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40 Premium WordPress Business & Corporate Themes Part 2

Business and Corporate WordPress themes are one of the best-served areas of theme development, our last look at them was only in May of this year but since then there have been many great new themes released by the commercial theme shops so this post will be taking a look at the best … Busine … Read more

How To: Manage your WordPress Downloads

If you offer any sort of download from your WordPress-based site, instead of just linking to the file to be downloaded, you can use a plugin called WordPress Download Monitor to organise your downloads. With this free plugin you can keep count of how many times your files have been downloaded, change the files without … Read more

21 WordPress Music Related Themes for Musicians & Bands 2013

With the internet helping musicians and bands connect directly with their fans these days, a good web presence is essential to help with music and ticket sales or just to present your work to the widest possible audience. Step in WordPress once again, an ideal platform for this – there are a number of specialist … Read more

“Brush” up on your Photoshop: 20 Blog Design Tutorials & .PSDs

As a designer it can be helpfull to look at other people’s methods that they use to create designs in Photoshop – there are now a large number of blogs that will show you the process from start to finish and let you download the final .PSD file. In this post I’m going to roundup … Read more

15 Blogs (+1 Newsletter) about WordPress You Should be Reading

I love the WordPress community and am proud to be a part of it in a small way: there are so many talented people creating themes, plugins and writing blog posts about our favourite CMS. There is endless help from bloggers in the form of tips and tutorials and various communities, should you get stuck … Read more

25 Cool and Fresh Free WordPress Themes for 2015

I normally like to stick to a specific category of themes when I round them up here on WPLift, Today’s post is different though – I have just been searching for high quality WordPress themes that are free and have been released lately, I think you’ll agree that these themes are fresh and well-designed. Who … Read more

How To: Get Feedback from your site visitors with a Poll Plugin

Getting feedback from your site visitors is a great way to improve your site, they may mention something you have been overlooking or something you thought was working perfectly. I have mentioned review and rating plugins before and we talked about how to increase engagement with your readers. If would like to get specific information … Read more

Add a Custom Gravatar to your WordPress Theme + Freebies

Gravatar is a service from Automattic which stands for “Globally Recognized Avatar”, you can signup on their site and upload an avatar for yourself and then when you use the same email when commenting on WordPress blogs it will show up. When a user comments and they haven’t signed up for their own Gravatar, WordPress … Read more

20 Free HTML5 WordPress Themes and Theme Frameworks

If you need a WordPress theme that uses the modern technologies of HTML5 and CSS3 then you’ve come to the right place, in today’s post I am listing the best free complete themes and blank themes / theme frameworks that you can use as a base to build you own. Free HTML5 Themes Busby My … Read more

Quick Tip: Display Post & Comment Time as “x … ago” Twitter Style

If you’d rather show the times on your blog in more user-friendly way, there is a WordPress function called “Human Time Diff” that you can use. Instead of displaying time in the usual manner of Day Month Year, it will display as “3 days ago” or “2 hours ago” etc – the same style of … Read more

25 High Quality WordPress Photography Themes for 2011

I have covered free portfolio themes and commercial portfolio themes on WPLIft before, which could be suitable for photographers but today’s post is a roundup of themes that have been designed specifically with photography in mind. These themes allow you to display your work in a clean environment and most have galleries and full screen … Read more

10 Codes for your functions.php to manage the WordPress Admin

If you’re a theme developer it is handy to keep a record of various pieces of code you can add to your theme’s functions.php file so you can reuse them. In this post I’m going to be listing a number of things you can use to control the WordPress admin area. 1. Enable Hidden Admin … Read more

WordPress Events, Booking & Calendar Plugins

If you need to display a calendar on your blog for bookings or events then there are a number of WordPress plugins that have got you covered – in this post I will take a look at the free and commercial options for you. Free Plugins Ajax Event Calendar This plugin allows authorized users to … Read more

25 Quality Premium WordPress Personal Blog Themes 2011

In the past we have covered Free Personal blog themes, and just this week I released my own entry into this area with my Busby theme. Now it’s time to see what the commercial theme providers have to offer, in this post I will be looking at 25 of the highest quality I can find … Read more

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