Add a Pricing Table to WordPress with the Free Pricing Table Plugin

With the rise of Web Apps and SAAS which have different payment plans, we started seeing pricing tables as a way for companies to indicate which features were included for each price plan to differentiate them. I guess we started seeing these tables on web hosting sites originally as they had a lot of features to show. Quite often, the provider will highlight one plan as the “best value” or “most popular” and try to draw a potential customers eye to it – this could be by making it a different color to the others or making it larger etc.

I came across a free plugin the other day called Pricing Table, which allows you to create pricing tables within WordPress and add them with a shortcode. In this review I will be taking a look at how to install and configure it. There is also a pro version with more features if you fancy that instead.

Download Pricing Table Free » Download Pricing Table Pro $10 »

Install The Plugin

Download the plugin, then in your WordPress admin, visit “Plugins” > “Add New” > “Upload” and upload the file.

Activate the plugin and you will see a new menu item called “Pricing Table”

Add a Pricing Table

Click “Add New” and you can start adding your pricing table. On the “Add New” page you will see some options to add, you can “Add Feature” and “Add Package” :

So start off by adding any features you want included, you can see by default there is allready: Price, Detail, Button URL and Button Text. Other features depend on what your product is. You can see here I’ve added a few features that a web hosting company might include :

Once you have added all your features, you can begin adding your packages. Click “Add Package” and boxes will appear for you to fill in the details of that plan :

You can add as many plans as you like here, once you’re done hit the “Publish” button.

Displaying the Pricing Table

If you click “All Pricing Tables” you will see the table you just created listed, along with a Shortcode in the format:

  • [ahm-pricing-table id=18]

You can use this code in a page or a post and the table will display. You can also add a parameter to the end to choose between the green or gray table like so :

  • [ahm-pricing-table id=18 template=green]
  • [ahm-pricing-table id=18 template=gray]

So create a page and add the shortcode like so :

The tables look like this, green one :

Gray one :


This is a pretty easy way to get a pricing table added to your WordPress site – setup is really simple so no one should have any problems with that. The design of the gray table is pretty nice and I could see it being used and would fit some color schemes. The green one though, really is quite ugly, as you can see from the screenshot above – you can purchase the pro version though and get more color schemes which might be nicer and fit your site better. If you know CSS you could probably tweak these even further to fit your site better.

Give this plugin a go if you need an easy way to add pricing grids and you see a color scheme which can match your site.

Download Pricing Table Free » Download Pricing Table Pro $10 »



Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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