A Dash of Dashter Boosts Your Twitter Experience

Owning the conversation and managing your Twitter relationships just got a little lot easier with Dashter.

What is Dashter? It’s a tool that helps you manage your Twitter conversations and relationships all from the convenience of your WordPress Admin! Pretty cool, huh?

I’ve had the pleasure of testing and using this plugin for the past month.  As a member of an active WordPress community in Orange County, CA, I’ve been afforded the great fortune of getting to know and share ideas with a number of WordPress developers and enthusiasts.  One such developer is Dave Cole, the guy who developed Dashter.

First off, this post would be ridiculously long if I told you all the ways that I’ve used Dashter to improve my Twitter-Fu on one of the blogs I run. Instead I’m going to highlight a number of areas that I think are really important for bloggers or, anyone really, looking to use their website as a “hub” to manage their social presence on the interwebs.

At it’s most basic; Dashter allows one to use Twitter to engage with their audience without ever having to leave the admin panel. Another small bit of functionality that I just LOVE is the new tweet notification. When you have a new mention, you’ll see a non-intrusive notification at the top of your WordPress admin, that you can see from anywhere. Are you in Gravity Forms? No problem. Just click the notification and reply!! However, those things comprise only a small piece of what this awesome plugin does!

Dashter as a Relationship Manager

Dashter easily allows you to see who’s recently talked about you on Twitter. Perhaps you want to engage those people and say “hi.” It also helps you find people who are having conversations related to your content.

I run a dating blog with a friend of mine. We wanted to generate some conversation regarding Movember. Dashter provided a way for us to easily search up that hashtag and engage people who were already having that conversation. Nice! That it allows you to find these conversations with your own audience is great, but it also allows you to go beyond and see conversations beyond your influence to engage other users.

Dashter as a Curation Tool

Curation is the act of organizing and maintaining a collection of works and artifacts. At least that’s what the Internet tells me. So it must be right! Dashter excels here, too! Curation of Twitter conversations is probably the area where Dashter shines brightest.

As Dave Cole explained it to me, ‘favorited’ tweets would be a good place to start. Since one can ‘favorite’ a tweet from almost any Twitter client, it’s easy to mark the conversations that you want to create content around and refer to those tweets later. Yes, Dashter has an easy to view interface of your favorited tweets.

However, the real magic is what happens when you click the ‘curate’ button within Dashter on a favorite tweet, or any tweet of interest. When clicking ‘curate’ Dashter provides the ability to use that tweet in a new post. The “cherry on top,” you ask? Dashter will allow you to notify users mentioned in your post as well. Nice! Imagine being able to find interesting content, find other people talking about, create posts based off of those conversations and then tell people about those posts. How cool is that?

With Dashter, you no longer have to imagine what that would be like.

Pickup your copy of the plugin over at Dashter.com. The basic license costs $95 and covers up to three domains.

Alex Vasquez

Alex Vasquez

Alex Vasquez is a web designer, coder, artist and business owner. When he's not lost in his own to-do lists, he spends time taking a hike, or bike ride with his girlfriend and making snarky comments along the way; he's never too far from his favorite craft beer. You can find me on Twitter or check out my business site over at DigiSavvy

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