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Published on March 8th, 2012

Last Updated on April 1st, 2021


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Having a Frequently Asked Questions or F.A.Q section on your website can help cut down on customer support enquiries – they are just generally a list of questions and answers that potential customers or existing ones may have. You can direct people to your F.A.Q section before they submit a support request or enquiry. You could just manage this page by hand but a more elegant solution is to use a plugin that handles this for you.

The newly released WP-FAQ is a free plugin that can do just this – it creates custom post types which handle the storage of the F.A.Q questions and answers and allows you to display them on any page using a shortcode. It also makes them use an animated dropdown system so you can display a lot more on one page.

In this post I will show you how to install the plugin and get your F.A.Q page up and running.

Download WP-FAQ »

Install The Plugin

Download the plugin and unzip the file, then in your WordPress admin, visit “Plugins” > “Add New” > “Upload” and upload the file.

Activate the plugin and you will see it adds a new menu called “F.A.Q” :

Add Some Groups & Questions

If you need multiple categories for your F.A.Q questions, from the menu select “F.A.Q Groups” and you can begin adding these like you would normal blog categories – you can leave this part out if you just want to house all your questions in one.

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To begin adding F.A.Q questions, go to “New Entry” and you will see the page is like a normal add post page – type your title as the question and in the body put the answer and hit “Publish” to add the question :

Add as many as you need for your site, if you need to review them and edit or delete any questions, visit the FAQ menu item and you will see them all listed :

Choose a Color Scheme

On any F.A.Q page at the top right you will see a tab which says “FAQ Color Schemes”:

Clicking that will make the color scheme choices drop down, pick one which matches your site :

Add The Shortcode

The final step is to create a page which will display your FAQ, so visit “Pages” > “Add New” and you will see an extra button on your visual editor, click that and it will insert a short code – publish the page and that is where your F.A.Q will appear :

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Here is how the F.A.Q looks like on the default Twenty Eleven theme :


This plugin is really easy to install and get your F.A.Q up and running in no time at all. I have a couple of small issues – I think the color scheme picker should be moved to a normal menu item as it wasnt apparent at first where it was located – I had to search a bit. I would call it something like “Display Options” and include more graphical options – I dont think the front-end is that attractive, I would prefer some more subtle styling.

This is only version 1.0 though and its a good start – so give it a go if you need a simple F.A.Q solution.

Download WP-FAQ »

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