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Review of the Year: 325 of the Best Premium WordPress Themes

Yesterday we did our review of the best free WordPress themes for 2011 and collected together 165, so today is the turn for premium themes. As you can see it has also been an amazing year for commercial themes – I have collected together 325 of the best! Many new theme shops have launched and … Read more

Review of the Year: 165 of the Best Free WordPress Themes

2011 has been a great year for WordPress – its moved forward so much and there have been so many innovative plugins and themes released. Loads of great blogs and companies have launched and I think the WordPress community is in a great place, its a great time to be working within it. I have … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect WordPress Plugins

I was recently looking for a plugin to display related posts with thumbnails at the end of each post. There are several plugins to do this and I wanted to choose the best one. An average WordPress user reads the description and quickly installs a plugin to see if it works for them or not. … Read more

Free Themes vs. Premium Themes – The Big Debate

Choosing a theme for a WordPress website is not an easy task. There are so many beautiful themes with amazing features and browsing them to choose one can be an overwhelming task. This freedom and abundance of choice is one of the most important reasons for which people choose WordPress as their CMS. The official … Read more

Get Usage Stats & Analytics for Your WordPress Themes

If you are a theme provider, either free or commercial there wasn’t really a way to track the usage of your themes once they were released out in to the wild – you could track download numbers but not real usage numbers. That’s where the new startup PressTrends comes in, they launched earlier this month … Read more

Theme Release: Photum, Free WordPress Photography Theme

Im pleased to announce the release of my second free WordPress theme: Photum is an HTML5 responsive theme for a Photographers portfolio. I released this theme yesterday on my Photography Blog. Technical Details As I said, the theme is responsive using some javascript – the main portfolio page re-arranges depending on your browser size. The … Read more

Responsive Web Design for WordPress Theme Designers

Responsive web design really took off in 2011 and I can see it becoming the standard by the end of 2012 – there really is no reason not to include it in your planning and build of new web sites these days. I have previsously looked at free responsive WordPress themes and Premium Responsive WordPress … Read more

How To: Show Different Icons for Each WordPress Category

For the next version of WPLift, Im working on a new theme and had the need to use icons for each category as a visual clue to help people identify content on the homepage. Fortunately this is pretty easy to accomplish in WordPress as each category has its own ID number which we can use … Read more

The Complete Guide to Branding Your WordPress Website

Setting up a website on WordPress is easy. The abundance of free and Premium WordPress themes has made it a lot easier for website owners to setup professional looking websites within minutes. However, even these professional looking themes need to be properly branded to represent a business. In this post we will discuss a few … Read more

15 Usefull Free & Commercial WordPress Shortcode Plugins

Shortcodes can be extremely handy to add extra functions or design features to your site, lots of themes these days have them built-in which probably isnt the best way to handle them as if you change themes you will lose functionality. A better way is to have them included within a plugin so even if … Read more

Power Your Band Website with a WordPress Band Theme

A while back I did a roundup of music and band themes for WordPress, there were some good themes in there but two really stood out for me: Dark & Gritty and The Grammy Theme by Foxhound themes. I loved the design of both of these and the features looked great so I contacted them … Read more

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