65 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Next Website

Since WordPress used to be primarily considered as a blogging platform, business professionals often shy away from using it to develop their business websites. Moreover, since it’s open source and completely free to use, there is a common misconception that WordPress is meant for amateurs, not for serious business purposes. Most professionals doubt its scalability when it comes to handling large projects and never ever think of using WordPress services for dealing big clients. However, putting aside all these age-old conceptions, if we focus on the statistics, it shows that WordPress powers one quarter, i.e. 25% of the entire internet.

There are indeed some reasons of so many people investing in this platform while designing their websites. Here, we bring you 65 of the most vital reasons, which will help you decide if you too have been thinking about using it for your business website:

  1. Free as in Freedom – WordPress is a free platform, enabling you to download, install, modify and use it just as you may want to. WordPress also lets you design a website of your choice.
  2. Easy to Use – Millions of people use WordPress in order to create their first websites simply because it’s very simple to use.
  3. Extendable by using themes – WordPress lets the users design a website of their choice with thousands of free themes. You can simply pick one and make your website look professional. Check the top selling themes for WordPress.
  4. Extendable by using plugins – One of the major reasons why WordPress is so popular among beginners is because it is extremely flexible and thousands of premium and free plugins are available. Check the top selling plugins for WordPress .
  5. Search Engine friendly – WordPress has been designed in a way so that it produces semantic markup. This makes it completely SEO-friendly, which can help rank your site better in search engine results.
  6. Easy to manage – Since WordPress comes along with a built-in updater, you can easily update the themes and plugins and keep your site looking fresh.
  7. Safe and secure – WordPress has been designed keeping the security compliance in mind. Therefore, it’s considered to be quite safe to run a website on this platform.
  8. WordPress Can Handle Different Media Types – WordPress is a platform that allows you to add different media types like videos, images or audio files. This helps improve the user experience.
  9. Powerful right out of the box – Once you install WordPress, you are free to go readily. You don’t have to search or install other add-ons.
  10. Flexible – As a platform, WordPress is extremely flexible and versatile. Hence, it can be used for a variety of purposes – right from running a high traffic e-commerce portal to a personal blog.
  11. Customized – Since WordPress comes along with multiple themes and plugins to choose from, you can customize your website just as you want to.
  12. Lots of support -WordPress comes with lots of professional support, which ensures easy troubleshooting without any hassle.
  13. Mobile friendly – In the present era, your business is dead if your website is not mobile friendly. Since WordPress has been designed in a mobile-friendly way, it pays to use it for your business website.
  14. Integration – It’s very easy to integrate WordPress with some of the powerful platforms, which help give an additional boost to your business.
  15. Easy to learn – It’s quite easy to learn how to use WordPress. You can learn it in a few minutes, without any technical help.
  16. More than just a blog – Although WordPress is popular among most users as a blogging platform, it can also be used as a website in itself.
  17. Establishes a community – WordPress is designed to encourage social communication. Whether it’s by interacting with people through the comments section or by sharing the posts on social media networks, you can establish a community with it.
  18. Saves you money – Apart from being a free platform to use, WordPress also eliminates the need of hiring a professional designer. Thus, it helps you cut costs.
  19. Numerous e-commerce solutions – There are countless e-commerce solutions, which you can use for converting your WordPress site into a digital store.
  20. Site looking fresh – Whether you want to revamp the appearance of the website or just need to give it a special touch, you can easily do that with the help of countless WordPress themes.
  21. Can be used as a membership service – If you are planning to earn some extra revenue or would like to create a loyal fan base, you can convert your WordPress site into a complete membership website.
  22. Schedule posts – In a WordPress website, you can schedule a post well in advance. This ensures you don’t need to go online every time you want to a particular post live.
  23. Multi-user capability – You can easily assign different tasks to different individuals while designing a website through WordPress. Administrator, editor and super admin are only to name just a few of these roles.
  24. Add testimonials – Testimonials are important to let your customers know about your offerings and establish your credibility in the market. You can easily do this by installing effective WordPress plugins.
  25. Publish content with one-click – In WordPress, it’s really simple to publish content. Once you are done, you simply need to click on the publish button.
  26. Universal platform – Since the dashboard of WordPress always looks the same, it acts as a universal platform.
  27. WordPress keeps getting better: Despite starting its journey as a blogging platform, WordPress has developed over the years as a full CMS. It’s continually getting better with more widgets, plugins and themes being developed every now and then. No wonder people often say that WordPress is limited only by your imagination.
  28. Accessibility: From anywhere in the world, you can use a computer with internet access to make changes to your WordPress website and add/delete/edit content easily. You won’t need any additional software for the job as you will just need a web browser for it.
  29. Speed of communication: You won’t need to wait for days to see the changes made by your web designer go live. With WordPress, your site’s content can be altered and updated right away.
  30. Consistency: WordPress code is quite streamlined and consistent. Since it doesn’t use excessive HTML code, Google favors it for indexing.
  31. Better time management: As you can schedule a lot of work and delegate jobs to people, you can manage your time better with a site that runs on WordPress.
  32. Social networking plugins: With user-friendly WordPress plugins available to share your content over multiple social networking platforms, you no longer have to share them arduously.
  33. Creative welcoming: Being an open source platform, WordPress welcomes creativity and experimentation.
  34. Inspiring: This open source platform inspires web developers, web designers and content managers to try out new, innovative things as they can share their ideas and get help from a community that transcends geographical borders.
  35. No need to update navigation: Since upgrades to WordPress are free, you won’t need to update navigation.
  36. Assign post to categories: If you want to segregate your content into various categories like blogs, articles etc, you can create categories and assign the content to them.
  37. Improved security: If you involve experts during WordPress installation, your website can be hacker-proofed more securely as compared to traditional websites.
  38. Two-way communication with visitors: By approving blog comments and interacting with your readers by thanking them for their comments or answering their questions, if any, you can ensure two-way communicating. You may even encourage your readers to include your target keyword phrases in their comments for better search positioning.
  39. Increase your perceived industry authority: WordPress lets you keep your site’s content fresh and updated. This way, you not only create strong bonds with your audience but even create your authority and credibility in the desired niche.
  40. Automatic archiving feature: This feature lets you repair, optimize, restore and take backup of your database easily.
  41. Automated syndication: Content syndication is made easy by WordPress. Whether you need to pull content from external sources like RSS Feeds or push your content to multiple sites, you can automate them with WordPress.
  42. One-step posting: To post content, you don’t need to find your way through the traditionally tricky FTP servers as WordPress dashboard gives you a one-step publishing button.
  43. You control the discussions: Even when you add multiple users like authors, editors etc, you retain the ultimate reins of control as the administrator and can thus, steer the discussions as you wish to.
  44. Increased functionality with lower cost: WordPress is loaded with several features that let you make the edits in your website without hiring an expert developer or coder. Thus, you can enjoy better functionality at lower costs.
  45. Free upgrades: Unlike traditional website software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver or Flash, WordPress upgrades are free.
  46. Auto- saved: With an auto-save feature, you never have to worry about losing what you have written in WordPress even if you forget to click the save button.
  47. Easy-to-read format: With several free, easy-to-read content themes available in WordPress, you can take your pick from the most suitable one.
  48. Easy integration process – It’s quite easy to install the different plugins into WordPress. You can easily install social media platforms and different apps and important tools.
  49. Stylish themes – You are left with plenty of choices when it comes to selecting a stylish theme. You can select a free theme or buy one according to your requirement.
  50. Vast community – In case you need professional help, WordPress has a huge community across the globe. You can ask for help from the numerous forums and tutorials.
  51. Protected from spam and hacking – WordPress is completely protected from all kind of hacking and spam that are very common on open source websites.
  52. Easy administration panel – It’s really simple to control the website as it has an easy administration panel. The built-in user registration system allows quick and simple registration.
  53. Loved by Google – This is probably the most compelling reason to use WordPress. With handy SEO plugins and a few native permalinks, it’s easy to get a high rank on Google with a WordPress site.
  54. Integration of apps – It’s a smooth process to integrate different important apps and tools like Google Maps, Sound Cloud or YouTube in a WordPress site.
  55. Accessibility on various platforms – WordPress sites are easily accessible on both Linux and Windows servers, when it comes to technology or installation process.
  56. Cloud-based – A WordPress site can be edited from any computer that is connected to the Internet. Since it’s based in the cloud, no particular software is needed to edit the HTML pages.
  57. Plug-in contact form – In WordPress sites, the plugins for contact forms are easily available. This allows the creation of contact pages through which users can communicate without revealing their email-ID.
  58. Easy to maintain – When you design a site on WordPress, you don’t need to worry about its maintenance. With lots of plugins and free themes, you can easily maintain it.
  59. Trusted by millions – Right from small and medium businesses to large enterprises, everyone relies on WordPress for developing not only blogs and sites, but also e-commerce portals.
  60. Full of security plugins – WordPress comes equipped with lots of plugins that monitor the activities of your site and prevent most of the attacks. You are also notified about any kind of suspicious activity as soon as it occurs.
  61. Secure passwords – WordPress websites are considered to be quite safe and secure since you can safeguard the website with strong passwords. Make sure the credentials are long, strong and complicated enough to decode.
  62. Secure checkout/SSL – WordPress websites are encrypted with SSL certificates or HTTPS. This ensures the data that’s being transferred is completely encrypted and safe.
  63. Trusted e-commerce platforms – You can use a number of popular e-commerce solutions in order to build a safe and secure online store. These include WooCommerce and Dokan.
  64. WordPress forums offer support – Although WordPress is quite simple to use, you can get professional help from the different WordPress forums. They come up with feasible solutions in real time, enabling you to run your business smoothly.
  65. Low installation time – Time to install WordPress sites is low as you will take at most 5 minutes to do it, compared to 10 minutes taken for Drupal and Joomla CMS. This makes WordPress the ideal platform, especially for freelancers and small businesses.

With so many benefits on offer, it’s no wonder that WordPress is taking over the World Wide Web and has emerged as the platform of choice for several business websites.


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  1. Great compilation Soumya. What i like bout WordPress is the community, its easy to maintain and most of all its FREE! Running your website doesn’t have to be expensive, gets a lot of support when you need to and the maintenance is pretty straight forward.

    I had been helping start up businesses build there online presence since 2011, and WordPress powered each and every client site.


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