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6 Best Plugins to Add Click to Tweet Boxes to WordPress

Last Updated on April 9th, 2020

Published on September 26th, 2017


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Struggling with how to add Click to Tweet boxes to WordPress? You know, those quote boxes where your readers can click to instantly share the relevant text to Twitter?

They’re a great way to get more shares on Twitter and boost your social traffic. But, if you want to add Click to Tweet boxes to WordPress, you’re going to need a third-party plugin or tool to get the job done.

In this post, I’ll give you 5 different Click to Tweet plugins, covering both free and premium options. I’ll also give you short tutorials for some of the plugins showing you exactly how to add your Click to Tweet text to WordPress.

They look something like this:

[click_to_tweet tweet=”How to add Click to Tweet boxes to WordPress” quote=”How to add Click to Tweet boxes to WordPress” theme=”style3″]

Let’s jump right in, starting with my favorite free Click to Tweet plugin…

1. Better Click to Tweet

Better Click To Tweet is a “retool” of CoSchedule’s Click to Tweet plugin from Ben Meredith. Ben’s version improves the original plugin by:

  • Making it more user friendly
  • Adding new options like removing attribution and adding nofollow links
  • Allowing you to customize how your Click to Tweet boxes look via CSS

It also makes a number of under the hood improvements with respect to handling non-English languages.

How to Use Better Click to Tweet Plugin

The plugin is easy to use – just install and activate it like you would any other plugin. Then, head to the Better Click to Tweet tab in your dashboard and add your Twitter handle:

configure better click to tweet

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Once that’s done, you can use the new shortcode generator in the WordPress Editor to add Click to Tweet text to your WordPress posts:

how to add click to tweet boxes to WordPress with Better Click to Tweet

And that’s it – you have your Click to Tweet on the front-end:

better click to tweet example

If you want more control over how your Click to Tweet boxes look (and don’t know CSS to handle styling them manually), you can also purchase the premium version of the plugin for $29.99 to get access to a variety of premium styles.

Get Better Click to Tweet Get Pro

2. TweetDis

TweetDis is a premium Click to Tweet plugin from Tim Soulo. While there’s no free version of the plugin, TweetDis backs up its premium price tag with a variety of designs that you won’t get in most of the free Click to Tweet plugins.

In contrast to the free plugins that usually only offer you one pre-made design, TweetDis gives you access to 25 different designs across three styles:

  • Box designs
  • Hint designs
  • Image designs

Box designs should be familiar to you because they’re similar to the Click to Tweet boxes created by Better Click to Tweet (above).

Hint designs are a more low-key approach that just highlight the actual text in your post, while image designs make it easy for someone to, you guessed it….share an image:

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TweetDis examples

I haven’t personally used this plugin, but plenty of popular bloggers do which is a good indicator of its quality.

If those extra designs are tantalizing enough for you to open your wallet, you can purchase TweetDis starting at $37 for a single site license.

Get TweetDis Plugin

3. Click To Tweet from ClickToTweet.com

While there are a few plugins creatively named Click to Tweet, the one I’m referencing here comes from ClickToTweet.com. ClickToTweet.com is a standalone service that helps people add Click to Tweets to any type of content, while this plugin is the WordPress-specific implementation of their service.

The plugin has some neat features to differentiate it from the other options on this list, though the most unique feature is limited in the free version.

First, like TweetDis, you can create three different types of designs:

  • Boxes
  • Hints
  • Images

Then, the plugin also gives you access to detailed tracking and analytics to get statistics on each embedded link in your Click to Tweets.

While this feature is cool, you’re only allowed to create five full-featured tracking links in the free version of the plugin. If you want to track more links, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version for $49.70 per year.

How to Use Click to Tweet from ClickToTweet.com

Once you install and activate the plugin, you can connect to ClickToTweet.com by going to Settings → Click to Tweet in your WordPress dashboard:

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Once you do that, you’ll see a variety of configuration options for the various types of Click to Tweet designs:

After configuring how your Click to Tweets look, you can actually add them to your content using a new shortcode generator in your WordPress Editor:

And that’s all there is to it!

Get Click to Tweet

4. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg Blocks plugin that has more than 15 custom blocks. All of the blocks are designed to make your blog posts engaging. One of the blocks is ‘Click to Tweet’. It lets you add a click to tweet box on your post/page.

The ‘Click to Tweet’ block comes with the following settings.

  • You can enter Twitter username.
  • You can change the font size.
  • You can change Tweet color and border color.

How To Use ‘Click to Tweet’ Block by Ultimate Blocks

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, just go to the WordPress editor where you want to add the click to tweet box.

Then enter the ‘Click to Tweet’ block on the editor.

Click to Tweet Block

Then enter your desired text on the ‘Click to Tweet’ box and configure settings from the right-hand side.

Click to Tweet block settings

And that’s it. You’re done.

Get Ultimate Blocks

5. Social Warfare / Many Other Social Sharing Plugins

If you’re already using Social Warfare or another premium social sharing plugin, you might not even need a dedicated Click to Tweet plugin.

See, many social sharing plugins include features to help you add Click to Tweet to WordPress.

For example, Social Warfare lets you add Click to Tweet boxes in a few different styles:

And then you can easily add Click to Tweet boxes to WordPress via an option in the WordPress Editor:

[clickToTweet tweet=”Check out this Click to Tweet box made with Social Warfare” quote=”Check out this Click to Tweet box made with Social Warfare”]

So, if you’re already using a premium social sharing plugin, double check to make sure that you don’t already have access to Click to Tweet functionality.

Get Social Warfare Pro

6. Sumo

Sumo offers a neat tweak on Click to Tweets. Instead of offering a static Click to Tweet box or hint like the other Click to Tweet plugins, Sumo Highlighter adds a Medium-style feature that lets your visitors highlight any portion of your text and directly share it to Twitter.

Essentially, it makes your entire post “Click to Tweet.” This is a feature that many users like on Medium, so it’s quite cool that Sumo lets you add it to your WordPress site.

The only downsides are that:

  • Some visitors might not realize that the feature exists
  • You can’t push readers to Tweet a specific passage without combining Sumo Highlighter with another one of these Click to Tweet plugins.

Still, if you’re already using the Sumo suite of apps, this is a cool little add-on.

Get Sumo WordPress Plugin

Wrapping Things Up

It’s easy to add Click to Tweet boxes to WordPress thanks to these plugins.

If you’re just interested in a basic free solution, I like the Better Click to Tweet plugin. For more advanced styling, TweetDis or ClickToTweet.com’s plugin are both good solutions.

And finally, Sumo Highlighter is a neat twist on Click to Tweet functionality that lets your users easily share any part of your post.

Now over to you – have any tips on how to best add Click to Tweet functionality to WordPress? Let us know in the comments!

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