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How To Accept Bitcoin On WordPress: WooCommerce, Donations, EDD + More

Last Updated on July 9th, 2020

Published on December 21st, 2017

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At the time that I’m sitting down to write this post, one Bitcoin sits at $18,474.10. By the time you read this post, that price might seem either shockingly low or bizarrely high – who knows!

But one thing I do know is that Bitcoin fever is sweeping the nation. And that means you might be looking for a way to accept Bitcoin payments or donations on your WordPress site.

Whether you’re using WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, or just want a simple way to accept Bitcoin donations on your website, this post should help you out.

I’ll start with the simplest way to accept Bitcoin on WordPress and then go into a more structured Bitcoin payment gateway that works with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Give, and some membership plugins.

Let’s get started before the price of Bitcoin jumps (or falls!) another $10,000…

1. Cryptocurrency All-in-One – Donation + Simple Payment

If you just want to add a basic Bitcoin donate box, then Cryptocurrency All-in-One provides the easiest solution that I’ve found. The plugin lets you do two things:

  • Display your wallet address with a QR code for freeform donations
  • Show a dedicated Bitcoin payment box for a fixed amount of Bitcoin

Unlike the next option on this list, there’s no API access to consider. Pretty much all you need to do is enter your wallet address in the shortcode and you’re off to the races.

For donations, Cryptocurrency All-in-One works with:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • Zcash

For the structured payments, it only works with Bitcoin, though.

To get started with the plugin, you can install the free Cryptocurrency All-in-One plugin from WordPress.org.

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How To Accept Simple Cryptocurrency Donations

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, go to Cyptocurrency (sic!) and select the Donations tab:

bitcoin donation shortcode

Copy the shortcode and make sure to replace the example wallet address with your own wallet address. Then, paste the shortcode wherever you want your Bitcoin donate box to appear:

example of shortcode

By default, the shortcode will use Bitcoin. Here’s what it looks like:

how to accept bitcoin on wordpress

You can also modify the donate box to use a different cryptocurrency by using the currency=”XXX” parameter, where XXX is the currency’s three digit code.

For example, to accept Ethereum you could use something like:

[ cryptodonation address="0xc85c5bef5a9fd730a429b0e04c69b60d9ef4c64b" currency="eth" ] (without spaces)

How To Accept Simple Bitcoin Payments

To use the plugin’s payment system, go to Cyptocurrency → Payment Settings and enter one or more Bitcoin wallet addresses (the plugin will randomly choose one for each payment):

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accept bitcoin payments on wordpress

Then, go to Cyptocurrency and choose the Orders, payments tab. Copy the shortcode and replace the item and amount parameters with your desired values.

Then, you can use that to display a payment box anywhere on your site:

This method is fine for accepting basic payments and donations. But if you want something a bit more structured and high-powered, you’ll probably want to follow the next method.

2. GoUrl – WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Restricted Content + More

GoUrl is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that has a number of different plugins listed at WordPress.org.

It’s definitely the most popular option to accept Bitcoin on WordPress, at least as far as plugins go. And across the GoUrl team’s entire library you can:

And they also have smaller plugins for things like bbPress, Paid Memberships Pro, and more.

All the plugins work fairly similarly – you install the main payment gateway plugin, sign up for a free GoUrl account and then, if desired, install one of the many extension plugins for specific integrations.

I’ll show you how to set up the Bitcoin payment gateway for WooCommerce – but you’ll be able to follow a similar process for any of the other add-ons.

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Step 1: Install Required Plugins

To get started, you’re going to need to install a few plugins.

For this specific example of a Bitcoin WooCommerce payment gateway, you’ll need:

For Easy Digital Downloads, you’d swap in the following add-on for the WooCommerce plugin above:

If you wanted to add a Bitcoin donation system instead, you’d need these three plugins:

Once you’ve got the required plugins installed, you’re ready to move on.

Step 2: Sign Up For GoUrl Account And Create Payment Box

Next up, you need to sign up for a free GoUrl account.

Once you’ve signed up and confirmed your email, you need to go here to create a Payment Box.

Fill in all the details. If you’re not sure what a specific option does, hover over the icon for more information:

gourl callback

For the Callback URL:

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard
  • Visit GoURL Bitcoin → Summary
  • Find the Callback URL option in the GoURL Instruction

Once you Save your Payment Box, GoURL will display your:

  • Public Key
  • Private Key

Keep that page open and go back to your WordPress dashboard. Then, go to GoUrl Bitcoin → Settings and paste the keys in their respective boxes for the currency that you chose when creating the payment box:

Step 3: Add Bitcoin Payment Gateway To WooCommerce

Once you’ve saved your public and private keys, all that’s left to do is actually set up the Bitcoin payment gateway in your WooCommerce settings.

To do that, go to WooCommerce → Settings. Then, choose the Checkout tab and click on GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoins:

Check the box at the top to enable the gateway. And you also might want to configure the options below.

One nice thing that you can do is either charge a premium or give a discount for cryptocurrency payments. For example, if you enter 0.95 in the Exchange Rate Multiplier box, you’ll give everyone who pays with cryptocurrency a 5% discount:

And that’s it! People should now be able to check out via WooCommerce using Bitcoin (or any other altcoin that you selected).

3. Coinbase Widget

Finally, if you have a Coinbase account, another neat way that you can accept Bitcoin on your WordPress site is via Coinbase’s built-in widget.

This one has a bit of a twist, though:

Instead of letting people send you their Bitcoin – the Coinbase widget lets people send you Bitcoin by paying in fiat currency.

Depending on your specific needs, that could either be a good thing or a bad thing.

If you like the functionality, head here and create a new Buy Widget (if you don’t already have a Coinbase account, you’ll need to create one before you can create a widget):

You can then embed the buy widget using the code that Coinbase provides you with.

Wrapping Things Up

Time will tell whether or not cryptocurrency has staying power as an actual method of transaction. But for now, I think we can all agree that what’s happening with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is certainly exciting.

And if you want to capture that excitement on your WordPress site, one of these methods should give you the tools you need to accept Bitcoin on your WordPress site.

If you have any other cool cryptocurrency tips or suggestions, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

P.S. I can’t wait to look back on this post in a year and see whether it still applies to present day.

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