40 Premium Business & Corporate Themes Part 6

Now that we’re a few months into 2013 I wanted to take the opportunity to re-visit and add to one of our most popular running series: Premium WordPress Business & Corporate Themes. This roundup will mark the sixth installment of this series, each including 40 premium themes.

As Oliver has mentioned at the beginning of one or two of the earlier installments of this series, premium business and corporate WordPress themes are among the most highly sought after in the premium WordPress theme marketplace – and for good reason too! They’re a quick and easy (not to mention affordable) way to achieve an extremely professional look for your business online. A must in today’s world.

If you’d like to check out even more premium WordPress business and corporate themes after this post, feel free to visit our past installments: part one, part two, part three, part four, and part five.


Avando is a clean & responsive corporate theme which is suitable for a wide range of businesses with just the right amount of options such as Staff and Portfolio post types but not bloated with millions of things you will never use.

Avando WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $49 (Developer Club: $99)


Pressco is a very clean and tidy portfolio style theme for businesses or freelancers to show off their work.

Pressco WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $49 (Developer Club: $99)


Elesoft is a big and bold business showcase theme with a full width slider and a bunch of great features!

Elesoft WordPress Theme


ThemeSoft is a clean & responsive portfolio theme for creatives, businesses and freelancers.

ThemeSoft WordPress Theme


Whiteside is our first responsive theme, it has a clean business feel, responsive slider and portfolio section.

Whiteside WordPress Theme


Busine is a clean theme for your business website – with a neat homepage you can customize by adding text widgets with your own icons and a large tagline box where you can tell your customers what you do. The homepage also displays your latest portfolio pieces if required and your latest news / blog posts.

Busine WordPress Theme

Business Theme

The Business Theme features a clean and corporate design perfect for companies wishing to increase the profile of their web presence.

Business-Theme WordPress Theme


The Biznify Theme for WordPress is an amazing business-based website solution. It has groundbreaking features such as the “Super Post” which allows you to post videos, photo galleries, and content all on one post to create amazing portfolios.

Biznify WordPress Theme


Seasons is an elegant WordPress theme with a layout and features that perfectly suits for restaurants, bars, cafe’s and other businesses from the food related industry.

Seasons WordPress Theme


Venture is a professional WordPress Theme, that perfectly suits your business website. Even though it is a business theme, the built-in portfolio is a great way to show off your work, photos or anything else.

Venture WordPress Theme


Discovery is a very well structured WordPress theme that can be used with any type of content. Developed with businesses in mind, this theme is versatile, easy to adapt and customize.

Discovery WordPress Theme


StyleShop is a sleek and powerful eCommerce WordPress Theme that provides all the tools you need to launch a successful online store. The design is beautiful and responsive, and includes a unique mobile layout that makes browsing your website on a breeze no matter what device you are using! If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your new business, then StyleShop is the theme for you.

StyleShop WordPress Theme


Nimble is a big, bold, and beautiful theme that doesn’t let its own style get in the way. With each design I struggle to strike a balance between style and function. Nimble’s colors are toned down but still delicious and its style is bold but still leaves room to breath. Browsing Nimble on a 27″ Cinema Display is quite a treat, but so is browsing the theme on a small screen as well due to Nimble’s fully responsive design.

Nimble WordPress Theme


Evolution is our first fully responsive design. What makes the theme so special is its ability to adapt to various screen sizes. Evolution come with 4 distinct layouts, each meant to improve your user’s experience when browsing on mobile phones and tablets. No longer will they need to zoom and scroll to view your site, as the theme’s layout will adapt to the small screen and serve your content in an intuitive way automatically. Just try reducing your browser’s window size when preview the theme to see the magic in action!

Evolution WordPress Theme


SimplePress is a slick new page-based theme great for anyone looking to give their website a clean and professional look. My goal with this design was to make something similar to our other business-oriented themes, but with a simpler and crisper aesthetic. The theme features a un-bloated bloated homepage with a beautiful javascript slider and clear hierarchy, as well as fully functional Blog and Gallery sections.

SimplePress WordPress Theme


Nova is a sharp, simplistic design that makes for an intuitive user experience. Nova’s biggest strength is its homepage, which allows you to organize your content into two areas. The Featured Slider is perhaps the most versatile slider we have built, and comes with multiple slider variations that breath new life into the design.

Nova WordPress Theme


Trim is simple, professional, versatile and fast. We have had a lot of requests for a less stylistic, lightweight design, and that is exactly what we created. Trim might be simple, but with that simplicity comes a sense of balance and crispness that is quite refreshing. Coupled with a bunch of great features, Trim is a great theme that will prove useful for a variety of different websites.

Trim WordPress Theme


Feather has a light and airy quality that gives your website a fun and care-free vibe. The theme is simple, but its subtle details and textures have been designed with care. If you are looking for a subdued design that is still stylistic and impressive, then Feather just might be the theme for you.

Feather WordPress Theme


Sky floats above the pack in style and its sense of whimsy is sure to leave your visitors surprised and refreshed. Sky is unique in the way it’s homepage operates, loading all of your content seamlessly using ajax. This means that no matter how many pages you have in the “slider,” your initial page load speed will be lightning fast as each page is only loaded when it is displayed.

Sky WordPress Theme


Webly is a professional theme with just enough charm and whimsy to give your website that fun and unique edge. With powerful tools, such as the multimedia slider and content bar on the homepage, Webly provides you with creative ways to engage your visitors. If you are looking for creative theme that will make your business stand out from the crowd, then look no further!

Webly WordPress Theme


MyProduct is a great theme for businesses looking to promote their products and services online. The design has a smooth and corporate feel, and the theme’s page-based design makes for a powerful and versitile template. Help bring your business to the next level today by establishing a professional online presence.

MyProduct WordPress Theme

The Corporation

TheCorporation is a sleek and professional theme for business sites. Grab your visitor’s attention immediately with the prominent and flashy jQuery slider, and let them know who you are via the simple page-based homepage design. TheCorporation was built to be sophisticated and userfriendly, and will surely impress your potential clients.

The-Corporation WordPress Theme


Fusion is a sleek and flashy theme that melds fun and professionalism into one awesome package. Great for startups, tech companies or design firms, this theme will impress your visitors with its cutting edge style. The theme also comes packaged with tons of great features, such as responsive design, custom background images and more!

Fusion WordPress Theme


It’s not personal, it’s business. Your company’s image is on the line hundreds or thousands of times every day.

Give your prospects and customers the precise first impression you want them to have…

Associate WordPress Theme


The Corporate theme works to help you build your brand or business with a rock-solid framework and the quality assurance that all smart organizations need.

Showcase your services and assets with polished, professional styling and the easy to navigate design of Corporate theme. Success begins with a solid foundation.

Corporate WordPress Theme


Take the initiative for your business venture or services with the ingenuity and approachable design of the Enterprise theme.

Bold undertakings don’t have to be risky and Enterprise theme offers your company or brand the secure, rock-solid framework you need to ensure a bright future on the web.

Enterprise WordPress Theme


Executive is designed with the understanding that your most important projects needs to be front and center, strategically and expertly displayed.

This elegant layout offers your clients and customers a premium experience to share your objectives and carry out your vision with authority. Show them you mean business.

Executive WordPress Theme


In the end, it all comes down to your list. Your email list. If you need to generate more and better email leads, you need web design that specifically supports that goal.

The Generate theme aims all the power and flexibility of Genesis at your most important asset. It’s designed to elegantly lead your site traffic to one action – join the email list.

Generate WordPress Theme


hankfully, the days of the starched, buttoned-down corporate website are over. You’ve got a way to build exactly what you need.

Metric delivers a warm new media professionalism to your online customers.

Metric WordPress Theme


You’ve got enough to do with building and marketing your business. You shouldn’t have to worry about your website.

Freelance places a strong, professional face on your business, so you can get back to work.

Freelance WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $79.95


    WhiteOut is a clean business/portfolio responsive WordPress Theme, it will automatically fits your screen size and looks just as great on the iPhone as it does on the desktop. Easily customizable via the WordPress Admin Interface, upload your own logo, change the color of the theme in one click. , Built-in swipe support for your portfolio, images and video. WhiteOut can be used as a Business site , Portfolio or as a Blog.

    WhiteOut WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $49
  • Eventi

    Eventi is a responsive WordPress Theme, it is Retina Ready that means it will automatically fits your screen size and looks just as great on the iPhone as it does on the desktop. Easily customizable via the WordPress Admin Interface, upload your own logo, change color of the theme in one click. You can customize each page to make each of them unique! Built-in swipe support for your portfolio, images and video. Eventi can be used for Business or Creative site.

    Eventi WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $49
  • Elation

    Elation is a modern, sleek, dynamic, intricately designed theme for the fantastic WordPress platform. It gives you the ability to go above and beyond and cutomize with unlimited colors set via the admin panel. This theme is completely versatile and could be used with any kind of website!

    Elation WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $49
  • Newtone

    Newtone is a responsive WordPress Theme, suited for portfolio or blog/business websites and users who want to showcase their work on a neat portfolio site.

    NewTone WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $49
  • Gravity

    Introducing a Modern and Elegant wordpress theme for corporate. Let me try to describe the Gravity theme with few words. You can build beautiful sites with this theme few hours a, it has clean and user friendly design and also which is easy to use and provided flexible and various options such as Page Builder and Shortcodes.

    Gravity WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $45
  • Roki

    Roki is a powerful theme built to meet the needs of businesses and corporations using WordPress.

    Roki WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $45
  • Avamys

    Avamys is flexible and retina ready WordPress theme. Thanks to responsive design it looks good on tablets and mobile phones. By default you can choose light or dark style and one of 9 prepared color schemes, but thanks to colorpickers you can set up your own colors to the theme. With one click you can change layout style from wide to boxed version and with couple more you can set up your own background.

    If you want to give page or post it’s own character you can start with title background option. Thanks to this option you can set background color, font color, or choose background image for your page or post title. Theme is very easy to use, set up and customize. In case of any problems you can always ask your questions at premium support forum with search option.

    Avamys WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $45
  • Robust

    Robust is a responsive multi-purpose WordPress theme for businesses, creative agencies and app developers.

    Robust WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $45
  • iBusiness

    iBusiness is a responsive WordPress Theme (try resizing your browser), suited for business websites and users who want to showcase their work on a neat portfolio site. The Theme is built with KODDE Framework V2 with a lot of new options and Page Builder V2 with drag and drop and resizable blocks.

    iBusiness WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $45
  • Rumblings

    Rumblings is a powerful responsive business/corporate/portfolio & blog premium WordPress theme jam-packed with features.

    Rumblings WordPress Themes

  • Full Details | Price: $45

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