30 WordPress Themes for General Blogging

Remember that thing WordPress was used for before it was your business website, your ecommerce store, your web tv channel, and your digital portfolio? Oh yeah, I think it was called blogging. It’s pretty crazy how far WordPress has come since it’s invention. Most of us who work on it day in and day out don’t think of it as a blogging platform so much as a super powerful content management system that with the right theme can become just about anything. But it’s nice to remember that WordPress IS still a blogging platform and some people don’t want to launch a product or host a store they just want to blog. So for those of you out there like myself who enjoy a beautiful personal blogging theme just as much as all the rest – here are 30 really cool ones.

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Easy is a great Magazine WordPress Theme that offers a clean design and neat code. The rich theme admin panel and widgets enable you to control over your content, manage your advertisment, show your latest tweet, video, photos and much more.

Easy WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $37


Noxon is flexible, customizable and fully responsive magazine WordPress theme with clean and sleek design. Theme includes lots of advanced features and functions and is based on solid backend framework.

Noxon WordPress Theme


Maggie is a clean and simple magazine WordPress theme, created specially for anyone who wants to create a news editorial sites, magazine sites or personal blog.

Maggie WordPress Theme


Smartberry WordPress Theme is a top notch Magazine, Community & Blog Theme full of custom options, custom widgets and smashing design. Smartberry is suitable for content producers at all levels – small and large online magazines, bloggers or professional communities. Tempus is a beautiful and pixel-perfect blog and magazine Theme from Themica.

Smartberry WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $37


Blog/Magazine WordPress theme perfect for personal blog pages completely coded on HTML 5.

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Zen WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $35


Simplee is a great magazine wordpress theme clean designed and neat coded. The compact theme admin panel and widgets enable you to control over your content, show your latest tweet, photos and much more.

Simplee WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $37

Premium Pixels

The Premium Pixels theme is perfect for the blogger who takes pride in their appearance. This theme has appeared in numerous design galleries while serving PremiumPixels.com and has gained countless ‘nods of approval’ from those in the know. Now it’s all yours.

Premium Pixels WordPress Theme


Typo takes advantage of WordPress 3.0 menus, automatically sized featured images and custom theme options. Take a look at the demo site to get a better look! This theme, like all Okay Themes, comes with an extensive help file and installation video to get you started.

Typo WordPress Theme


Website is a responsive theme, which means it adapts to the device on which it’s displayed.
The theme cares for your content so it looks great on all devices, but you can also decide to show part of a content on some versions only, and hide on others.

Website WordPress Theme


Handmade is the last Obox Theme for 2011. Designed by Shyama Golden this theme has been in our stables for quite a while now. It just took some time to fit it into our schedules, however we feel that the time it has taken has been well spent as the execution is lovely.

Handmade WordPress Theme


We are continuing our run of producing tumblog themes and today see the introduction of a brand spanking new template called “Waves” which has been designed by Luke Beard.

Waves WordPress Theme


This is a clean, modern, powerful WordPress tumblog-style theme designed for a wide variety of uses from bloggers to design portfolios. The responsive web design adapts from large to mobile screens, just resize the browser window to test it out, no additional setup required!

PixelPower WordPress Theme


Memo is a super-awesome tumblog style WordPress theme with a clean, minimal design. If you’re looking to get started with microblogging then Memo will be right up your street.

Memo WordPress Theme


Actme is a friendly theme and very easy to use. You can add a different slider for every page with his own functions, anytime you can turn on / off the slider or change the function for every page.

Actme WordPress Theme


Localization / internationalization (i18n) ready Socialike is a WordPress Tumblog with lots of features. First of all these cool features is Social media pages (Twitter, Dribbble, Flickr, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Lastfm, Tumblr). These pages draw data from your social media accounts to your website. So you will have the chance to showcase all your social activities directly from your website! Cool isnt’t it? Secondly, you will have a Tumblr-style WordPress blog with cool icons per each post style (music, article, photo, photo gallery, quote, link, video). You also have the chance to manage your posts directly from your iPhone with Express app. Thirdly, there are two different gallery template options to display your latest works: Thumbnails with masonry/lightbox and full-width with carousel.

Socialike WordPress Theme


Rapture WordPress and Tumblog theme is a creative and highly customisable theme that allows you to update your blog just like Tumblr. Rapture uses the WooThemes Tumblog Plugin so you can create specific posts such as images, videos, audio, text, links and quotes at the click of a button.

Rapture WordPress Theme


With Dulce, it’s all about versatility. The theme supports seven post formats, offers four color variations, boasts three options for gallery posts, provides an easy to use theme options, features a custom designed audio player and more. If you’re interested in offering your readers a smart-looking, user-friendly, stylish, intuitive and creative driven blog, look no further.

Dulce WordPress Theme


WP Traveller is a WordPress theme that has been created specifically with “travellers” in mind. It comes with many built-in features perfect for people looking to share their traveling experience. Great for photographers who spend a lot of time traveling around the world or for anyone else that loves to discover the world and share it.

wpTraveller WordPress Theme


Construct is a smart, professional and responsive theme designed to show off your (or someone else’s) work. It can be used as a personal portfolio or as great place to link to anything you think deserves it. It utilises a column based layout and some funky animation effects to keep your users entertained. Construct also takes advantage of AJAX which allows the user to load more corresponding posts on the fly without reloading the page or hindering SEO . It also degrades gracefully if JavaScript is disabled.

Construct WordPress Theme


Rewrite is a versatile WordPress theme with a super clean, responsive design. This theme looks just as great on the iPhone as it does on the desktop.

Rewrite WordPress Theme


Quicknote is a simple & functional blog theme, suitable to share your thoughts in a very unique way. With 6 background options you can match your personal preference.

Quicknote WordPress Theme


Unique classic blog WordPress theme, created with readability in mind. Clean and intuitive design, big font for easy reading, works great in handheld devices. If You like to know more about theme features continue reading or if You are tired of reading just go straight to live preview and screenshots.

A WordPress Theme

The Blog

The Blog is a powerfull theme for blogging and any website, packed with awesome features and simple to use. Supports unique style for categories, pages and posts, including many visual elements, headers and backgrounds. Fully compatible with latest WordPress 3.3.2+ Supported by all major browsers.

The Blog WordPress Theme


Sentence is a responsive Blog and Portfolio Theme (try resizing your browser), suited for users who want to run a professional or personal blog and in addition to that want to showcase their work on a neat portfolio site.

Sentence WordPress Theme


Simply the perfect place. Clean, edgy and a cinch to work with, Arcadia is just the right space to share your creativity in words, images, video, and music via soundcloud support. A blog and portfolio featuring a variety of sliders gives your muse exactly the expression it seeks on every page.

Arcadia WordPress Theme


Endless is a clean and stylish infinite scrolling theme, perfect for bloggers and storytellers. We’ve delicately put together some awesome HTML5 mixed in some CSS3 and added a bit of jQuery on top to make this beautiful theme just for you.

Endless WordPress Theme


The Confidence WordPress theme is perfect for personal blogs and magazine sites, it also can be used as a personal portfolio. Responsive layout makes it easier for your visitors to open your site from any various devices. Confidence is very easy to be customized for beginners or experts, with more than 80 theme options allow you to do it all from just one page.

Confidence WordPress Theme


Unique timeline blog & portfolio created with maximal focus on content and its presentation.

Boldframe WordPress Theme

Sofa Lathika

Sofa Lathika WordPress theme is primary made for bloggers. It takes behalf of WordPress post formats and custom post types in such way to allow users to maintain both Blog and Portfolio in fashionable manner.

SOFA Lathika WordPress Theme


Leap is a Unique, Personal Blogging & Portfolio Theme for WordPress – it has everything to quickly and easily create an awesome, personal website. With room for customization and a simple installation, Leap is a must-have theme for your personal site.

Leap WordPress Theme

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