Increase Sales by Recovering Abandoned Shopping Carts in WooCommerce

Abandon Cart Pro is an add-on for the WooCommerce online shop builder plugin for WordPress. This add-on adds a very useful feature to your online store, and it’s one that could significantly increase your revenue.

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When installed on your site, this plugin gives you the ability to recover abandoned shopping carts from your store, and make those sales you would’ve otherwise gone without. With the average abandonment rate for online shopping carts sitting close to 70%, this is a very real problem for online store owners.

Whenever a customer leaves your site before purchasing the items in their shopping cart, the Abandon Cart Pro plugin works in the background, sending those visitors one or more email notifications, reminding them about the items they didn’t get around the purchasing.

The plugin contains some impressive features that will help persuade your visitors to return to your store and complete their purchase, and gives you a good set of options for customising how it works.

To find out this plugin can make your store more profitable, here is our review and guide to the Abandon Cart Pro add-on for WooCommerce.

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How Abandon Cart Pro Can Increase Profits

You might not even realise it but at your online store, there will be many visitors who add products to their virtual shopping cart, but never make it to the checkout to complete the sale.

There could be many reasons for a shopping cart to be abandoned, including:

  • Unexpected costs added to the total
  • Shipping costs too high
  • The customer got cold feet
  • The overall price was too expensive
  • The website or computer crashed
  • They didn’t have their payment details to hand
  • They got distracted or called away

If any of those reasons or more apply to the shopping carts at your store that are abandoned, then this plugin can help you reclaim them and receive those orders you would most likely never been able to complete otherwise.

As one of the key features of this plugin is the ability to send out an email reminder to visitors who leave the store without checking out the items in their cart, there is a good chance some of the customers who didn’t check out due to a website or computer crash, not having their payment details to hand, or those that got distracted or called away.

For those customers, a friendly reminder email should be enough to bring them back to the store to finish their shopping.

But what about those customers who left due to the unexpected costs added to the total, the shipping costs being too high, or the overall price being too great? Well, the Abandon Cart Pro plugin has another trick up its sleeve, and that is the ability to include discount coupons to the reminder email, offering them a reduction on the checkout price.

The plugin also includes other useful features such as:

  • Personalise emails with custom variables (name, abandon date, checkout page link)
  • Link in emails to recover a cart in a single click
  • Include custom WooCommerce discount coupons in the emails
  • Visitors who have not yet registered but have entered an email address can still be sent a notification email
  • Send multiple automated custom emails at predefined intervals
  • Include product information in the automated email to help encourage visitors
  • Track emails including open rates and links clicked, for each template
  • Site admin is notified when an abandoned cart is recovered

By being able to send out personalised automated email notifications to visitors who’ve abandoned their shopping cart on your site, with the option of including a WooCommerce discount coupon to increase the chances of them making the purchase, you can begin reclaiming lost sales without any real effort.

It’s worth noting that the plugin will only be able to send a notification if the visitor has entered their email address, either during the checkout process or when logging into their account.

How the Abandon Cart Pro WooCommerce Add-on Works

Once the Abandon Cart Pro plugin has been installed on a WooCommerce powered eCommerce store, a new item is added to the WooCommerce menu on the admin sidebar.

From here you can set up the plugin, create the email templates to be used to notify customers about their abandoned cart, and view reports on recovered orders and emails sent.

Abandon Cart Settings

The user interface for the plugin is well designed, harnessing the look and feel of the native WordPress UI. This helps it blend in with the rest of the WooCommerce admin pages and the WordPress dashboard.

Enabled and configuring the abandon cart notifications on your site is very easy, with the main options being:

  • Time to wait before a cart is considered abandoned
  • Number of days to store an abandoned cart before deleting it
  • Enable email notifications for admin users when a cart is recovered
  • Track coupons that are used on abandoned carts

If you do want to offer your visitors a discount coupon to help bring them back to the store, then you must first create one in WooCommerce, from the Coupons menu item.

Creating a Discount Coupon

Abandon Cart Coupon

With WooCommerce coupons, you can offer cart discounts or product discounts, and both can either be a fixed amount, such as $10, or a percentage of the total. WooCommerce also makes it easy to offer a free shipping discount code, and also set an expiry date for each coupon and a maximum number of uses.

You can create multiple coupons and use different ones in different email templates. As you can send multiple reminders to the same person, you can offer increasingly deeper discounts by adding a different coupon to each email they receive.

Create an Email Template

The next step is to create an email template that will be used when a customer is reminded about their cart.

Abandon Cart Email Template

When creating the email templates, the plugin gives you access to a good selection of custom fields which can be used to personalise the email when it is generated. These fields include:

  • Customer name
  • Shop name and URL
  • Date cart was abandoned
  • List of products in the abandoned cart
  • Direct link to the abandoned shopping cart
  • Direct link to the checkout
  • Insert a coupon code

These custom fields and the direct links make it as easy as possible for your visitors to return to the site and continue where they left off.

Through the individual email template settings, you can set the time to wait before sending the email, and which coupons codes to include in the message. As you can create multiple email templates, that are sent out after different timed intervals, you can send multiple reminders each with increasingly generous discount coupons to help persuade a customer to complete their purchase.

Once an email has been sent out, it will be added to the Sent Emails tab on the plugin settings page, allowing you to see not only the emails that have been sent but also the number that have been opened and links to your store that have been clicked.

From the Abandoned Orders tab, you can also see any carts that haven’t been checked out and are considered abandoned on your site.

Abandon Cart Orders

You can also see some information on how many recoveries have been made under the Recovered Orders tab. This screen will also tell you how much extra sales this has resulted in.

Abandon Cart Stats

Using the plugin is very easy and each of the settings and options is self-explanatory, with further information provided by the hover activated tooltips.


The Abandon Cart Pro plugin for WooCommerce from Tyche Softwares is available on three pricing plans:

  • Single store – $79
  • Five stores – $199
  • Unlimited stores – $249

If your store is experiencing anywhere near the reported average of a 70% shopping cart abandonment rate, then this plugin should be able to pay for its self in no time thanks to the number of lost sales it can recover.


Whether you are an online store owner or are building this type of website for a client, being able to add this feature to the store is a great way to increase sales and boost profits. With close to 70% of all online shopping carts being abandoned before the customer completes the sale, you can’t really afford not to install this plugin.

With its easy to use interface and practical set of features, the Abandon Cart Pro add-on for WooCommerce comes highly recommended.

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