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How To: Add Customized Google Maps to WordPress with MapifyPro Plugin

Last Updated on March 29th, 2021

Published on July 15th, 2014


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If you run any kind of website with a physical presence then embedding a Google map on your site is a great way to allow customers to locate you. Adding a usable map to your contact page is a great way to boost usability as people can follow this on their smartphones to get directions, zoom out and move the map around to get a better feel for your location. There are other reasons for embedding a map on your site also, maybe you are a travel blogger who would like to show readers their destinations etc.

Google maps can be a little tricky to get working so thats where the MapifyPro plugin comes in handy – this plugin allows you to embed maps within WordPress by address or Longitude/Latitude and it allows you to setup custom markers, tooltips and even change the map graphic to something custom.

Google Maps Plugin

In this post Im going to be taking a look at how to install and setup this plugin and see how easy it is to use and what the results are.

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Installation & Setup

Once you have uploaded and activated the MapifyPro plugin you will see it has added a new menu item named “MapifyPro” with a few options – “Maps”, “Map Locations”, “Location Tags” and “Bulk Upload”. To get started you should visit the “Maps” link and then click “Add New” to get started creating your first map.


Here you have a chance to choose between an image map and a normal Google map, if you choose image you can then upload your own custom graphics for the map. You can choose to upload acustom map pin or use the built-in graphic, you can choose colors for things like background color, tooltip color, animations and so on.

After setting up your map options, you can then choose some Google Maps-specific options like the mode ( Road, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain ) and a style and search radius.

Map Settings 2

Once you are done, hit “Publish” and then you can add a location to the map you just created.

Adding a Map Location

To add a location you visit the “Map Locations” link and click “Add New” where you can name the location, choose a map ( the one you just created ), add a tooltip for your location and enter the test for it, you can enable popups and even add a video within it from Youtube or Vimeo, add images, enable social sharing and finally you enter your address to add your location to the map.

Map Location

Displaying a Map

To display your map within a post or page, you simply visit the “Maps” link and grab the shortcode to use which looks like this :

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[custom-mapping map_id=”2860″ height=”300″]

Save the page and visit it on your site to see the map :

Map displayed on site

Here is a shot from the demo site where you can see a range of custom markers and tooltips :

Customized Google maps


This plugin has quite a lot of available options, here is a full run-down of what’s available:

  • Unlimited maps organized into intuitive libraries
  • Custom Image Mode! Use images instead of Google Maps, while maintaining all of Google Maps’ familiar features
  • Use Snazzy maps and other customizations in Google Maps Mode
  • Map Clusters group nearby locations and keep your maps nice and tidy
  • Create maps and locations via familiar posts/pages
  • Place maps on your pages/posts with a simple shortcode that is automatically generated for each map
  • Add locations via Address, Longitude/Latitude, or by simply clicking on the map
  • Plot off road pinpoints/markers
  • Filtering and sorting options via custom tags, dropdown filters, and Zip/City search
  • Location-based details: Add extended details, video, and photo galleries to any location.
  • Styling options for tooltip colors, and gallery backgrounds
  • You choose tooltip behavior to close automatically or manually
  • Unique pinpoint graphics on each location as needed (over 100 free map icons included!)
  • Social media sharing of map locations.
  • Provide directions to any direction via a simple shortcode
  • Bulk uploading via .CSV
  • No branding or linkbacks to MapifyPro
  • Latest Google API and other tech
  • Mobile and Tablet ready: Integrates within your responsive website and supports touch/tap/swipe interaction on devices
  • GPS support on mobile devices provides directions to any location on your maps


There are two pricing options for this plugin, you can get a basic version from Codecanyon for $14 which is good for one site or you can get the pro version on the site for $49 which  has a load of extra options and if you need an unlimited site license of the pro version that is $199.

MapifyPro Pricing


This is a great example of a plugin which makes something quite complicated and simplifies it for the user – it was extremely easy to install and intuitive to setup. I like the fact you can use custom images for the map and markers etc – this gives you the option to really make your map unique and match it in with your site’s design.

Give this plugin a go if you are looking for something to add customized Google maps to WordPress for you.

Visit MapifyPro »

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