post. Mojo Marketplace offers an identical deal to Theme Forest – 30% of any referred customers’ first purchases.

Go to Mojo Themes Affiliate Program

Template Monster

And one more theme marketplace! Template Monster starts at 30% like both of the other featured marketplaces, but with enough volume, you can get that up to 50%. So if you’re planning to push Template Monster, it can potentially offer the best commissions of any of the big theme marketplaces.

You’ll also get 5% of every sale generated by any affiliates that you refer.

TemplateMonster Affiliate Program

Best Affiliate Programs for WordPress: Promoting WordPress Plugins

If you want to promote plugins, you should check these programs out…

Code Canyon

Ok, I’m cheating a bit on this one because Code Canyon and Theme Forest are technically part of the same Envato affiliate program. But just like with Theme Forest, you’ll get 30% of a customer’s initial purchase on any product sold at Code Canyon.

CodeCanyon Affiliate Program

WPForms Affiliate Program

Everyone needs a form plugin! So form plugins are one of the best affiliate programs you can promote. WPForms comes from Syed Balkhi, so you can be sure he’ll do a good job converting the visitors you send his way. And you’ll get 20% of any sales that you generate, which can mean commissions anywhere from $10-$70.

WPForms Affiliate Program

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is already one of the most popular page builder plugins out there. So their affiliate program that offers 25% commission on sales just gives you another reason to promote them.

Beaver Builder does a great job at sales, so you can be sure they’ll do their best to maximize the traffic you send to them.

BeaverBuilder Affiliate Program


OptinMonster is a popular list building service/plugin. It’s also another one of Syed Balkhi’s products. OptinMonster offers you 20% commission on every sale that you generate. If someone buys an annual plan, that can mean anywhere from $21.60 – $69.60 per sale.

Optinmonster Affiliate Program

Envira Gallery

While we’re on the Syed Balkhi train, why not round it out with a third one of his products? Like WPForms and OptinMonster, the Envira Gallery affiliate program gives you 20% commission on any sales that you refer.

Depending on the license plan that someone purchases, that means anywhere from $3.80-$49.80.

Go to Envira Gallery Affiliate Program


This one is a bit meta – but AffiliateWP will give you 20% commission on every sale you refer. So you can earn affiliate commission for referring people to…a plugin that helps them create their own affiliate program.

The minimum payment threshold is $50.

Go to AffiliateWP Affiliate Program


MemberPress gives you anywhere from 10%-30% commission depending on whether or not you’re an active MemberPress customer. Best of all, the commission is recurring. So you can generate continuous revenue for any sales that you refer.

Go to MemberPress Affiliate Program


WeDevs make a number of feature-rich premium plugins like Dokan Multivendor, WP Project Manager, and others. They offer a 20% commission on all sales. Given that their plugins are priced high (but still good value), that equals a significant commission.

According to them, the average affiliate earns $116 per month, with the highest average in 2016 being $1,356 per month.

Go to WeDevs Affiliate Program

CSS Hero

CSS Hero is a great product to promote because it fixes a need for so many WordPress users. It makes CSS customization easy, which every non-developer needs. And with a 40% commission on all sales that you generate, it’s also a great money-maker.

Go to CSS Hero Affiliate Program

Best WordPress Services Affiliate Programs

Because of WordPress’ popularity, it’s developed a vibrant support services community. You can actually earn money by promoting these services to your visitors.

WP Curve

WP Curve is a subscription service for WordPress owners starting at $69 per month. Of that $69 per month, you get $10 per month for the first 12 months. So if you refer a customer who stays on for 12 months, you’ll top out at $120.

The minimum payout is $100.

Go to WP Curve Affiliate Program

WP Buffs

WP Buffs will give you $100 for every single referral that finishes a 30-day free trial. That’s pretty dang generous. You only need a few successful referrals per month to start racking up decent money.

Your referral will count as long as they purchase within 7 days of ending the 30-day free trial.

Go to WP Buffs Affiliate Program


Similar to the previous two, Go WP is another WordPress support and maintenance service. They’ll give you 15% of any sales that you refer. Best of all, that’s a lifetime commission. So if someone you refer keeps paying, you keep earning. Pretty cool!

Go to Go WP Affiliate Program


Sucuri provides security services and plugins to WordPress site owners. They’ll give you between $29.97 to $209.97 per sale depending on the exact product that your referral purchases.

Sucuri Affiliate Program

WP Fix It

WP Fix It charges users $39 to submit a WordPress-related ticket. Of that, you get $5 per ticket. It’s not a lot, but given how affordable WP Fix It is overall, it can add up.

WP Fix It Affiliate Program

Best WordPress Hosting Affiliate Programs

Hosting affiliate programs are one of the biggest money makers out there. Here are some of the best WordPress-specific affiliate programs…


SiteGround offers a generous affiliate program that scales from $50 to $125 per sale depending on how many sales you drive per month. Given that SiteGround actually offers quality performance, it should be an easy sell.

SiteGround Affiliate Program


Personally, I’m not a fan of Bluehost. But I can’t deny the popularity and success of their affiliate program. Bluehost offers $65 per signup. It’s higher than SiteGround’s base rate but much lower than SiteGround’s top tier.

Bluehost Affiliate Program

WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the most well-known managed WordPress hosts. They also offer a massive $200 per new customer. Or, you can also get 100% of a customer’s first month payment. Whichever is higher. That’s crazy generous.

You also get $50 per custom that you sub-affiliates refer. And a 180-day cookie gives you plenty of time to make the sale.

WP Engine Affiliate Program


Kinsta is one of my favorite managed WordPress hosts. You may remember that from my Kinsta review. Their affiliate program isn’t quite released yet but I wanted to include them because they’re a great host and it will be launching soon. Sign up now to get a head start when Kinsta launches their program.

Go to Kinsta Affiliate Program


HostGator offers a similar structure as SiteGround. You can earn between $50 to $125 per sale depending on the exact number of sales you refer per month. So if you’re pushing high volume, it’s a great option.

Go to HostGator Affiliate Program

Wrapping Things Up

Phew…by my count, that’s 32 different affiliate programs for WordPress. I think that no matter what type of site you have, you should be able to find a way to monetize!

I just want to leave you with one note – always remember to pay attention to minimum payouts. If you can only drive a few visits per month to a single affiliate program, it may be difficult to meet the minimum payout. So always keep it in mind before you begin your promotion efforts.

Now it’s over to you – which Affiliate programs for WordPress do you like to promote on your site?

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